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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by MorganFreemansVoice

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MorganFreemansVoice

Mundo, PHD in *** Kicking

MorganFreemansVoice Last updated on June 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I was always intrigued by Mundo; his cleavers seemed so strong, he seemed near unkillable at moments, and when he chased me with that damn fire going, I was absolutely terrified. So, I tried him.

If you're looking for a more off-tank style, you may want to look elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, this Mundo build has plenty of space for killing power, but he's not going to be powering down tanks any time soon.

Why play Mundo this way? Mundo is definitely once of the best tanks in the game! He's fast, has a %damage spell, can do some area damage, CC reduction, and can heal up INCREDIBLY quickly! You'll laugh when they try to focus you in team fights when your ultimate is active.

This Mundo style is really fun, since you can focus on your skill shot cleavers and sitting on their squishies. There's a lot of leeway for mistakes with your survivability, health regen, and speed.

Please leave any feedback you have in the comments section!

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Pros / Cons

-Huge health! Most teams will absolutely give up on killing you towards the end of the game
-Great damage at the end of fights
-Hard to gank
-Incredible chaser with cleaver, speed boosts, and Frozen Mallet

-If you're not damaged badly, your damage is mediocre
-CC is limited to a single target so it's hard to keep a team off your carries

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Runes are pretty self explanatory.

The Seals of Vitality and the Quintessenses of Fortitude are to maximize your health, something which is always very useful on Mundo. This hp will...
-increase your survivability
-help you lane better by allowing you to cleaver more often in lane with less consequence
-increase your damage output after buying Atma's

The Glyphs of Celerity lower your cooldowns, allowing...
-easier chases by allowing you to cleaver during the chase more often
-get that ultimate up marginally faster
-keep your Masochism up nearly 100% if you want

Lastly, the Marks of Desolation are mostly filler. Mundo's damage output isn't great, I tend to rely on the cleavers to do my damage a bit too much. However, late in games during team fights, Mundo can start doing some serious damage towards the middle or end of the fight. Once he's been damaged quite a bit, Masochism gives him some pretty hard hitting attacks.

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It's really tempting to go for the 15% penetration on the Offensive tree, but I'm satisfied with the cooldown reduction. You also get some crit%, which is nice.

Defensive tree is full of goodies for Mundo. The health you gain is vital for early game. I chose to go for the Nimbleness (10% movement increase after dodging) just because I'd take that ability over an extra 2 magic resist. Magic resist, armor, health...Mundo's dream come true. The only thing slightly less useful is the AS/AP points, but the AS will help offensively.

In Utility, grab the ghost. You could ignore this for the 15% penetration offensively, but Ghost on Mundo is so good that I can't help but put this point here.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is AMAZING on Mundo. I almost consider it a must have because it combined with your ultimate creates an instant escape.

The last slot is up to your preference mostly. I grab Ignite to help me focus down one person better, but there are several other options you could go.

Exhaust is nice, but if you're not too concerned with missing your cleaver, you may not need the extra slow.

Even teleport and revive could be viable here.

Honestly, you could run just about anything in this second slot. It's all up to your preference

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Start with a Ruby Crystal. This gives you some survivability early on and gives you some HP to throw around (literally) with you cleaver.

Hopefully by the time you have to come back to base, you can finish your Spirit Visage. The health regeneration boost is great with your passive and ultimate. It also gives you cooldown reduction, which is always great for champs who rely on cooldown spells.

If you have to return to base prematurely, I'd grab some boots and a few health pots if you foresee more damage bursts coming at you. Then finish your Spirit Visage the next time you return to base.

Next grab your Merc Treads, unless you've been farming so well that you can finish Warmogs in short order. If so, ignore Merc Treads and rush the Warmogs, THEN get your Merc Treads. Othewrwise, just reverse it. Warmogs is a must on tank Mundo!

After Warmogs, Force of Nature comes next to boost your Magic Resist and to give you more health regeneration. FoN combined with Warmogs and your passive gives you incredibly fast health regen, even without your ultimate. Just running around for a while will give you enough health to go back to your lane or rejoin a fight.

At this point, you have some amazing survivability and health. It's time to focus on doing some damage to the weak champs on the other side. These last two items I chose are to not only give you damage, but to also increase your tankiness even more.

Atma's Impaler is a great item on any tank, and Mundo is no exception. With excess of 3k health, Atma's is great value here by giving you crit chance, armor, and a significant damage boost.

The last spot is really up to you. I like Frozen Mallet to boost your health and damage. Keep in mind this boost in health also boosts the damage increase from Atma's.

However, there's a plethora of choices you can pick for this last item. Phantom Dancer is great to further increase your speed and attack damage per second. It doesn't make you any tougher though, but it's better than Frozen Mallet as far as making Mundo more offensive. You could also go Madred's Bloodrazor if their team is really tanky. The attack speed, armor, and damage per attack is really nice on Mundo.

Other options are Youmuu's Ghostblade to get more attack damage/crit and speed. To be the absolute best tank you can be, you could even grab Guardian Angel.

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Skill Sequence


Start with cleaver, and LAST HIT WITH IT! It's a great tool for getting those creeps that might be out of your reach, and the cost is definitely worth the benefit. Harassing the opponent with the cleaver is nice and all, but if you miss, you start losing more hp than you'd like, especially early in the laning phase before you get your ultimate. Hitting creeps is nice because you need to farm well, it hides your lack of range in last hitting, and it guarantees your regeneration of half the health cost.

Grab a point of Masochism next. The 40 attack damage boost for 15 health is awesome bang for the buck. It'll help with last hitting and getting some damage on enemy champs if they play too aggressively.

At level 4, get one point of Burning Agony. This will give you a LITTLE bit of power offensively. You COULD also use it to farm, but at this point, you'd be sacrificing a lot of HP for some minimal damage. Why get it then? Well, it's amazing for escaping ganks. By reducing the CC on you and punishing would be chasers, you can usually make it back to the safety of your tower. Be sure to watch your HP though, since Burning Agony drains your health per second. It's a trade-off that you have to monitor very closely: the benefit of keeping it running versus the cost.

After that, max Infected Cleaver as fast as possible, grabbing your ultimate at 6.

Ideally, you won't have gone back to base by level 6, and if you're pretty badly damaged, don't be afraid to pop your ultimate just to regain you health, the cooldown is really short! However, if you're powering down a tower or something, go ahead and use Masochism and get that attack boost for as long as possible before using your ultimate to heal up.

Your ultimate is also great for escaping hot situations. If you get ganked, what is better than health regen and increased speed for escaping? Your ultimate combined with Ghost makes you near uncatchable. On the flip side, you can also chase down just about anyone. By chasing and slowing with cleaver, you're fast enough to keep up with just about any champ, plus the damage dealt by those pesky minions/towers/champs trying to keep you off your target just disappears.

Max out Burning Agony next to maximize your farming ability. It'll also increase the CC reduction%. By this time, hopefully, you either have or are well on your way to Warmogs. You need to farm up quickly to get that health boost.

Lastly, finish up Masochism. Don't forget to use this during team fights! A potential 100-199 extra damage is amazing! With your cooldown reduction masteries and runes you should be able to keep it active for nearly the entire battle.

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Infected Cleaver is a GREAT farming tool. If you're able to hit the enemy champs in lane a few times, you can farm freely since they'll be too scared to get too close. You can also use it to pick off creeps at a distance, particularly those ranged minions who your enemy lane champ is standing next to.

Early game, I wouldn't bother using Burning Agony to farm, but later on in games, it's a great farming ability. Just run into the middle of a wave and activate it. Usually, with some last hitting and cleaver shots, you can wipe the entire wave.

Masochism can be used in a pinch to farm too. The +40 damage is nothing to scoff at and can really help in last hitting.

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So, that's a tanky version of Mundo. He's got some offensive ability, great chasing, and amazing tankiness. I absolutely love playing this champ because you don't even have to worry about running low on mana, you can skill shot to your heart's content, and even if you make a mistake, Mundo is very forgiving.

Please comment below and rate my build!