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Shyvana Build Guide by blackanders09

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blackanders09

My build, what you think?

blackanders09 Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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New to guides so here goes, this is and attack speed and slow kill build meaning that you can keep the CD low on your Q, which means a fast kill and good health regen. It also is a guid to catch up with the enemy frequently and to make sure that the cannot get away easily. I am not a skilled player as some people, but i wanted to make a guid so i thought i would post this up to see what people think.

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I have gone for these so that you get the most armour penatration allowing a quick route to the targets health withough needing to worry about their armour. Attack spped runes help keep the CD down on your Q and help hasten up the duration fo your W allowing you to keep close behind the enemy.

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Just basic killing masteries for an AD charachter getting decent CD reduction and the extra buff from exhaust.Having a lower CD stacks with the rest of my build which means more killing stuff.

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Now items, this will probably be where everyone start to yell at me...
First of all i get boots and 2 pots allowing me to stay out in the lane for as long as possible and outrun your prey if there on low HP. after that i kinda rush build a starks fervor which gives you nice attack spped and a nice lifesteal buff your your team mates possible saving you at some point in the game. I think this is a good item becuase it favour all your needs as this type of AD charachter.
Then i move onto my speed 2 boots. Ionian boots of lucidity furthermore reduce the CD of you Q which with your auto attack from passive, will mean a very quick CD. This is good for the burst and long term damage.
I love frozen mallet on this kinda build. This is because the passive effect is perect for hunting down your prey and it gives a nice HP buff too.
Phantom dancer is probably wrong for this charachter but the nice movement spped increase and the attack speed will help you get your dragon form more quickly and help you manouver around the map.
Once at this stage, your damage should be pretty decent, but as of all this attack spped, why not be hitting for 4% of there HP every time with a madreds bloodrazor dramaticaly powering your DPS output.
Lastly i get the sunfire cape, this is good for the health it gives you and adds a little more DPS to your build
A the end of all the items, you should have around 3k HP meaning your kinda tanky, but dealing alot of damage.
Damage hitting items could be used in with this build by removing the phantom dancer and maybe having a blood thirster instead, but this might mean you have too much life steal. After madreds you will be hitting hard and fast so damage wont be as important then. Its a bit like warwick, madreds then Attack speed just i go for the slows and speed before the madreds. I suppose you could build a madreds first instead of the starks fervor but i think that the lifesteal is key in staying in lane with your teammates as they will get heals aswell.

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Skill Sequence

for skill sequence, i use my E to start of increasing my attack damage against the target, this should be done from range, after that i open with my Q to get the damage in, then W when sustained damage has been made, this allows for you to chase after them if they try and run.
In dragon for i ulti over walls and ridges to gank and mass AoE, anything that is likely to deal massive damage to you is a prio target and the longer you stay alive, the more you can lay waste to your oppenents (probabaly not a wise tactic). i am not amazingly good at using the dragon, and i think at the moment the pick up on the ability is a bit buggy. One of the other buggy things i have noticed is that you only start to get rage at level 5/6 which i suppose is when you need it, but i think it would be nice to have someting going on in that bar before hand. If you are on low HP and full rage, dragon form is a brilliant way of escaping enemies, jumping over walls and laying a trail of fire is a nice way to deal damage to champs stuipd enough to follow you, you fire alos increases your movement speed. Once the bug has been fixed and you are able to pusha nd pull people with you initial ulti, then use this to your advantage pushing people into your team, or away from them, sacrificing youself to save the team might be a better option then you just running away, but ofcourse it will look bad on your match history with more deaths.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust with talents and flash, both good for getting away from someone or getting to someone. Exhaust has saved me many times from other AD champs that are willing to chase me into turrets etc, if they get into the turret range and maybe close into it with the turret attacking them, then use exhaust and flash away and hope the turret gets the kill for you. If your on low HP i advise going backa and refreshing but if your in a playfull mood, bait and slow them.

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last hit der...
dont keep W on at low levels, better focus on killing the minions and save the CD for attacking champs or running away. Q is a nice move once maxed gurateeing a kill from minions. Yor AoE can clear wraiths easily once past rank 3 and you should be able to clear dragon at level 10 if you have some form of lifesteal.

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Well that was my first guide. not pro and probably not good either but i thought i would just post up what i do.