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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by chaotikxs

Top Mundo Goes Dis Way

By chaotikxs | Updated on January 14, 2019

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Champion Build Guide

Mundo Goes Dis Way

By chaotikxs
try to poke ALOT with your Q.
easy to hit. they get tons of damage, get slowed. you can walk away. free poke.
when the enemy laner gets low. ult and go all in if the fight allows it.

you can use all skills for CSing.
Q for ranged CSing if you are not safe in lane and need to keep distance. also for that "i auto attacked that minion, but i also want that minion" moments

E for extra damage AND it is an auto attack RESET. so AA->E is 2 attacks in half a second

W is good to farm big waves when no enemy is nearby. early it drains your HP quite fast. but after sunfire, spirit vissage warmogs you can pretty much leave it on permanent and only turn it off when you need that extra regeneration (by turning off the drainer in the story)

all the runes have been chosen to increase the maximum HP of mundo or help him heal in lane/fights.
the sorcery part is just for that extra poke and defense against AP
you can also go for Domination as the second page for even more healing.

the itemsyou want to build early are definitly a Bami's Cinder at first back.
and make it into a Sunfire Cape and top that off with a Spirit vissage to boost your ult and passive.
Warmogs is obvious ofcourse. THICC HP and regen.
after that a Thornmail for those puny ADC's
and a Gargoyles for the even bigger boos in HP. even tho it is temporary.

boots kinda depend on what you look for in a game. i find berserker greaves funny. also more valeu of your E. more hits within the E buff

vs a fast opponent i like boots of swiftness.
or just simply for CC you want the mag ress boots.

if i really make it to late late late game. i sell my boots and...
just get creative.

Rylais for ectra AP burn and slow of of your W.

Phantom dancer to spas out.

what ever you want / need

have fun
League of Legends Build Guide Author chaotikxs
chaotikxs Dr. Mundo Guide

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