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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Aidsmcguff

Mundo's ABC's of Success: "Always Be Cleaving"

Mundo's ABC's of Success: "Always Be Cleaving"

Updated on December 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aidsmcguff Build Guide By Aidsmcguff 5,623 Views 4 Comments
5,623 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Aidsmcguff Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Aidsmcguff Updated on December 3, 2011
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I have tried this in a few games, but the idea seems to be working and I have tried in a ranked game (I don't normally play ranked, just because I wanted to find and master a champion first) and won it. Coincidence or not, I like the idea of this build and it can really separate what makes a good Mundo from a terrible Mundo.
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Crunch Time. (Why I Believe This Is The Most Effective Build for Mundo)

The idea is to literally "Always Be Cleaving". Getting CDR to get the max 40%, which reduced his cleaver's cooldown to 2.4 seconds. Infected cleaver does take a decent chunk of the doctor's health, however when you hit it it returns a certain amount which means you need to be certain you hit A TARGET whether it be last hitting a minion, hitting a minion, or hitting a champion. Spirit visage also increases the amount returned which is really nice for staying in lane. Now remember when I mentioned it takes a decent chunk out of Mundo's health? Well his cleaver will take an even bigger chunk of the enemy's health, especially after the magic penetration. Magic pen is the only thing that'll help the cleaver as it isn't affected by AP or AD, and the cleaver will be mitigated by magic resist. It's essential to not overuse Mundo's masochism and burning agony early on, it will get you killed more than you'll think, and I'd rather be last hitting with the cleaver since it has the health return than popping masochism which has none, just get to know Mundo's auto attack damage to know when to last hit.
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Runes and Masteries

I go with the 9/21/0 mastery for a few reasons, it can be changed up to what the player thinks is more effective or what they prefer, however there's a few things I am really adamant about.


Initiator (Movement speed increased when hp is over 70%):
- Mundo is rarely above 70%, there's more useful abilities and when you are about 70% you'll probably have popped Mundo's ult which gives you increased speed anyway.

Enlightenment (CDR Increase):
- Items max out your CDR, that's it.

If you'd like to take a point out of Siege Commander, then feel free to put it in Summoner's Resolve.

Offense should be pretty self-explanatory.

I get straight health/level runes, I don't have anywhere near the runes I have described but I believe they would be optimal for reaching Mundo's full potential. I got HP/Level because the bonus is greater later in game and I think that's the most important time for Mundo to have his hp. Just don't get CDR runes, and I think I could use some input on runes but from what I played with on a build calculator those seemed the most effective.
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Summoner Spells


Ignite will shut Mundo down in team fights (any time really, just extremely crucial in team fights), save it for when you're in a team fight or any time you're about to die from ignite in your early game. Ignite stunts his health regeneration and that shuts down his ult and passive and you're going to die or be completely useless for a while.

Ignite can be swapped out for Ghost or Flash, I find ignite nice with Mundo to stop fleeing enemies and the cleaver's slow will give you time enough to use it or give you enough to get an extra clever in as ignite ticks on and keeps them from getting healed.
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I'm writing this at 4 A.M. so I may be off on some things but I figured I would write this since no one is on to play LoL :/ (I'll check it later or if I get some complaints I'll fix it)

I'll upload videos later to demonstrate what you should be doing and what you shouldn't be doing. Essentially just keep hitting your cleaver and max it first.

Infected Cleaver:
- Just keep cleaving, cleave like it's your job because it is your job as Mundo. Get good with this skill shot because it's the bread and butter of this build and is what really makes Mundo so great. Keep enemies slowed, keep them from running, when some nerd is trying to run, you mercilessly hunt them down (assuming you aren't over-extending and turret diving or doing something stupid) and make sure you keep your cleaver debuff on them as much as possible because if your ult speed isn't enough then maybe it'll help a teammate get the kill (THIS GAME ISN'T ABOUT KILLS, DON'T BE A BUTTMAD NERD SAYING HOW YOU DESERVE THE KILL. IF HE B'S AND YOU CAN TAKE THE TURRET WITHOUT THE KILL THAT'S BETTER THAN CHASING HIM DOWN AND HAVING HIM DIE BY YOUR HANDS THEN YOU DIE AND CAN'T PUSH). Try to get good with using his cleaver to stay back and last hit low minions when the enemy is being greedy or invasive, and you can also keep enemies at bay when you aggressively use your clever when they get close to the back of the minion farm.

Burning Agony:
- Get one point in after masochism so you can reduce CC which doesn't happen too much early but just in case. Use sparingly when using to last hit minions, it's alright sometimes when you're good on HP but I'd rather get used to using his regular auto attack. It's great for clearing large groups of minions and I highly recommend when there's a creep farm going on.



- Any time you're pushing a turret with adequate health use this ability. Be wary of ganks if you don't have a decent amount of health as it could potentially get you killed if you keep using it and they come with reinforcements. Use it when you have adequate health and are fighting an enemy or two, keep on cleaving while using it. Your cleaver won't get a bonus but it'll boost your auto attack to give decent damage to assist your cleaver. Once you get Youmad's Ghostblade, pop that with masochism for some great damage output, especially for pushing turrets.

With all the CDR it'll end up being around a 45 second cooldown, and that is just dandy. Use this to escape, to chase (be smart), to get to a turret faster (Don't waste it early on, it may be more important to save in some situations), to win in a team battle (Without CC Mundo can stay alive and inflict a lot of damage before it wears off and come out unscathed). Don't run into a group of 5 enemies and expect to live with this ult, it's not that good. You'll be good when fighting 2-3 champions if you don't get assaulted all at the same time. If things get too tricky, run away. This does take 20% of Mundo's health which is significant, so if you're taking a lot of damage and pop it chances are that you're going to die.
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Team Work

Mundo is a simple man to say the least, you don't need too much communication to understand what Mundo is going to do or to help your teammates. Here's a few tricks on how to be effective with your team.

Early Laning:
- If your partner is being chased or you are being chased use the cleaver to slow, the best situation is when your partner is being chased and you anticipate where they're heading and you slow the enemy enough for a clean escape. This makes Mundo a god among mere mortals early on or to help overzealous/aggressive teammates (communication helps with this).

- Check bushes by throwing your cleaver, if you hear a splat then the enemy is there and the jig will be up.

- Keep the enemy at bay by keeping constant harassment, never let up on your cleavers unless you're out ranged or you see a solid group heading right towards you.

Team Fights in General:
- If you aren't getting focused use your AoE and keep cleaving, with the low cooldown you'll be inflicting a lot of damage, especially to high HP individuals. Make sure to pop masochism too, but be careful and watch your health. ALWAYS WATCH YOUR HEALTH IN TEAM FIGHTS. This is a habit you need to get into, because popping your AoE could be a bad idea at low health, even if you aren't generally getting focused down.

- Don't let those nerds at 15 hp escape, cleaver them to get the last hit or to keep them from getting away, be a smart chaser and you may use your ult to hunt them down.

- Bait using your ult, going in with low health and popping masochism then your ult may work as a bait, chances are they'll know what's up but if they go in let the tank get an easy initiate and then cleave away and stay back. Use the ultimate speed to you advantage.
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Great Laning Partners / Team Composition

This is just from experience, I'm sure there's other great choices but this is what I found effective myself.


Amumu's tears will shred high HP tanks/champions (% of their HP per second) and when matched with your cleaver there will be a lot of damage. Amumu is also great for if you can bait an enemy and he can get an easy Bandage Toss to initiate. Amumu's ult also allows for you to pop everything, cleave the hell out of them while you and his AoE's are turning them to mush and your masochism is adding that extra damage to your auto attack.


Her daggers keep the enemy at bay, like Mundo's cleaver and is also great to finish off the nerds you can't get or if you miss. Her ultimate will also be great to slow enemies so they can't run from it, although she'll probably get CC'd it helps a lot. It's also great when she jumps to you as you both can escape as you pop you ult and she gets away as well.


Her snare is great to get at least 2-3 cleavers off, at least one when they're snared and at least 1-2 after the snare and since they're slowed her AoE will tick them down that much more.

I'm sure there's more, and there's a lot of self-explanatory ones where the slow will positively affect a champion, such as helping keep people in Nunu's ult or whatnot.
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I find this more effective than other builds because Tank builds are ineffective since there's no reason to even bother attacking Mundo since his damage won't be all that significant and he won't be very useful in tanking damage. DPS-Soak/Off-tank was a bad experience, I tried those builds with less success due to the fact there are plenty of better melee champions that can do what AD/(What I'd like to call Masochism spec) can do better and the bonus from Masochism is more than sufficient for dealing damage while using your cleaver, you just need to get the skill and practice to get cleaver hits as often as possible which even I have no problem with after playing Mundo for a while. I also find that when you get to the point where you're using the cleaver to its full potential, it's a great asset to many teams and while Mundo will never be a carry he definitely brings a lot to win games and assist teammates and pushing turrets.

Video examples will be coming soon from a game I did well in and that I used a primitive build (I experimented in game a few times before putting more thought and using a build calculator, but after refining it'll be a lot better but it'll show the basic Mundo mechanics and the do's and don'ts of this build)

Please give me feedback and as much as I don't want people playing my champion I really wanted to get input on this idea. :)

(I guess if no one likes this build then people will still not be playing Mundo :/)
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