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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Manbane

Mundo - Rain of Pain

Manbane Last updated on June 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Thanks to FiatVictrix with his Mundobuild:
...I started to experiment with both Mundo and Mordekaiser to practise abit on AoE-playstyles. Mordekaiser is very adapt for it due to his abilities but when trying it on Mundo I had similar effects and alot more fun!
I never really enjoyed Mundo is as a full tank. Without massive support he is rather weak in lategame. Therefor this is an alternative tank-AoE specc which will give a nice dmg to masses in midgame and in lategame opponents better focus more on you or you will be THE ONE turning the tide.

Summoner Spells

Exhaust - Mundo's easiest CC. Make sure they dont get to far away from your loving bodyheat. Together with Cleaver you will be "loved"

Ignite - Really nice spell early and midgame. May be a finisher or a scare in lategame. I favor this spell to teleport but thats more of how you play Mundo. This is perhaps more viable in 3v3 but I use it overall.

Teleport - In 5v5 u may wanna go Teleport as a viable support-spell to regroup fast and aid you in fast gearing up without downtime.


This is rather simplistic. I agree with FiatVictrix. Mundo doesnt use Utility. You wanna do dmg or soak it. In this build I focus on push out maximum amounts of overall dmg from Mundo. Thus going harder on dmg and only taking the survival tools in defence to last him a lifetime.


If you dont know what to choose. Take crit-%. I havn't tried ability power yet to see how great affect it will have on his AoE. But I fear its not viable thus making crit-% better.


Seals: Speccing dodge, "Mark" it up with more dodge-%, adding up Ninja Tabis will get you overall quite far by itself.

Glyphs: As you might want to use your ulti every push you will need it at hand very often. Thus I cant recommend anything else than cooldown reduction in glyphs.

Quintessence: Actually... if you dont have issues early game you dont have to go health-quints. But having 100hp extra is a sweet deal. You may wanna go cd reduction if you manage without the 100hp.


Adrenaline Rush - Regens 0,3% hp/second.

Infected Cleaver - Hits for 15/18/21/23/25% of the tagets max-health. Your MAIN ability. With your cleaver you will make most players weep early game and save your companions at every stage of the game if they gets chased.

Burning Agony - Deals 40/55/70/85/100 (+20% ability power) as AoE dmg to anyone close to Mundo. While active it also reduces the cc being placed on you. This is an ability that should always be active when engaging combat. The dmg output cannot be neglected and it will also draw massive attension to you as you will glow like a lighthouse on fire.

Masochism - Mundo gains a dmg buff on his hits depending on the %-ish of lost health. It starts out with 0,4% and goes up to 1% at 5-points. Basically this means that if you have 25% hp left at lvl18 you will do 75 more dmg per punch. Its nothing massive. This ability is best early game or in 3v3 when you might not be that high lvl and thus the dmg versus enemies hp gets in more favor for you.

Early game
If possible, team up with a char with early cc such as Morgana, Fiddlesticks etc. That will open up possibilities to get a first blood. But even so get some hp regen as starting gear and use your cleaver at every cd. Walk from side to side and throw that cleaver to hold them back. Headbutt some minions and keep a steady push. Keep your cleaver as much as possible on the opponents so they dont get any funny ideas.

Mid game
As you see you can get very fas as Mundo without basically any gear but a simple +hp regen. At proper time, port and buy Spirit Visage and Ninja Tabis. Get back and keep the push. You should problably be able to keep these items up to lvl12-14 depending on how the team-feeding goes. Use your Ulti when your team charges in together with Burning Agony and start keeping enemies from spreading with your Infected Cleaver.

Late game
If your opponents doesnt have mcuh AoE you can actually skip Atmas Impaler or Warmogs and go for a second Sunfire Cape. But if its even-steven go more trictly with the build above. You should be the one running into the gang towards their weakest player harassing him to ragequit while your buddies make use of the steady decreasing health of your enemies.

Hope you enjoy my little experiment.