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Team Guide by RedBlackDragon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedBlackDragon

my favourite Champs ^^

RedBlackDragon Last updated on June 19, 2011
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Akali,Shaco,Mk,Warwick, JAX

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

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Expanded Mind
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Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 8

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Hey Guys,
Today i want to show you my favourite champs
Akali, WW, Jax, MK, Shaco ^^

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Akali -> Magic dmg
Jax -> Normal dmg
Shaco -> Normal dmg
MK -> Magic dmg
WW -> normal dmg

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1. Akali

I Start my Guide with Akali

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Game Play Akali

You start your fight with

now u use

to charge to the enemy and acitivate your Q spell

if this is over you hit the enemy with

re do this, till the enemy is dead ^^

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Items Akali

I start with this Item cause you can add a Health Portion and you have 50 magic dmg from beginning

I continue with This cause the Life Regenaration is very n1 for akali and u can use it for the Hextech Gunblade later

Magic Dmg -> Magic Penetration ^^

I go on with my favourite Item cause it gives great magic dmg ^^

Life and Magic dmg + skills Slow -> Perfekt Item for Akali ^^

This Item I buy 2 Times cause the Great life Regenaration !!

At last a Lich Bane

is very n1 for Akali cause ^^ the epic passiv effect

Guide Top

Skill Sequence Akali

is more Important than

is more Important than

is more Important than

Skill it one time at lvl 4 or 3 very important !!

Guide Top

Summoner Spells Akali

I pick exhaust for fights 1vs1

And ghost cause its great to come away or kill running enemys ^^

This skills you should use and shouldn't use

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Pros / Cons Akali

+ Strong Damge
+ Invisible
+ Charge
+ Dot
+ Life
+ Farmer
+ Can play on every lane
+ If she gets feed the game is won ^^

- Low life without Ryalis
- no chance to get enemys before lvl 6
- Bad escaper
- slow Atk speed

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Ranked Play Akali

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2. Warwick

Guide Top

Game Play WarWick

Your Best combo is

then u use ur ulti

-> Ur ulti deal epic dmg cause all your Items

U can use Ignite while your ulti

and if the enemys still is alive use

Guide Top

Items WarWick

This is a Great item to start with Warwick cause you have life Def ... all you need for a good laneing start with Warwick

This Item is a great Combination For Warwicks Ulti and the Items

This is the Item, every Warwick NEED to play cause its awesome^^

This is a great Cobination to Warwicks Ulti ^^

This, two Items is good for the 1 Hit Bulid of Warwick

Some life and extra damage for WW why not ?

Guide Top

Skill Sequence WarWick

is more Important than

is more Important than

is more Important than

Guide Top

Summoner Spells WarWick

I pick Ignite, cause you can combinate it good with WWs ulti

And flashe cause WW have no escape skills so flashe rescue your life ^^

This skills you should use and shouldn't use

Guide Top

Pros / Cons WarWick

* off tank
+ ulti 1 hit kill
+ nashor at lvl 14
+ dragon at lvl 3
+ High dmg

- Bad escaper
- you must hit the right one with you ulti
- not can go on middle lane

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Ranked Play WW

Guide Top

3. JaX

Guide Top

Game Play Jax

With jax you can kill most of your enemys with a simple Trick acitivate

then use you

and jump onto the enemy.

Enjoy jax's dmg

you can add your Stun if it is ready

so you can hit down the enemy much easyer

Use your stun

if you can ,to run away start fights, in team fights,atk

Guide Top

Items Jax

Jax equip is very dependent on his player
I love my equipe cause you use all things
Jax can use ulti - shockjump + gain
Its perfekt for him !!
Jax is so strong build your own equip

Good start Item Support for you Gain + Shockjump combo

This Boots -> Dodge chance !!

Its a grat Support for Jax Ulti !!

Damage + Magic dmg + Aktiv + life steal + Magic Life steal A very good Item for Jax

Atk speed and damage Great Item !!

Crit chance + atk speed to make jaxs ulti More And more better !!

Great combinate to Phantom Blades !!

Guide Top

Skill Sequence Jax

is more Important than

is more Important than

is more Important than

You need This skill 1 time at lvl 3 or lvl 4 !!

Guide Top

Summoner Spells Jax

I pick exhaust for fights 1vs1

And ghost cause its great to come away or kill running enemys ^^

This skills you should use and shouldn't use

Guide Top

Pros / Cons Jax

+ Have Life
+ deal unbelivebel ++ Dmg
+ Can kill everyone in 1vs1 ( no Malzaha)
+ can go Jungle
+ Stun
+ Normal and magic dmg
+ can win a game alone

- must dodge a hit before he can use stun

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Ranked Play Jax

Guide Top

4. Morde Kaiser

Guide Top

Game Play MK

Mk is very simple to play you have to spamm your

This skill deals epic Dmg slows and have no cool down + It setup your shield !!

and since lvl 6 you can use this to kill low life enemys ->

then u use your

then u use your

And you combinate it with your

Guide Top

Items MK

A great item to start for every tank + Off tank !!

Magic Dmg -> Magic Penetration !!

Skill-Slow ; Magic damge ; life

Mk need Life -> Warmorgs !!

Magic Resist + Life Regeneration

Awesome Item Armor + Magic resist

Life + Magic Resist + Powerfull Passive GREAT Tanky Item !!

Guide Top

Skill Sequence MK


is more Important than

is more Important than

is more Important than

Guide Top

Summoner Spells Mk

I pick Ignite cause it'S a great combi With MK's Ultimate !

And flashe again cause Mk have no good escape Skills !!

This skills you should use and shouldn't use

Guide Top

Pros / Cons MK

+ Op
+ Life
+ Dmg
+ can play 6 vs 4
+ Shield
+ cool down
+ Slow

- Not so Mobile
- Famous !!

Guide Top

Ranked Play MK

Guide Top

5. Shaco

Guide Top

Game Play Shaco -> Start

With Shaco you can just do The Blue Buff at Start so you enter lane same time as normal but with lvl 2 the only thing you have to do is Skill this skill

And now place puppets at the place the Blue Buff will appear so far back as possible
Now you have lvl 2 and the enemys are just lvl 1 .

you should skill

now you jump in give a first hit and u can do First Blood !!

This viedeo show you how to Start you can do fb now on uper laner or go on with jungleing !

Guide Top

Items Shaco

This a Great Item for Start with Shaco ^^ cause Dmg+ Life + Life steal

This is my SECRET special Tipp For Shaco with this Item them enemys never come away from you, it give you great move speed atk speed cooldown Damage and Crit chance ..
I Love This Item for Shaco its awesome

No comment !!

With this Item and Youmogs GH. you have a chance of 40% to hit 600 dmg with great atk speed thanx your youmogs aktiv !! Its a Awesome combo

Atk speed , crit rate , Move Speed WHY Not ??

Life + Dmg and every hit slow a good Item for many Champs !!

Your First hit will do 1.5-2 k dmg and the passive of this Item increase this dmg alot It's good to buy it If you have a lot of Money in end Game !!


Great starting item

Boots for a Moblie and Fast Shaco

This Item is very Expensiv if you start with it like in this guide ... but if you got it, your shaco is not to stop !!

This Item is Great for shaco, if you have many runner Enemys !!

Now you need more crit rate And some atk speed is good ,too

With this Item now you have 70% cance to do a Crit and your Crits are Unbeliebel

Now you have to increase your dmg and Atk speed -> Black CLeaver !!

Guide Top

Skill Sequence Shaco

is more Important than

is more Important than

is more Important than

SKill it on lvl 1 VERY IMPORTANT

Guide Top

Summoner Spells Shaco

I pick Ignite cause it deals fine dmg And it'S good vs supporters or Mundo ^^

Amd exhaust to slow away running enemys, so you can **** them down fast, if you combinate your

With your Youmogs

This skills you should use and shouldn't use

Guide Top

Pros / Cons Shaco

+ Best escaper in game
+ Very mobile
+ Hard dmg
+ fast Atk speed
+ slow enemy
+ have some life with dorans or frozen hammer
+ you have your epic clown

- Is not so easy to play
- ganged by blue buff
- No chance vs Jax

Guide Top

Ranked Play Shaco

Sry das war ein falsches hier ist das richtige ^^

^^ and this i won alone !

Guide Top

Items you can buy with any Char

This Items you can Buy if you have strong enemys or in late Game

100 Armor + 30% reflect dmg Great Item vs every Auto atker !!

Great Armor + Magic resist + Relive you can buy it and noone will focus you in Teamfights !!

This Item is great for Mages, Armor, Ability power and the great aktiv ^^

Life + Mana + Magic Resist + Spell block -> Good item

Great Item to destroy Stuns or sth like that on you.


Guide Top


I hope you enjoy my guide.

I know my english is not the best one.

I hope you learnd something.




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