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Build Guide by Thamradhel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thamradhel

My AD Ezreal

Thamradhel Last updated on March 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my AD Ezreal build I hope I can give some tips to people who want to learn how to play Ezreal and it's always nice to see what people think of the way I play Ezreal so maybe I can learn a thing or two from your comments.

I want to say before I start my build: I am Dutch so please forgive me if my English is not perfect.

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Rising Spell Force is Ezreals passive. It gives him extra attack speed for each target hit by his spells. stacks max. 5 times

Since you are playing AD Ezreal you should max your Mystic Shot first.
the best part of this spell is that it procs all on hit effects, such *** Sheen,Trinity Force, Red Buff and The Black Cleaver. Also lifesteal is applied here

I recommend taking no points in Essence Flux because it simply doesn't do any damage and it costs a lot of mana. Although, if you are laning agains a dps champion like Miss Fortune you can take a point in Essence Flux. The attackspeed debuff on this ability is pretty nice against Miss Fortune and other dps champs.

After your Mystic Shot is maxed, put all points in your Arcane Shift ability. even when you are not AP ezreal it still does some nice damage.
if you want to kill someone unexpected. jump over his minions with your Arcane Shift and then attack him while spamming your Mystic Shot. most mid champions are relatively squishy and will die fast with this method
Do not waste this ability for harassing, because it is your escaping ability from ganks from enemy junglers. only use it if you are going for the kill.

take points in your ultimate at levels 6,11 and 16.
Trueshot Barrage can be used in many different ways.
1. fire it in a straight line to wards enemy base so it hits several minion waves. this makes it alot easier to farm or push.

2. finishing off a low HP enemy. most people in lane recall directly next to their turret, so if you see an enemy with low HP walking back to his turret to recall try and snipe him down.

If an enemy escapes from you with low health fire it after him. most people are stupid enough to walk in a straight line.

3. Your ultimate is also your late game team fight initiation move. if you fire it at the team fight it gives 5 stacks on your passive and also 5 assists if you hit them all.

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Greater Mark of Desolation.
simple: it makes your attacks do more damage

Greater Seal of Clarity
I think its necessary for Ezreal to have some Mana Regen. because then you can spam your spells for harrasment.

Greater Glyph of Celerity
Important for Ezreal is to be able to cast his Mystic Shot as much as possible due to the fact that it is his main damage skill and also that his Mystic Shot reduces the cooldown of his other skills if it hits a target, so Cooldown reduction is good for him.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Same as my marks.

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The items on the top of the page is my core build and can be completed by the items in my "optional items" chapter

In my opinion Ezreal is best if he goes mid, he is very strong there and he can pick up first blood very quick if you know how to do it. I start with a Doran's Blade because it is a good starting item if you want to play aggressively begin-game.
Altough if you are laning against a champion that is harassing all the time (like karthus) you can also start with a Doran's Shield.

If you do well you can get level 1 boots and The Brutalizer at your first trip back (1687 gold)

The Brutalizer is just ridiculous on Ezreal: Cooldown reduction (makes you spam your Mystic Shot even more), Armor penetration ( makes your hits do even more damage) and the attack damage is a nice buff on your Mystic Shot.

if your have enough money at your second trip back, finish your boots and buy a BF sword. If you don't have enough money, pick up a Vampiric Scepter and save the rest of your money for your BF.

Make The Bloodthirster on your next shopping moment.

Another BF will make you even stronger.
You can decide for yourself what you do with the second BF. Either you can make another Bloodthirster or you can make The Black Cleaver if the enemy is stacking armor.

If you get focussed a lot ( and you will if you play well) Guardian Angel could be very convenient for late game team fights. I usually get this as my last item

If you finished this and the game still isn't over you can sell Doran's Blade and get one of the items below

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Optional Items

Banshee's Veil
If the enemy team has much magic damage you could buy this item for some more survivability.
and on top of the magic resistance and health it also blocks one spell.

Madred's Bloodrazor
If the other team has a lot of beefy champions besides their tanks, like Xin Zhao or Renekton, this is a good item to take them down much quicker.

Sword of the Occult
in my opninion not such a great item for AD carries but on Ezreal it can be a very rewarding item, your ultimate can hit all five enemy champions in a team fight which means 5 stacks on your occult if your team wins the fight even if you don't make a kill.

Trinity Force
personally not my cup of tea, but the effect does proc on your Mystic Shot ability which gives you some nice extra damage.
In case you take this item you should skip The Brutalizer and go straight to a Trinity Force

If you are below level 20 or just haven't bought runes yet I think manamune would be a good item to buy, otherwise you will be out of mana the whole time. I personally don't like this item because it slows me down early game. I have to spend almost 1000 gold on Tear of the Goddess which doesn't give me any damage.

Berserker's greaves
If you like the extra attack speed buy these boots, it is pretty hard to land your Mystic Shot in team fights so the extra attack speed could be convenient.

Sorcerers Shoes
The magic penetration will make your ultimate and your Arcane Shift do some more damage.
although your ultimate also stacks with physical damage now it still does magic damage.

Mercury's Treads
Always pay attention to how many CC the enemy team has. If they have a lot of disables you should take these boots

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Summoner Spells

probably the best spell for Ezreal. I have made countless kills by just ingniting someone in the fight.

I just like ghost.
good for chasing:, Ezreal stands still for a short moment when he fires his Mystic Shot, ghosts makes up for this loss
good for escaping: Use you Arcane Shift and then ghost and you can probably escape from any jungler gank.

Other good choices:

check the HP of running enemies so you can judge whether or not to fire yout ultimate on them.

Double flash makes it almost impossible to catch you.

since Ezreal has no CC its is pretty nice to have a slow.
also it shuts down enemie DPS for a few seconds.

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Pros and Cons

harassing skill with his Mystic Shot
escaping ability with his Arcane Shift
can finish off running enemies with his ulti
his passive can give him pretty amazing attack speed

very squishy
no CC
hard to learn skillshots.

Pros of AD over AP
well I think AD is better because if you play him AP you have to constantly wait for cooldowns like on every other caster. I have played AP Ezreal quite a lot and I think its harder to focus 1 person down with AP. your Arcane Shift shoots at the closest target which is not always the target you want, with AD you can simply jump around the fight and take down one their range carry.

Due today's change of his ultimate I think there is one more reason to play AD.
100% of his bonus damage is added to his ultimate.