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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tehpoch

my way of playing anivia

Tehpoch Last updated on January 3, 2011
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So i will explain how i play anivia who i think is one of the best mages of the moment because she is useful in all ways. The only problem is that anivia can be useless if she hasnt good champions with her, i mean that anivia does not work well with some other champions.

I)Summoner spells :

(icon=Flash) : this is the more useful spell for anivia, it gives possibilities to avoid ganks and it creates opportunities to gank others. Futhermore it gives a chance of surprise.

(icon=Ghost) : I began to use this spell after using ignite and i think that this spell is more usefull, it gives a better survivability and it permits to chase after an ennemy because anivia is slow.

II) Spells of anivia :
((Flash Frost)) : i use this spell just as a stun, to engage and do damages with frostbit, this spell is easily avoidable with boots.
((Crystallize)) : A very useful spell that permits you to gank an ennemy cutting down his back.
((Frostbite)) : The main spell of anivia, this is where come from all the damages. It permits a great harass.
((Glacial Storm)) : Combinating with frostbite is very devastating, including the slow.

III) Items :
Core items :
(icon=Rod of Ages) (icon=Mejai's Soulstealer)(icon=Archangel's Staff)(icon=Zhonya's Ring)
I use those items that i think is the best combo for anivia at the beginning, giving survivability and mana, the only problem could be the lack of AP but mejai is here to supress this problem if you gank well and play safe.

Optionals items :
(icon=Abyssal Scepter) (icon=Banshee's Veil)(icon=Frozen Heart)
Those optionals items can be take depending of the ennemies, abyssal scepter if there are too many magic resistance, banshee if you are taking too much damages cauz of spells and frozen heart gives extra mana and survivability against AD champions.
You can also take items to have some CDR, it can be useful too, giving you the possibility to make a lot of damages in a few times, but Anivia costs a lot of mana so you will need to back or to take blue buff more often.

Explanation of my items :
1]So for the items, i use to go for a Catalyst to have some survivability, and each time you level up it gives you the opportunity to last a little longer on the lane, anivia lacks of health so its good for her and can permit you to live a little longer if the jungler comes to help
2]Then i go for Sorcerer's shoes (Or boots of swiftness but i prefer the additional damages) to chase your ennemy because flash frost can be easily avoidable and because anivia is slow, it permits you to avoid dangerous situations.
3]Then i go for Tear of the Godess, because anivia needs a lot of mana, it gives extra mana and mana regeneration. Futhermore i go later for the archangel, so its better to take the extra mana in early game than in late game.
4]Then i go Mejai, that is unusual but actually, anivia does a lot of damages so she uses to kill someone and mejai is a good quality/price for that.
5]Then i go for Rod of ages for more survivability and some AP. This item is totally needed.
6]Then Archangel for the AP, it gives 25mana regeneration, with the runes i use, i got a lot of mana regeneration and i can last longer, futhermore archangel gives about 100AP in total so this item is really great for anivia.
7] To finish i go for Zhonya for the final addition of AP. This item permits you to consideraly increase your amount of AP and gives you the opportunity to survive 2sec more, the time your allies come or i dont know.
8]The last 2items depend of what team you are playing against, but actually i didnt use to have more items than that because i use to buy elixir of brilliance each time i can and cauz the game doesnt last that long.

Conclusion for the items :
I use to not change my build order because i think it gives everything i need against all the time, but its sure that sometimes other items are more useful.

IV) Runes :
((Greater mark of insight)) : it gives extra damages at the beginning, and i didnt find better runes for mark.
((Greater mark of clarity)) and ((Greater quintessence of regeneration)) : Anivia uses a lot of mana, and if you have a jungler in your team, you need to have those 2runes of regeneration to help you staying longer on lanes. Futhermore anivia cant take the blue buff until level 7 using all her mana, si it gives the possibility to stay longer while harrassing the ennemy.
((greater glyph of focus)) : That is my play, i use to play malzahar too and i use those runes by mistake but it helps a lot to gank at the beginning cauz you can use flash frost more often, without that spell you like naked under level 6. Then it permits you to use 2 or 3times frostbite when you use a good flashfrost, your ulti and a well used icewall.

V) How i play anivia :
Early game :
So in the beginning, try to last hit mobs, then level two, begin to harass the ennemy with A then E i used to use A at level 1 because with the mana regeneration i have, im full mana when i come to level 2. Level 4, take the wall, its very useful to save yourself or to block the ennemy. I used A just as a stun, because he is easily avoidable when people have boots. When you are lvl 6 begin to harass with R and E your ennemy and with the wall. When you are low life and oom, around lvl 6 or 7 if you dont have back you should be oom, stay under your tower until you can, except if you lost your egg, play safe,try to not waste your egg and back when you have 925 for the catalyst, it will gives survivability, it will permit you to get blue buff and to stay a little longer at each level up. At lvl 7 when you have frostbit lvl 4, go for a gank if your ennemy doesnt harass you too much, but dont let your ennemy attack too much your tower. Then goes for the sorcerer boots, anivia is slow and need them to chase and to use his wall and ulti more efficiently, it gives you additional damages, so its very needed. Futhermore with the slow of your ulti, you will be able to attack more often your ennemy. Then goes for Tear of godess, you will need mana regeneration and extra mana, Anivia is really efficient around lvl 8 when other are around lvl 5, frostbit does a lot of damages, and ulti and icewall have a great control with the stun. Take mejai when you can and then play safer to keep your stacks, buy elixir of brilliance when you can, it gives CDR and extra AP for a low price, your R gives you a great opportunity to farm, with blue buff you will be able to farm a lot minions.

Mid game :
]Its time to go for AP now, you will earn money by farming or by killng ennemy, you should begin to play in team and to not go solo, anivia is easily gankable if you fail using your stun and wall, finish rod of ages for the AP and then the Archangel for more AP. You will begin to do a lot of damages and you will be really annoying for them so they will go for you first, you shouldnt go first in a fight, your egg wont help you a lot, but Anivia becomes weaker and weaker the further the game goes on, so you need to finish it the faster you can, whereas a carry who him will become more and more powerful.

End game :
To finish, take zhonya to have a lot of AP, play in team, you will be of a good help with your stun, your ulti and your wall, if you use them well, you can change a teamfight by separating your ennemies, stunning the carry etc. But you need to stay behind, you are easily gankable.
After you can buy the items you want to, i usually dont have the times to go for others items. You can take survivability items or more AP. Its how you want to play her, but i use to go for more AP, at this time, 600more hp does not change a lot of things when you dont have armor or magic resistance.