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Dr. Mundo Humor Guide by mastrer1000

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mastrer1000

Mundo pure opness

mastrer1000 Last updated on April 24, 2013
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Cheat Sheet

Mundo op

Dr. Mundo Build

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 16

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First of all, dont downvote this guide. If you do it for any reason your wroong because im perfect and i have 10k elo. Again, if you say anything against this guideyour wrong, a noob and you should unistall your lol. And you think i have made spelling or grammar mistakes, you are wrong(i already said that im perfect). Btw i dont use BBcodes because it looks better without(not because its my first build and im too lazy to learn it).
when you play mundo and are using this guide, tell your teammates that your a pro with mundo(even if its your first tiem with him). My guide will make you so op that nobody will stand a chance against you.

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Pros / Cons

-Did i mention OP AS HELL?
-for some reason, everybody is too stupid to skill the ult at lvl 1.

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With Mundo, you want to have as much mana-related stuff as you can because he has so much mana. You will realise that Riot was too stupid to make enough mana-masteries, so take random stuff for the rest.

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Summoner spells

for Summoner spells take clarity(restores mana) and revive(you dont need anything else, so you can troll as well). or better take double clarity because revive can actually be viable in rare cases.

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get mana manipulator and cristalline flask at start because its manareg and you can use cristallie flask as a pot although you dont need it. when you go back, get athenes unholy grail for manaregen and many zeals. They give movementspeed and have some other unimportant and useless effects like attakspeed.

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Skill tips

Level your Ultimate first, because the ultimate is your best skill. You want to spam your ult all the time during the whole game to have your ultimate(or even multiple staks of it) always on. Skill the ulimate everytime until level 16. then take a point in one of the skill that you didnt have skilled yet, so that you have all your skills available at level 18 to make some combos. like R-R-R-R or even R-R-R-R-R-R-R. you will never die with this combos because your health regenerates so fast that nobody will be able to deal enough damage to stop this. and dont forget that everyone else will skill his ult at 6, 11, and 16 so yours will be better than theirs all the time. at level 18 with all ur skills available spa them all the time even if there is no enemy. there could be someone invisible. Dont get oracle, spamming is way more effective (remember, i have 10k elo so im right).

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Take everything Mana per level. This makes sure that you have as much mana as possible to be op. Never get health or anything like armor or mr. This is only for *******.

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Use ur ult on all the minions!
oh, you cant use it on minions? Dont farm, you are so stupid that you dont deserve the gold ;)

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Team Work

You dont need your teams because your so op, so flame them all the time and report them for trolling for the fun of it. People may flame you and tell you to get warmogs, but dont listen to them(there are even guides that recommend this, i dont understand why. I have 7-8k elo more than anyone of them, so im right.) if they want to report you, flame them even more because your right and they are wrong.

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just follow this guide because its op as hell. because you are mundo you can flame your team as much as you want, because playing him triggers a secret glitch that makes you immune to reports,
have fun.


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