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Wukong Build Guide by BaLoRi

Top My Full Lethality (Armor Penetration) & PTA Wukong Build

Top My Full Lethality (Armor Penetration) & PTA Wukong Build

Updated on January 26, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Build Guide By BaLoRi 1661 179 6,758,171 Views 155 Comments
1661 179 6,758,171 Views 155 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Wukong Build Guide By BaLoRi Updated on January 26, 2023
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Runes: Full Lethality Build Version

1 2
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


About Me

Hello everyone,

My nickname is BaLoRi, I am an Educational Content Creator/Streamer part of Fnatic and FNC Network.
This Mobafire profile and the guides I am creating meant to explain my unique playstyle and build theory to my Community and make my Balorians even stronger đŸ”¥
All the guides that I am creating are ONLY for champions that will give you 70%+ win ratio and these are the very same builds that I am using to rank up without trying.

You can find me anywhere:
Live on Twitch:
Discord server:

Lets now start with our OP Wukong Build guide and how to win games easier than ever!
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An introduction to Full Armor Penetration Build

With this build Wukong become a really strong late game Assassin/semi-Tank Champion. You will be able to deal PURE Damage To any Champion with your skills and Hits!

The reason our build is so powerful is cause we simply combine everything we need to destroy them all, first your Crushing Blow will reduce the target by 30% your Black Cleaver will reduce it 30% MORE and what remaining it will go to ZERO or BELOW that with the combination our runes and Lethality and Armor Penetration items that we will choose!

Lets have a detail EXAMPLE about this. Lets say that we got a target with 100 Armor and 3000 HP!
We will reduce the target's armor by 30% and 30% meaning the armor will remain 100 - 30% = 70 armor and another 70 - 30% = 49
Now cause of our Lethality (Armor Pen items we will have the following stats: 12 from Eclipse 10 from Edge of Night and 9 from Sudden Impact that means total of 35 FLAT Armor Penetration, cause of the Legendary items that we got plus the Mythic item bonus effect, we will also have 4% Armor pen per legendary item, that means 16% with 4 items plus another 30% cause of Serylda's Grudge making you have a total ARMOR PEN EFFECT of
31 | ~44% Armor Penetration plus another 50%+ Armor Reduction with Black Cleaver plus Crushing Blow but what that does mean to REAL NUMBERS? Glad you asked!
After applaying the armor reduction to our 100 Armor target, We will continue our % armor penetration effects with a total number of around 44%, the remaining 49 armor will go to 27 Armor and finally by calculating and applying the LETHALITY (Armor pen at level 18) you will make the target to go to ZERO, making all of your physical damage skills, hits, runes, dragon buffs etc. to do PURE DAMAGE to any champion!!

Here is a video example of our Full Lethality (Armor Pen) Wukong Build:

Learn WHY and HOW the example above works by watching our league masterclass:

Now that you can understand how the armor penetration effects works, I think its time to continue to the runes!
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Secret Behind Runes

With this build we focus on doing PURE DAMAGE with each skill and Each Hit!
Its time for our Full Lethality build Armor Penetration to reach the NEXT LEVEL!
We got two different options to play Wukong and both of these runes will give amazing power and results that you wont believe with the combination of Domination + Sorcery or Precision + Domination! You will understand the reason behind sorcery runes tree very soon!

For Domination:

Electrocute This rune will give you extra BURST damage that is insanely big from Early game Till Full late game. Work perfectly with our
e-hit-Q combo that will activate Electrocute after Sudden Impact and that means you will have BONUS Lethality while activating this rune that doing PHYSICAL damage as well and multiply its damage even more!

Sudden Impact Each time you using your Nimbus Strike or Warrior Trickster you will activate Sudden Impact with this rune you will have bonus lethality to do even more damage than before, Wukong is one of the few champions that can actiavate this rune TWICE with his skills and if you play them right, you will have it activate for the entire team fight!
So we activate it with e-hit-
q combo, then activate it
once again after exiting w.

Eyeball Collection Bonus AD while killing a target or killing a word, super useful cause you will get for Free 18 AD at full stacks

Ultimate Hunter Bonus R ability haste to spam it non stop, making Wukong actually have his R twice in a single teamfight

For Sorcery now:

Transcendence Gain Ability haste to spam your skills more and also SKILL CD refund after each kill/assist, super important especially after doing an all in engage while having your W on CD, that will let you have it faster, that means outplay-escape easier!
Manaflow Band Bonus mana stacks and mana sustain, very good for a mana hungry champion like wukong that will probably fight non-stop
Another option might be Nimbus Cloak in order to have bonus MS bonus while using your spells, very good for engages and disengages at the same time!

Now we go for the Second rune set, just as powerful as the Electrocute one, but with just a little bit of changes while doing your combos!
Precision + Domination

Press the Attack This rune might be a little TOO GOOD for Wukong after hitting the target 3 times (and that’s the difference than Electrocute that you just need to use skills or hits) you will apply instant 180 of AD burst damage but also you and your team will do to this target 12% Bonus damage,
so by changing the build from E-hit-Q to E-hit-hit-Q you will have this amazing effect that not only will apply burst damage (180) instantly but also let you do more damage while fighting, that means your R-hits-skills, everything will do 12% damage that together with Coup de Grace will go up to 20% to a target that cause of your FULL LETHALITY-ARMOR PEN build will get one-shotted instantly no matter if he is a tank or squishy target!

Presence of Mind Bonus Mana regain while damaging enemy champions plus mana refund after each kill/assist, with this rune Wukong will never have mana problems, from early to super late game! A great choice instead of Manaflow Band for mana sustain and it can be used right away without stacking!

Legend: Bloodline bonus % lifesteal and HP, in a game where sustain is everything and while your hit will also do TRUE DAMAGE the lifesteal that you will gain back will also be TRUE HEAL!

Coup de Grace 8% bonus damage to below 40% HP targets, the perfect rune while playing with our style, cause all target will be below 10% HP either way!!!

For Domination

Sudden Impact as we said above, the lethality that this item giving you is just too important to not have!
And for this style, go always with
Ultimate Hunter Bonus R ability haste to spam it non stop, making Wukong actually have his R twice in a single teamfight

Now that we understood the runes and what we are choosing, it’s time to fully understand the items and how you will be stronger than all with them, from lane phase till late game!!
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Secret Behind Items

You got two options to start the game and both of them will give you similar results but with different prospective!
You can start the game with Doran's Shield and pot that will let you have hp regeneration that together with your passive will let you fight for as long as you want against any champion (especially the hard poke ones)! And cause of how gold efficient Doran's Shield to have stats that goes up to 300% of its cost, while fighting the stats from this item cost 1300+ Gold instead of 450 that you paid for! Making it insane powerful, but not the only option!

The second option is to start with Doran's Blade plus pot, AD, HP, Damage to heal, another item that we cant ignore, even if its going to be early, Doran's Blade is also high gold efficient item, that its stats will be 200% all the time and not only while fighting, the stats from this item cost more than 900 Gold instead of 450 that you paid for!
No matter which item you will choose for first item, you will be equally powerful in the end, but for different reasons!

On your first back and here is where is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of making you the strongest from early to full late game, you will buy 2 more Doran's Blade the combo of the 3 dorans while only paying 900 gold (plus the 1 that you got from lvl 1) is going to give you stats that wont be compared with ANY OTHER ITEM and with such a low amount of gold to have stats that worth an ENTIRE COMPLETE ITEM.

Also cause you will start selling your first doran item while starting buying your THIRD ITEM (never before that, we will keep the dorans items till full late game and sell it one by one as we proceed with the next core-items) that is going to be Edge of night and that means the Serrated Dirk item part that will give you AD-Lethality and only then you will replace your first doran!
This Doran's Blade & Doran's Shield start tactic is meant to also give you the bonus HP that you need to survive till you start building your HP items, as you can see the first item that we will play wont give you any HP stat and we need to avoid making champions that wont be able to sustain any damage from the enemies, remember SUSTAIN is just as Important as DAMAGE!!

Also in your first back if you got the gold (900-1050) buy also a Refillable Potion this will let you have health pots all lane phase long with only 150 gold that you will sell later on for 60 gold, so with only 90 total gold, you will have pots that you will use at least 6 times (2 times going back to the base) that means 6 x 50 gold per health pot = 300 gold while only paying literally 90 gold! This game is not only about complete items, is about small things like what I said above that will make you stronger than all, these health pots will always help you survive in lane phase, outdamage your enemies and end up being the STRONGEST till you get your first complete items to overpower them all completely, by playing with a start like that, you will secure having your items FASTER, yep, not sooner but FASTER, if you go and check out the stats while playing with our style of sites that got the average time that you getting your first, second and third item that will be compared with others, you will realize that the time that you got your items is not MORE but LESS than others!!

Its not magic, its just MATH that will make you have the best stats from early to full late game, while using the best combination of items-runes-champion skills!
But now let’s continue with your next items, our Mythic item that we will ALWAYS PLAY, no matter what, is going to be Eclipse the reason behind this is cause this item giving everything that Wukong needs, AD, Lethality, HEAL FROM DAMAGE (super important) but also an activate effect that will be combined INCREDIBLE good with your Wukong combos E-HIT-Q or E-HIT-HIT-Q (with PTA) build, or if you want to maximize the total damage the Q-E-HIT combo that will instantly activate everything while applying the armor reduction effect from your Q from the beginning of the fight!!
The item part that we will get first from Eclipse is always going to be Serrated Dirk the lethality from this item together with Sudden Impact will let you do bonus damage from the very early stages of the game and will help you dominate all!

After finishing Eclipse we will start building our next item that will always going to be Black Cleaver this item became even stronger now and it will give you stats that you wont believe, not only you will have AD, HP, Ability haste, but also 30% armor reduction effect (working incredible good with your Q)

While going towards our next core item that will be Edge of Night we will sell our first Doran’s blade and get Serrated Dirk its important to remember that we will NEVER SELL the other dorans items to buy parts, we will take it slow and sell it one by one as we go on with the next core items!
So the reason we are going for Edge of Night is cause this item will give you AD, Lethality, HP something that we for sure need with our build, cause we already got damage and we need a little more sustain, Black Cleaver and Edge of Night will give you more than enough HP to survive and outdamage all! Another incredible effect that you will get is a shield that will block one skill from the enemy champions, be it a simple CC or an entire R if they are not careful, this tool is going to be lifesaving especially while doing our full all in engage in the backline and that’s why we are going to focus on getting it 3rd item and not later!!

For 4th item you got some different options, we can start building Death's Dance that working incredible good with our passive, cause now the damage bleed effect that you are taking is PHYSICAL DAMAGE and not TRUE DAMAGE that it was, this small change is super important cause your passive giving you HP REGAIN and ARMOR making you have enough sustain as it is so you will reduce the damage that you will take with the item itself!
So you can go for Death's Dance and finish it, or buy Last Whisper to have the armor % penetration effect leave it like that and then start building and finish the Death’s dance first, overall both of these ways will give you the max possible damage that you will need!

For last item you got multiple choices:

1. As we said, cause of Last Whisper you can continue building the final item into Serylda's Grudge that will give you AD, %ARMOR Pen, ability haste and also the ability to SLOW THE TARGETS while damaging then with your skills, imagine having your R and slow the target and make him unable to escape, super powerful and useful item that will finish the Full Armor pen Wukong build and make you the strongest!

2. A completely different item, ignore the Last Whisper that I said above and if the team got lots of healing to go and bring in the game Chempunk Chainsword a heal reduction item that while damaging target below 50% hp will apply Grievous wounds for 60% (instead of 40%) that means you will REDUCE all type of healing (including regeneration) by 60%, making it a huge tool to have if you want a more team-help build type!

3. Another INSANE Option is Axiom Arc, this item will give you AD, Ability Haste, Lethality and one of the most game breaking effects, R CD REFUND per kill/assist, our Max Pen Wukong already focusing on having an insanely low CD for our R, with this item after getting only 1 kill you will able to use your R within 15 seconds AGAIN!

Also remember to ALWAYS buy Elixir of Wrath this will let you have an extra 15% physical damage to healing effect that will help you sustain and fight longer!

Overall no matter which item you will choose to finish, you will have enough damage to literally DELETE everything, the mythic item Eclipse together with the other 4 legendary items that we will buy, will give you bonus %Armor penetration as it is, that goes up to 12%, by combining all this with the example we had earlier you can understand that NOTHING will survive against you from now on!

Your Full Wukong Build should look like this:

Eclipse Black Cleaver Ionian Boots of Lucidity Edge of Night Death's Dance
Serylda's Grudge and Elixir of Wrath

Now that you finished understanding the runes and items you are ready to go and win all of your games with the best Wukong style ever!
As a Balorian you are ready to enjoy your FREE Wins!
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Different Match ups vs My Wukong's Build

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Season 13 Wukong vs Kled

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