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Teemo Build Guide by deusmilitus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author deusmilitus

Mushroom Hell

deusmilitus Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first build. Teemo is my favorite champion for several reasons, but for this one in particular: I used to absolutely hate him. I would run through the jungle, step on a mushroom, and slowly watch my health drop to zero. So to figure out how to counter him well, I bought him. And then fell in love with him. You have no idea the ******* you get from getting kills while sitting comfortably in base, sipping a mai tai while you opponents scream "OP" and "****ING MUSHROOMS!!!" I personally love getting called op... means I'm doing it right!!!

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Updates and Changes

8/9/11 Changed due to my friend knocking some sense into me!!!

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Pros and Cons

1 Map control
2 Mushrooms make me laugh
3 Hits like a truck late game
4 Gets all the yordle tail he wants

1 Squishy as hell
2 Focused like hell
3 Teenage little sister will think he's cute

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I use these because Teemo runs out of mana fast early game, but you could really use anything from ability power to attack speed.
Cooldown reduction is key, you need your mushrooms out as fast as possible.
These are awesome early game. Your poison and blinding dart will hit much harder early game. Also allows you to wait out buying items instead of going home for parts. Could be replaced with flat health quints if you're new to teemo and don't know how to run away.
These are great all around. Your dart, poison, and mushrooms will hit like trucks most carries and dpsers, and will still hurt like hell for everybody else.

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I go standard 9/0/21. You don't really need all of the offensive masteries, and most of the utility tree is just to overpowered to ignore. Plus the movement speed is awesome!!

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Summoner Spells

I run away. A lot. Teemo is squishy like a fat kid full of twinkies... Plus, it has both offensive and defensive purposes. With the Boots of Mobility: Ghost+Move Quick equals movement speed over 600 for a couple of seconds, usually enough to get away from most champions.
Again... I'm a coward. Your toon looks like a hampster FFS, if you want to stand and fight, go play Alistair. Run away, live to fight another day. Also gives people headaches... which we want from this build.

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This makes Teemo amazing at hiding. I know I run like hell when I'm getting blow darted in the face by a midget that wasn't there a second ago, wouldn't you??? HOld "H" to stop auto-attacking so that you can go stealth. Be aware of oracles!!! And remember that while you may be invisible, area of effect spells still hit you...
The LoL Gods answer to the Tryndaqueer, Blinding dart is awesome against auto attacking carries. 2.5 seconds of misses is amazing and can literally change a game. If well timed, can keep that Yi or Win Nhao from eliminating not only you, but also the scary carry that you should be supporting.
Extra movement speed? YES PLEASE. Helps you chase, escape, and more importantly, move from bush to bush placing those beautiful little mushrooms full of pain...
An amazing damage over time spell. Hurts squishies, and annoys the hell out of tanks. Use as early harassment, and late to soften up enemy dps during team fights.
Alright, Teemo's coup de grace, his mise en place, his other French name for something good. These are what make you dangerous. With this build, one step on these bad boys will do 900 damage. OW. Plus a slow that pisses off most and causes sight on the map? No ****ing way! Map control at its finest. Note that cooldown reduction applies to the manufacturing time of the mushrooms.

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Early game Teemo is kinda mana hungry, especially if you are using blinding dart to last hit minions. And this builds into Nashor's, which is our key item.

These are awesome!!! You can get around the map pretty good with these, placing mushrooms everywhere. Also helps for surprise ganking.

I know, I know. Most people ignore this item. But we need our mushrooms to hit really hard, and the health helps with survivability. It's not much, but it's better than nothing.

This item is just too good to be true. 25% Cooldown reduction??? Awesome, really! I usually end up with 39.84 percent cooldown reduction, which puts mushroom production at 16 seconds. Not bad. Plus the attack speed and the ability power makes me happy!!!

OMGWAT? This thing is just too good to be true! Makes your blinding dart a blinding, slowing dart! Makes your mushroom slows last longer. The health gives you staying power. And gives you tons of ap... awesome!!!

Another OMGWAT? item, the deathcap makes your mushrooms hit like trains. You cannot pass this up.

This is usually what I get built before the game ends, Win or lose. After this is usually up to the enemy team composition.

This is for team fights. Gives you a bit more survivability with magic resistance, plus the one two punch of Blinding Dart and an auto-attack hits hard, REALLY hard.


I get this when I'm facing toons with a ton of health I.E. Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, Olaf ETC. The activated is awesome, plus the Cooldown reduction is epic. Also: coolest item name in the game...

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This is simple: DO NOT JUST AUTO ATTACK!!! Last hit as much as possible. You need gold.

Also of note: Your laning partner will benefit from useful mushroom placement. You shouldn't be with a tank and unless you're are mid laning (which with my team I'm not) the mushrooms WILL provide them with kills. DO NOT GET BUTTHURT. Despite what you think, Teemo is not an assassin, at least not with this build. You are here to make the team look good. Assists pay well. Saying that, you will get kills just don't expect to break more than ten, unless you're playing against kids from Somalia, then knock yourself out.

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A word on mushroom placement

This is really simple, if you know how to play LoL well. People run to bushes, this is a given. They gank from them, they hide in them, they recall in them... bushes make people happy. So put mushrooms in them. All of them. This serves several purposes: When the team is trying to set up a gank, they become visible to your team for a short time once they step on the mushroom, plus they are already softened up for the counter-gank. They also aid in running away. If your team isn't ******ed, they'll see the mushrooms and head for them when running for their lives. The adverse applies as well. When the enemy runs for THEIR lives, they will instinctively run for bushes. Also, when setting up ganks early game, your team can teleport to the mushrooms. And last but not least: Mushrooms are demoralizing. Most of LoL is mental, and if you can make people fear the safety that bushes bring, then you have won the game. No more ganking, no more hiding. FEAR THE MUSHROOMS, FEAR THE TEEMO!!! Also, mushroom each and every jungling point, and Baron and Dragon. These will hurt most junglers and laners alike.