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Yorick Build Guide by BaLoRi

Top My Fleet/Conqueror Yorick MONSTROUS Season 14 Build

Top My Fleet/Conqueror Yorick MONSTROUS Season 14 Build

Updated on June 20, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Build Guide By BaLoRi 1533 175 3,198,274 Views 100 Comments
1533 175 3,198,274 Views 100 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Yorick Build Guide By BaLoRi Updated on June 20, 2024
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Runes: Fleet Footwork Version

1 2 3 4
Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Second Wind

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


About Me

Hello everyone,

My nickname is BaLoRi, I am an Educational Content Creator/Streamer part of Fnatic and FNC Network.
This Mobafire profile and the guides I am creating meant to explain my unique playstyle and build theory to my Community and make my Balorians even stronger 🔥
All the guides that I am creating are ONLY for champions that will give you 70%+ win ratio and these are the very same builds that I am using to rank up without trying.

You can find me anywhere:
Live on Twitch:
Discord server:

Lets now start with our OP Yorick Build guide and how to win games easier than ever!
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An introduction to Yorick's Build

Before we start with the detailed explanation about RUNES and ITEMS that will make this champion a monster, you need to understand that Yorick is an unique champion that got so many tools to literally be called an one-man army, 4 Ghouls and 1 Maiden that together with the combination of runes-items will make Yorick to be totally unstoppable, while doing an insanely big DAMAGE he will also have an even greater sustain!

The sustain comes with the combination of our Runes and items that we will talk soon, no matter which rune version you will choose, you will see that to die is not something POSSIBLE at all! With insanely big heal effects, tons of HP and even more DAMAGE than ever!

Also cause of Yorick insane CC, one of the strongest in the game, you will also make a huge impact in team fighting, this build can be used for splitpushing if you want, but most importantly it will be used to make you the most impactfull champion in the teamfights, your slow with Mourning Mist that will also force the ghouls to hit and damage the target that will instantly apply the stacks from Black Cleaver armor reduction effects Or apply the Slow effect from Serylda's Grudge PLUS the movement speed bonus and Slow effect with Mourning Mist that will let you reach any target!
And of course your W Dark Procession that can trap an entire enemy team that wont be able to get out without either hitting 4 times the cage or flash/dash outside from it and that can be also used as ZONE CONTROL to keep them "out of objectives" or even "in the objectives" for example the baron pit or dragon pit and make them be "trapped" inside there while your ghouls, maiden and all of your allies hitting them from safe distance!

Here is a good examples of our Yorick Season 14 Build:

With the tools that you got and the combination of runes and items with our build, Yorick will be the champion to offer you the FREE ELO that you want!

Let’s get started with the detailed explanation about runes now.
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Secret Behind Runes

After the latest new Season changes, Yorick became an even stronger champion that ever. In our Yorick Build we will combine damage, heal and utility effects to make ourselves stronger, so the rules that we will choose will also going to focus on that goal, while playing with two core runes choices: Conqueror and Fleet Footwork, what you choose is up to you, but both will give you equal results for different reasons that we will explain right now!

From now for Yorick we will have two type of rune versions, for you to choose and destroy all!

Precision + Resolve

For Precision

Conqueror Extra AD and % of your damage as HEAL, this means, while this rune is activated(and it will stay activated by the hits of your Ghouls-ulti) any damage will be done by your Hits-Skills-Ghouls-Ulti will be gained back as HEAL, making you an absolute monster while also increasing your AD!


Fleet Footwork One of the most OP runes for Yorick that will give you HEAL plus also Movement speed bonus to reach any target, that together with the slow of Serylda's Grudge and the movement speed bonus from Mourning Mist will let you have so much mobility that it will be impossible for the enemy team to escape!
This rune will be super useful in situations that we dont have the time to stack Conqueror to receive the bonus healing from it!

Presence of Mind After the mana changes, this rune became a must to have, it will give you mana regeneration while fighting the enemies and mana refund after each kill/assist!

Legend: Bloodline % Lifesteal and HP, why is this OP? The answer is simple, our build is about SUSTAIN and damage, lifesteal applying on your Q as well, making the damage that you are doing come back as heal through this stat plus the bonus HP that will give you more TRUE HEALTH to fight longer!

Coup de Grace Extra 8% damage to low health targets!

For Resolve:

Second Wind a rune that together with Doran's Shield will make you increadibly powerful and let you survive much longer!

Revitalize One of the most powerful runes in the game as long as you got Heals/shields, for Yorick is will work great cause of the heal from his Q plus the heal from Sundered Sky

Resolve + Presicion

This build is more less mana focused build version so you will for sure need to be careful while using your skills, but it will give you much bigger sustain than anything else!

For resolve:
Grasp of the Undying While being in combat you will have the ability to do % of your max HP as dmg and also heal of your % of your HP plus bonus health each time you activating it, that means that you will become stronger and stronger the more you fight!

Demolish Bonus damage to towers that will help you getting the faster and push all the way to nexus!!

Second Wind gain health regeneration that together with Doran's Shield will make you have so much sustain from early till late game that you will be insanely powerful just cause of this combination of rune-item!

Revitalize Bonus 5-15% HEALS and SHIELDS, a must to have rune, that working incredible good with your Spirit Visage that will help you survive against anything by multiplying the Heals and Shields by 40% and if you got a support with a shield-heal like Janna Yuumi etc. will make you even STRONGER!!

For Precision:

Triumph % HP as heal plus bonus Gold per kill/assist

Presence of Mind After the mana changes, this rune became a must to have, it will give you mana regeneration while fighting the enemies and mana refund after each kill/assist!

Now that we understood what to choose with runes, its time to move to the items and fully understand how to be the STRONGEST from early to full late game!!
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Secret Behind Items

The item order that we will follow is going to be super important to make yourself the strongest from early till full late game!

You can start the game with Doran's Shield and pot that will let you have hp regeneration that together with your Q will let you fight for as long as you want against any champion (especially the hard poke ones)! And cause of how gold efficient Doran's Shield to have stats that goes up to 300% of its cost, while fighting the stats from this item cost 1300+ Gold instead of 450 that you paid for! Making it insane powerful!

Another Option is to start with Doran's Blade to have bonus AD, HP but also lifesteal, not as gold efficient as Doran's Shield that together with Second Wind will let you survive any kind of match up, but powerful enough to be a decent start item!

On your First back, you will focus on having from 700 to 1150 Gold and you will try to get Cull to help you have some amount of stats, but also bonus gold and an item that you will sell after fully stacking it, to buy one of your core items later on!
Plus Boots or Sheen!

Then you will focus finish our first item that will be Trinity Force this
item will give you everything that you need, AD, HP, Ability haste, movement speed and a huge damage bonus effect that will apply after using any of your skills!

Before you continue with your next item you need to choose for the boots that we will finish, for our Yorick you got 3 options for boots,
you can go for Mercury's Treads and increase your MR and Tenacity that will help you avoid the CC type effects and apply damage easier.

Plated Steelcaps that will give you armor and a % damage reduction effect from basic attacks, extra useful vs auto attack users such as, Tryndamere, Yasuo, Yone etc.

and lastly Ionian Boots, one of my favorite boots to finish into on Yorick, bonus ability haste and spell haste, this will let me use my skills faster, just like my summoners and actually make a huge impact into fights! If you don't have lots of CC vs you, then to go for this boots will be a must!

The next item that we will try to finish will be Sundered Sky, another powerful item that will make our Yorick a monster, AD, HP, Ability haste plus a bonus damage and heal effect that will apply every few seconds on each champion after damaging them!

For the next item, we got two options that both will be powerful for different reasons for our Yorick build.
First you can go for Serylda's Grudge that will give you AD, Ability haste, Lethality, % armor penetration and also a huge slow effect that will apply to the target after they drop below 50% HP, making our Ghouls to actually apply this slow effect and making us reach any target while we also doing a huge amount of damage cause of the lethality + armor penetration stats!!
Second option will be Black Cleaver, bonus AD, HP, Ability haste, %ARMOR REDUCTION and movement speed bonus effect, this item is also equally powerful for yorick as Serylda's Grudge but you can't combine them together, it will give you the stats that you need to overpower your enemies while also being tankier than ever cause of the bonus hp effect!

To fully understand how armor penetration work, be sure to check our league masterclass that we talking about how this unique stat really works:

Then you will build Spirit Visage this item is the next in order cause it will gives you what you need for the next phase of the game, HP, Magic Resist, Ability haste, hp regain and 25% BONUS Heals and SHIELDS from any type of heal-shield effect from you or your allies, this means lifesteal and vamp as well! So let them try to "kill" you after this item!
The moment you will finish these 4 items, to go fight without caring who is against you is going to finally an option, cause of the combination of SUSTAIN and DAMAGE that you will have to die is going to be close to impossible!

Now lets talk about the last item that we will be playing with our Yorick Monster, you got the following options:

1. Death's Dance Bonus AD, ability haste and armor plus a passive effect that will turn % of burst to True damage over time effect that will help you sustain more and with each kill/assist heal restore over time

2. Sterak's Gage Another powerful option that will give you AD, HP, TENACITY and a huge shield effect that will let you survive even against the highest amount of burst damages in the game, this shield effect will be also be multiplied by your Spirit Visage and Revitalize by more than 40%, making Sterak's Gage even stronger than usual is, cause of our combination of Items-Runes!

2. Dead Man's Plate a more utility-sustain option that will give you HP, Armor, movement speed bonus and another speed bonus that will also slow the target at full stacks plus a slow resistance effect!

3. Chempunk Chainsword a very powerful and cheap item that will give you AD, HP, Ability haste and the ability to apply heal reduction effects up to % after damaging your enemies, if the enemy team got heavy healing, then this item is a MUST TO HAVE at all cost!

Always buy Elixir of Wrath, this will add you an EXTRA type of lifesteal from your PHYSICAL damage dealt and will be added to your already INSANE sustain from the Legend: Bloodline + Last Rites and Spirit Visage!

After finishing our full build, you will be able to 1v3 or 1v4 any kind of champions, no matter HOW MUCH AHEAD they are, your ulti and ghouls at this point count as 2 allies champions, you gaining Healing like crazy and you will TEAR APART their HP easily!

Now that you fully understanding how the items and runes working together you are finally ready Balorian to go and DOMINATE against all! Be sure to check the different match ups games to understand how to play against certain champions and enjoy your FREE ELO!
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Different Match ups vs My Yorick's Season 14 Build

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Yorick vs Aatrox

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Yorick vs Sion

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Yorick vs Tryndamere

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Yorick vs Ornn

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Yorick vs Riven

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