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Nidalee Humor Guide by mastrer1000

Support S4 Nidalee Support Guide

Support S4 Nidalee Support Guide

Updated on June 11, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mastrer1000 Build Guide By mastrer1000 19 6 189,329 Views 46 Comments
19 6 189,329 Views 46 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mastrer1000 Nidalee Build Guide By mastrer1000 Updated on June 11, 2014
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Welcome to my S4 Support Nidalee Guide. My name is mastrer1000 and i am currently unranked, which is obviously better as challenger. This means that everything i say is always correct and whover disagrees is an ididot and should burn in hell.

The S4 Changes to the Supprt role have really buffed the classic Nidalee support playstyle that we all know and love. You won't even get flamed for this as it is common knowledge that adcs are useless and squishy as hell while supports are overpowered as ****.
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Pros / Cons

  • Tons of Poke from lvl 1 to lategame
  • Annoying to play against
  • Damage counter: 1,5 Teemos per spear
  • Huge range
  • Requires some skill to hit spears
  • Annoying to lane with
  • Squishy when caught
  • Damage can be avoided by dodging spears
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Summoner Spells

We choose Flash because it is an essential part of our combo (more about this later).
It also gives great utility as you can jump walls and ****. You can also use it to get out when you are caught, but you should not realy get caught because the range of your spears is ridicoulus.
We choose Ignite because it allows us to lasthit champions early on. Later your Spears will be enough, but you wanna get fed all day long, so get it already :)
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Skill Sequence

nuff said.
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Mejai's Soulstealer Rabadon's Deathcap Deathfire Grasp
Mejai's Soulstealer gives you up to 180 ap. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU NOT GET IT? A ****load of ap, and this sweet passive that increases your high ap to an absurd amount. This item is stupidly op on Nidalee. It is obviously core. Deathfire Grasp gives as much ap as Zhonya's Hourglass and increases your spear damage by 20%. Sadly, the range is quite short.
Zhonya's Hourglass Lich Bane Void Staff
This item gives the most ap after Mejai's Soulstealer and as much ap as Rabadon's Deathcap, not to mention the "out of jail card" active. Lich Bane gives a decent amout of ap and allows you to push turrets really fast by throwing a spear and attacking the turret after that. So the enemy team is ruining your damage by building tons of mr? Well, NOT ANYMORE. This item will allow you to deal 9000 damage to targets with 10x Force of Nature.
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We go for all that sweet ap. you can easily stay safe with your range, so no need for defense. this means that you might as well go for damage. Scaling ap obviously gives the most ap. this means that you get the most damage, so you must get it.
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The best masteries for Nidalee are those that have the words "Ability Power" in their description, especially considering the need to carry your useless adc. for the other points, I take things that give you more ad, so that you can push turrets like a Master Yi.
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The first step to instagib someone is to pop DFG on that person. After that, it is key to flash away from the target so that your spear damage is not capped because you are too close. Now you have to hit your spear on the target that is affected by the DFG debuff and it is most likely dead.
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At the start, try to get your jungler to do a smiteless blue and steal it with your spear. When you walk into lane, try to keep their support from csing by throwing spears at him all day long.

It does not matter if the adc farms, because he is useless anyway, so why would you stop him from taking gold that others could use better? When you zone the support, then their jungler will come to gank you, but you are the support, of course you can 1v1 the jungler.
Take as many creeps as possible because you need the gold. As isaid, the adc needs the gold as well, but you can use it better, so why giv it to him?
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By the time you have Mejai's Soulstealer and maybe a Needlessly Large Rod, you can roam around and kill stuff. Steal as many kills as you can, because you are no longer a support, you are a carry and as a carry, you need gold.
If the enemy tries to do baron, dragon or wraiths, try to steal them by throwing a spear when the monster is about to die. Tthrow annother spear to kill the one who tried to take the monster.
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At some point, your team has to group in midlane. For obvious reasons, it has to be midlane even if annother lane has an open inhibitor.
Anyways, both teams should be trying to poke each other down, a discipline where no other champion can match you. After hitting 5 spears, feel free to get some objectives and win the game as the enemy team is most likely aced.
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Summary and Credits

Thank you for reading my Nidalee support guide. If you follow everything i said, i guarantee that you can oneshot anything on the map including a Dr. Mundo with 6x Warmog's Armor. Good luck!

Special thanks go to jhoijhoi for her Making a guide guide and to astrolia for her tables thread.
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Is being worked on, will never be finished though.

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