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Wukong Build Guide by BaLoRi

Top diamond

My Full Lethality (Armor Penetration) & PTA Wukong Build

By BaLoRi | Updated on August 6, 2020
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Runes: Full Lethality Build Version

1 2
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor

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Top Lane
Ranked #3 in
Top Lane
Win 53%
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About Me

Hello everyone,

My nickname is BaLoRi, I am an Educational Content-Build Creator that I got 1 goal every single time. To create the MOST POWERFUL builds for each champion, that will give you the FREE ELO that you really want and rank up with your own skills in any DIVISION you want.

With this build you will have around 80% Win ratio at Iron to Gold Elo, 70% Win Ratio At Platinum Elo and 60-61% At Diamond-Challenger Elo!

Feel free to join me in our youtube Channel: & Twitch: for more BUILDS and GUIDES and join our Discord server for real time build creation: and reach any ELO you want!
Wukong with this build is easy, the only thing you need to do is to FOCUS on your farm, and care for Ganks. Poke is the key to victory! And with this build even the tanks wont be able to stand a chance vs you.

Nothing will stop you, nothing will win against you, they only thing they will ever feel is FEAR from your insane damage!

Pleased with the content? Feel Free to make any donations here

Hope to enjoy your Free Elo Boost!
Best regards.
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An introduction to Full Armor Penetration Build

With this build Wukong become a really strong late game Assassin/semi-Tank Champion. You will be able to deal PURE Damage To any Champion with your skills and Hits!

With Sudden Impact we now have the lethality needed to DESTROY THEM ALL, and Wukong might be the only champion that can activate it so many times, 5 seconds for E, another 5 second for W and then once again with E cause of the low cd late game!

The reason our build is so powerful is cause we simply combine everything we need to destroy them all, first your Crushing Blow will reduce the target by 30% your Black Cleaver will reduce it 24% MORE and what remaining it will go to ZERO or BELOW that with our Lethality and Armor Penetration from Lord Dominik's Regards

Lets have a detail EXAMPLE about this. Lets say that we got a target with 100 Armor and 3000 HP!
We will reduce the target's armor by 30% and 24% meaning the armor will remain 100 - 30% = 70 armor and another 70 - 24% = 53.2
Our armor penetration will then makes the armor of the target from 53.2 to 34.5 armor (35% armor penetration) and then cause of our Lethality that is 46 (in level 18 that means 46 armor pen) the target's armor will be -11.5 armor Now, what this -11.5 armor means FOR THE TARGET? The answer is that right now, instead of doing PURE DAMAGE you will do BONUS DAMAGE to the target. So if your example your ability, lets say your Cyclone doing MAX damage
200 + 110% AD (lets say we got 400) means 440 = 640 Damage per sec for total of 640x4 = 2560 damage thats the total damage that you can do from Cyclone to a target with ZERO ARMOR, but we got a target with -11.5 that means that we will do to the target bonus around 10%, so that means, simply as that we will do 2560 x 10% = 256 EXTRA damage with total damage from just ONE SKILL of 2816 and our Cyclone is a MULTI-TARGET skill that means you will apply this amount of damage to all of the 5 members of the enemy team if you do a good engage in a team fight!

Your Final Build will give you Lets see our final Build power here.
400+ AD, 46(+7 from Rune) Lethality And 35% Armor Penetration, 30% Tenacity and 15 lifesteal from your Physical damage from Death's Dance

Now you now why this build will ALWAYS BE by far the strongest that exist for this champion! Read below for the full explanation about items and enjoy your Free wins!
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Secret Behind Runes

With this build we focus on doing PURE DAMAGE with each skill and Each Hit!
Its time for our Full Lethality build Armor Penetration to reach the NEXT LEVEL!
We playing with the combination of Domination and Sorcery!

For Domination:

Electrocute This rune will give you extra BURST damage that is insanely big from Early game Till Full late game. Work perfectly with our
e-hit-q combo that will activate Electrocute after Sudden Impact and that means you will have BONUS Lethality while activating this rune that doing PHYSICAL damage as well!

Sudden Impact Each time you using your Nimbus Strike or Warrior Trickster you will activate Sudden Impact with this rune you will have bonus lethality to do even more damage than before, Wukong is one of the few champions that can actiavate this rune TWICE with his skills and if you play them right, you will have it activate for the entire team fight!
So we activate it with e-hit-
q combo, then activate it
once again after exiting w.
7 bonus lethality for 5 + 5 = 10 total seconds.

Eyeball Collection Bonus AD while killing a target or killing a word, super useful cause you will get for Free 18 AD at full stacks

Ultimate Hunter This rune is one of the MOST IMPORTANT Ones, as we all know, Wukong is about how good you can use your Cyclone so, after killing or taking assist from all 5 member of the enemy team you will now have 25% BONUS CDR for your Cyclone that means that in late game, your CD will be around 35 seconds! Making you a total MONSTER!

For Sorcery now:

Transcendence Gain 10% bonus CDR at your lvl 10 and also get bonus AD for the extra %CDR you got over the limit. That means that while in full build you will already got 10% bonus means = 12 AD. Also this rune will help having your 40% CDR faster than before!

Nimbus Cloak Cyclone Already giving you extra movement speed while using it. With Nimbus Cloak we will secure KILLING them all no matter if they use "flash" or not, cause the movement speed bonus that you will gain with the combination of these two is just INSANE! And it will make our ENGAGE to kill EASIER or our escape from a gank situation even more easier :D

And here you can see the Power and how the runes work for our PTA Wukong Build Version

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Secret Behind Items

Lets start with the Items and our Items Strategy. I come up with this build after hundreds of different combinations, to create this final build that cant lose vs ANYTHING and ANYONE!

You will always start with Doran's Blade and Health Pot its the most important item for our Build!

At your first back you will focus to have 900-1200 Gold, and you will buy 2 more Doran's Blade plus either Boots of Speed or Refillable Potion to add more Sustain.
People asking why you need 3 Doran's Blade? The answer is simple, cause we need HP, AD And Lifesteal to be able to sustain vs any laner. To have 24 AD, 240 HP and 9% lifesteal with only 900 gold (plus the 1 doran's blade from lvl 1) is INSANE!
And here is the Full Detailed explaination about our 3 Doran's blades by our friend Awesome:

EHP Calculation & Info
WuKong | Doran's Blade:
EHP generation of WuKong lvl1 with 0 items and 1x Doran's Blade +80hp.
As well as WuKong lvl5 with 0 items and 3x Doran's Blade +240hp.
- All Platforms include the equal EHP amount in Armor stats to compare the worth at all areas related to all units addable withstanding stats.
- Ofc cost and ItemTyp.

What's that?
Lets create a fictive lvl1 unit okay:
Health: 574 | ADr: 38 | APr: 32

Now incoming 574 damage would not kill this unit.
But the Healthbar show us the health of the unit?
Well the natural given and increasing resistance stats of that unit, reduces the actual incoming damage down.

So lets say at 730 incoming dmg, our unit dies.
This 730, is therefor your true actualy health against this DamageTyp.
This is called EHP.
A units true withstanding points.
E ffective H ealth P oints

EHP takes your BasicHealth+ ArmorTyps into account to calculate the units true withstanding number against all DamageTyps. EHP.

This said, lets go check WuKong
at lvl 1 with 0 items EHP
and WuKong lvl1 with 1x Doran's Blade added health stats, +80hp.
- Ready ?

WuKong EHP calculation lvl1:
0 items
HP: 577,8 (578) | ADr: 34 | APr: 32
AgainstAD: 774 EHP <~ True Health
AgainstAP: 763 EHP <~ True Health

WuKong lvl1 +1× Doran's Blade (+80hp):
HP: 657,8 (658) | ADr: 34 | APr: 32
AgainstAD: 882 EHP <~ True Health
AgainstAP: 868 EHP <~ True Health

/////EHP Difference//////

AgainstAD: 882 - 774 = +108 EHP not 80!
AgainstAP: 868 - 763 = +105 EHP
not 80!

Adding 80 raw health on lvl1 Wu Kong, actualy increases our withstanding vs both DmgTyps not by 80 points but by 108 & 105 .
Which is 28 & 25 withstanding points more as stated by items and healthbar.
The healthbar is only showing the BasicHealth of a unit.
Not it's true withstanding point.
A lie.
Only EHP enables to see behind the first wall of numbers to see the truth.

Let's go, check how much Armor and Mress we would need to add, instead raw health, to generate the equal amount of additonal EHP:

WuKong lvl1:
HP: 577,8 (578) | ADr: 34 | APr: 32
AgainstAD: +18,6 Armor to gain +108 EHP.
AgainstAP: +18,3 Mress to gain +105 EHP.

This means, adding on a lvl1 WuKong, +80 BasicHealth, is equal adding instead:
+ 18,6 Armor AND +18,3 Mress

Result 1× Doran's Blade:
+8 ADdmg [Damage]
+3% LifeSteal [StatsREgain]
+80 hp [Sustain]
which is equal adding:
(+18,6 Armor & 18,3 Mress)


Ready for the next turn?
Let's go!


Level 5 WuKong:
+3 Doran's Blade calculation.

WuKong lvl 5, 0 items
HP: 840,5 (841) | ADr: 44.8 (45)| APr: 36
AgainstAD: 1.217 EHP
AgainstAP: 1.143 EHP

WuKong lvl 5, 3× Doran's Blade (+240hp)
HP: 1.090,5 (1.091) | ADr: 45 | APr: 36
AgainstAD: 1.581 EHP
AgainstAP: 1.483 EHP

/////EHP Difference//////

AgainstAD: 1.581 - 1.217 = +364 EHP not 240!
AgainstAP: 1.483 - 1.143 = +340 EHP not 240!

Per Item EHP generation:

vsAD: 3 ÷ 364 = +121 EHP , not 108, not 80!
vsAP: 3 ÷ 340 = +113 EHP , not 105, not 80!

Hold on:
Watch again the numbers:
121 > 108 > 80

You see the UPscaling worth of EHP, the longer used on a unit.
SINCE your units BasicHealth and ArmorTyps increased natural over leveling up (×4), each Doran's Blade starts to generate MORE EHP.
The stats generation is expotential growing.
↗ UPscaling the longer it is used, and therefor increases it's own worth.

Let's go, check how much Armor and Mress we would need to add, instead +240 raw health, to generate the equal amount of additonal EHP:

WuKong lvl 5:
HP: 840.5 (841) | ADr: 44.8 (49) | APr: 36
AgainstAD: +43,3 Armor to gain also 364 EHP
AgainstAP: +40,4 Mress to gain also 340 EHP

Result 3× Doran's Blade:
+24 ADdmg [Damage]
+9% LifeSteal [StatsRegain]
+240hp [Sustain]
which is equal adding:
(+43,3 Armor & 40,4 Mress)

Bonus: 0


And this all for
3× 450





Doran's Ring and Blade are
Temporary_Items .
Tempo items are never bought.
The invested gold are Rent Fees!!
Temporary Items are made to fill empty slots .
[Remember the golden rule since Dota1:
An empty slot is a lost opportunity to add stats/power on a unit!
That's the job of Tempo items.]

SINCE we will 100% sell those items at a given point durring the match, we just currently invest gold and gain later parts from it back!

What are the true costs/rent fee now?

Doran's Blade:
1.350 - 540 = 810 gold truely invested as Rent Fee.
810÷3= 270 gold per Doran's Blade

Rent fee:
At match duration 20min, your first bought Doran's Blade truely cost:
per min 13,5 gold .
(1,5gold more/min as D'Ring)


If a player can manage to be
1 Minion ahead of the enemy
Per Doran's Blade,
he gains all stats for free.

After clearing all the details related to Doran's Blade, and why
keeping them as long as possible is more then worth by their expotential ↗ UPscaling EHP generation vs both DmgTyps as well as adding all needed stats on:

For such a low amount of true invested gold,...
We can by fact tell:
Doran's Items and DarkSeal, are the cheapes and most stats,
providing items for the early game phase and on top UPscaling into midgame.

I hope this should clear any aspects to your questions related to Doran's Blade.

At lvl 1 WuKong added Doran's Blade generated 111/105 EHP, can't be further reduced by ArmorPen then 80.
Raw added health, provides an auto blockading vs ArmorPen.
So at max -10 to -25% only possible to reduce the generated EHP. Compared to ArmorTyps stats added, which can be nulled by ArmorPen at certain situations.
So Doran's Items add a Armor pen Blockade to uphold it's own withstanding at minimum +75%.

Why we look at lvl1 and lvl5?
- Those are the keypoints Balori/Players are able to buy those items in general, and see their direct impacting InGame to the unit.


Our two following items will be Duskblade of Draktharr, then Serrated Dirk follow up by Black Cleaver, that means no bonus HP till we start building Black Cleaver so we need the 240 Bonus HP from Doran's Blade to be able to sustain in fights!

So with your Serrated Dirk and Black Cleaver you will have INSANE damage so early in game (with only 2 item finished) together with your 2 Doran's Blade you will have Damage-Lethality (Armor Penetration) (around 48) plus 30% Armor Reduction from your Crushing Blow Wukong and Armor Reduction from Black Cleaver, lfesteal-Health, everything that Wukong Need to dominate any lane vs any match up possible.

The combination of Duskblade of Draktharr and Serrated Dirk will give you so much Lethality (Armor Penetration) and Damage that you will be able to ONE SHOT ANYTING, Full Armor Tank or ADC. Together with the Electrocute when you doing your E-Hit-Q combo will activate it to add even more damage on top of yours.
To talk about number, just imagine that at level 10 if we have Duskblade of Draktharr we will doing an additional 115+115= 230 Physical damage with just Hit-W-Hit!

Then you will go for Black Cleaver it will give you what you need, Health, Damage, CDR and Armor Reduction.
After Black Cleaver finish up the Serrated Dirk into Edge of Night, this will be our 3rd item CORE for our ASSASSINATIONS. Edge of Night ban be cast while moving and it gives you a shield just like Malhazar passive. Together your Warrior Trickster you can activate then go invisible and go ALL IN at your enemy.
Then you will create Lord Dominik's Regards, it will give you %Amor PENETRATION and together with the other items you will have 46 Lethality And 35% Armor Penetration , at this point you doing PURE Damage to any Champion of the game.
As final item you can choose from the Following 3:
Death's Dance If you want to sustain almost everything!
Maw of Malmortius if your enemy team has full Ap, with this item you will have sustain and be able to hold at least 3 people together!
Guardian Angel if you need to Die for your team to do anything in the game.

So your FULL BUILD will look like this:
Edge of Night Duskblade of Draktharr Black Cleaver Lord Dominik's Regards Death's Dance Mercury's Treads

Or your Alter FULL BUILD to be able to hold all 5 together is:
Edge of Night Duskblade of Draktharr Black Cleaver Maw of Malmortius Death's Dance Mercury's Treads

Don't forget to buy Elixir of Wrath with this OP Elixir you wont die no matter who is your enemy! If you use the second build you will have 40% Physical damage life-steal when you doing your skills or hits! This means you will NEVER DIE, the reason is quite simple, we playing with Full Armor Penetration, what you doing is PURE DAMAGE so what you gaining back as life-steal is PURE % as well.
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Reason Behind My Spells

Lots of my Subs and followers from YouTube and social asking me "Why are you not playing with teleport TOP?"
and the answer is simple and i will give it to all of you as well.

Im playing always with Flash and Ignite Top, for the following reason, Teleport is a skill for any of players don't have enough confident in theirselves that they can DESTROY the enemy TOP laner.
Its as simple as that, Teleport can be used to Come back after a fast back or go to other lane and "Help" your team.
The reason all playing with Teleport is cause they want to find the "easy" answer behind the top lane "go help others and exp there", i cant judge them really, but if you really want to say yourself that you actually won the TOP Lane then you need to do it SOLO.

Destroy your enemy not only by killing him but also by making him build TOO MUCH ARMOR that he don't need.
All my tanky enemies building full ARMOR Items, cant do anything else cause if they wont they will just die from me over and over again.

TIP: Lots of you will think "but when my team need me i can teleport there", NO. You dont need to teleport there. You can be there by foot, or if you cant be there continue with the OBJECTIVES, push your lane destroy towers take Dragons with your jungler etc.
Almost every rush TP to help BOT or MID Lane end up by being all DEAD together with you.
Cause when you TP, you suddenly change the entire MAP Phase, you going somewhere where you will be 100% seen and they will try to either Dodge your skills or Kill you first.
So go by foot, and go from behind them by using the FOR OF WAR.

This is the entire strategy behind what i am always doing.
If you see my videos you will see that im right at what im saying above.

Use the Bush Fog to Engage with your Warrior Trickster a really strong skill that you can be invisible for 1.5 sec, with our build you will have speed from Duskblade of Draktharr and Skill Shield from Edge of Night so you will be able to reach your target really fast! But even if you cant reach it you can always Flash your way in the fight! And keep Warrior Trickster to dodge most of the damage when your ulti ends.
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