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Twisted Fate Build Guide by ugurkib

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ugurkib

My First Build ! Best Adc For me TF. He has a stun . : UPDAT

ugurkib Last updated on February 25, 2016
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My First Build ! Best Adc For me TF. He has a stun .

hi . my first build to this game. Lets Start . Tf is most dangerous Atack Damage Carrier role . Because he has a stun skill . and he has aTack Speed for his passive Skill E . Yes. First one . You must have real damage to start to finish and you try to use İnfinity Edge ( Essence Reaver now )Quickly. İ tried Blade Of Ruined King many times. But his damage doesnt worikng. And you must First opened the stun skill w. Later you go to finish e skill . because it gives me AS. And 4 times a try it gives me magic damage to use. second you must complete W skill . and the last you finished q skill the last. When you finished infinity edge( ER now) you have to buy berserker greaves . Then thirtly you will buy Statick Shiw( Rapid Cannon Now ) to improve your kritick Movement and Aspeed. And Bonus ! it gives me when we atakking and movemently 100 times it gives me 100 magic damage ! Your Last skill e when 5 it gives us 105 magic damage to use and statick gives me 100 plus it 210 total magic damage when we hit . I shall you Tf must to go Critical Change and add to bonus magic damages when we hit critic strike enemy have given to boost damage. But you faith to your right click to use and dont miss the target :D fourtly( NEW 5. item ! ) Trinicty Force buy it . İt gives me more more bonus damages and effects and his passive . We get to movement . Then sheens passive. This item is generally powerful for me . THen four !! is Phantom Dancer :) ( When we get this item my As and Critick is highly boost effect. I shall you high crit speed and Aspeed . But if you dont want buy this item because we already good Critic and Aspeed MovSpeed . you go to other items . For example . We have good Apeed from E skill passive. . You know these thinks. And The last you may buy he bloodthister. İts finished. :D thank u for read :D This special guild im presedent to you . Try it and See Tf Difference :D