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Wukong Build Guide by Dangerfield

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dangerfield

My place is at the top! Wukong Guide

Dangerfield Last updated on January 19, 2012
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Hey it's me Dangerfield back again with a Wukong guide! I want to start off first by saying Wukong is an amazing champ, but alot of people don't recognize his greatness. He can be a very frustrating champ to lane against, but at the same time he is zoned out by alot of champs as well. This guide will help you become a better Wukong player by teaching you the art of going ape sh*t all over your opponents!

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Pros / Cons

Easy to use champ
Great Harass
Nice burst damage early,mid,late game
Late game you can pull some Udyr-esque multi kills if played correctly.

Outzoned by alot of champs
Decoy's cool down
Needs to be farmed decently to reach his full potential
Screwed if the other team is CC/AOE heavy

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9x Armor pen reds
8x Flat armor yellows
x4 warding(flat mres)
x5 shielding(per lvl mres)
x2 armor pen quints
x1 mov speed quint

This is pretty standard on most Wukong builds. Some people to do all 9 glyphs of either resist, but with Wukongs passive you get a little of both and it will protect you early and late game. Also some people like getting dodge runes for your yellows, and you can but I like having my armor.

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For Masteries I go 0/21/9 for a more tanky Wukong. With a few points in Utility to reduce time when your dead, increase mana regen, exp, and monster buffs(blue,red,baron). Now moving on to skill sequence.

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Skill Sequence

Nimbus Strike(E)

Some people like starting Q first to last hit minions, but I prefer putting a point in E first, because it has three uses. First, getting triple cash shots on minions and to have a semi ranged attack to poke enemies with, and 3rd for the attack speed increase.


Next I usually level up W. This allows to be cheap as hell against the enemy especially if they don't have any AOE damage. You use Nimbus Cloud(E) to fly in and attack and then immediately W and run back either toward your ally or into the brush(if you are solo lane). This allows you to farm and whenever they feel frisky throw out that combo and make them back off.

Crushing Blow(Q)
Very nice skill as well! Lowers armor pen by 30(%?) I hear its bugged, so you don't do the damage you could, but its still useful. Charge this still up, dash in with Nimbus Strike, auto attack until the attack speed buff is gone then Decoy to make your escape!

This is a great ultimate, but not for its damage. You have the ability to disrupt whatever the other team is trying to do. Say there is a Malzahar on your support or squishy mage. Dash in with Q,E then pop Cyclone to disrupt it and chase him away if not destroy him completely. Then use Decoy to kind of roam around and select your next target to Q,E(try to pick an already low target).

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Play Style

I'm surprised there aren't more of these on this site. Since every champ has a certain way they play. Wukong doesn't really fight like any other champs. Maybe the two most similar that come to mind are Lee Sin and Le Blanc. If I had to compare his style to a real life discipline, it would be fencing. Wukong dashes in for a burst does he damage and the decoys out. He can't really afford to sit there an auto attack early game. He lacks the damage, defense, and hp.

Because of this style he can go mid lane against a few champions. Examples are Ashe, Cait, Galio, Gragas,and maybe even annie or cass if you feel that confident in your skills. You just farm and get your cash shots in and when they blow their ranged attacks try to dash in with a Q,E combo and decoy back to the minions to farm.

Once you hit lvl 6 you can go in for the kill. Get them to about half HP don't charge Q so they have time to run away. E first then Q then Ult finish them off with ignite, auto attacks and another E if possible. If they flash away, that sucks, but atleast you got them to recall and you are free to farm for a bit so you can get your philo and boots asap. Just be sure to watch out for ganks since you will have extended quite a bit towards their turret.

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Summoner Spells

I usually go with Ignite, Flash.

Exhaust, Flash also works pretty well.

I've seen a few Wukong players replace flash with ghost and it's better for Decoy escapes, but Flash is overall the better choice for escaping danger.

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Creeping / Jungling

Pretty much every char in League of Legends CAN jungle, but thats not saying they all should. Wukong is one of those that shouldn't. He doesn't have great early game damage/dps/life steal/tankiness to jungle well. Also traditionally you want your jungler gank lanes and Wukong is pretty average at that compared to like Lee Sin, WW, amumu.

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I start with mana regen and 2 mana and hp pots. Wukong has mana problems early and this will solve it. You can buy more hp pots if you wish, but once you get use to starting this way 2 of each should do just fine. On your first back upgrade to philo stone, and ninja tabi boots. If you have enough cash grab life steal scepter as well. Next I usally get Atmas followed by Warmoogs. Then Black Cleaver or Blood Thirster. Lastly I get Triforce, a lot of builds have you rushing this, but for the cost I dont think its worth it 30 damage, sheen proc, and 25% to slow. compared to the sustain of being tanky early rushing Atmas with the scepter.

If you find yourself still taking a lot of AD damage you'll want to switch out Atmas for a thornmail, because even if you have 4k health the moment they start doing 350+ damage to you the 30% reflect from Thornmail(plus 55 more armor) > 2% damage increase from Atmas.

Now let me go into a bit more detail into each item.


Combined with the philo stone, scepter, and boots Atmas will make you a bit tanky plus keep you competitive in the damage department. Pluse once you start adding hp building your warmoog's you're still increasing your damage such great synergy between these two items.

Simply for survivability HP and HP regen which also increases your damage for atmas.

Black Clever:

On Wukong this is a GREAT item to counter heavy AD/Tanky dps teams, because it has great synergy with his Q(debuffs armor by 30%) and E(increases attack speed). Once you have this combined with the Atmas and Warmogs you have a pretty good chance to burst down champs like pantheon/xin in one combo(with ult)

Blood Thirster:
Well you've been carrying around that scepter all game, now time to turn it into a BT! This just adds more damage to your tanky build. Life steal is never a bad thing on an AD champ and after a battle instead of recalling you could just chop down a few wolves or wraiths.

Trinity Force:

This is the perfect item to end your build with. Gives you 30(+5 from atmas passive) damage ability power which will make your Decoy hit slightly harder(every little bit helps). It also gives you 15% crit, 30% atk speed, and 12% move speed.

Note: IF you get this far into the game you might want to switch your boots to Berserker's Greaves or Merc Treads if they have stuns/slows that are annoying you. With the greaves added to your build, you're talking 85% attack speed alone from your items, then add another 40% from Nimbus Strike(max lvl). In other words 125% atk speed for 4 seconds. Now pair that with another AD champ that has Starks Fervor(which has synergy with ALL of your gear)....Wukong will have 145% attack speed, 35% life steal, and 75.5 hp regen per 5seconds(assuming you have a maxed out warmoogs)

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Team Work

Wukong is a great team player, saving team mates with his Ult. Juking enemeies for escapes or leaving decoys in bushes for ganks. With this build in particular, if there is another AD champ on the team and they have a Starks Fervor ....god help the other team. Wukong will attack soooo fast and have so much damage and life steal he'll be almost unkillable. Mix that in with a slow proc from the triforce and it'll be like skarner+more damage and armor debuffs.

Top 3 lane partners(imo).

Kennen: With kennen you have great AP damage combined with another unbreakable Ult.

Galio: His ult taunts enemeies and holds them in place. While it can be broken, if they lack stun/CC, or if you time your ult right you'll ensure his damage and yours.

Orianna: Two disruptive ults with nice damage, and her shield and speed buff make you a very deadly duo.

Honorable Mention(s):

Garen: let him get a few tanky items and ask him to get stark's fervor. It will provide nice stats for him and the rest of the melee in the group.

Te emo:

Use these 3 as invisible aura machines. Ask them get starks fervor and coordinate ganks.