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Nami Build Guide by Cristiana7

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cristiana7

Nami Full Support Guide S4 Updated!

Cristiana7 Last updated on January 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi! I hope you enjoy my first guide! My name is Cristiana and I play LoL for quite some time now and I wanted to do a guide for one of my favorite Champions!
If you don't want to read ALL the details you can jump to the conclusion and see the guide of Nami Support on Youtube. You can still see it at the end to see some tactis I use!

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Pros / Cons


> Aqua Prison is landed right can be the best escape or prision you have;
>Provides tons of poke and slow with Tidecaller's Blessing;
>You can use Ebb and Flow to heal + damage at the same time;
>Amazing CC with Tidal Wave and it covers half the lane;
>All her abilities give movement speed to alies.

<She's really squishy;
<Certain difficulty in hitting
<Cooldowns are long;
<It's easy to waste Tidal Wave for nothing;
<Gets time to get used to.

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Greater Quintessence of Gold were my first choice because supports (normally) don't farm and you can have at most 1 or 2 deaths (normally by accident as well). This will never help you so your runes can. Of course now with the new season you have also more items to help you with that.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist gets really usefull if you are facing other ap supports like Sona or Janna and you want to poke their adc. (Don't forget that if you face someone like corki this can be helpfull as well).

Greater Seal of Armor is pretty simple to understand: you're facing an adc and if they poke a lot you need to reduce their damage as much as possible, because when you poke them you can expect basic hits as well.

Greater Mark of Mana Regeneration will boost your mana regeneration at the early parts...because if you want to poke with Nami a lot you will need this, late game you can buy the new items from the new season because they give quite a lot of mana regen now.

I chose this runes but you can change them of course because every situation is a different one, if you face an adc and a support that dont give magic damage at all you can just take more armor runes instead of magic resist for example. It's really up to how you play and feel comfortable with it. And you don't need to have the full 9 runes of the same one if you think something it's missing you can add a few diferent ones.

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Summoner's Spells

Well Flash works for all champions actually and normally everyone takes it, besides it gives you the opportunity of escaping or chasing enemies. Noramlly I use it to escape because Nami doesn't have a very effective escape way so this can actually release her from desperate situations and of course you won't feed your enemy!

Exhaust comes really handy for tons of supports, you can use it if even after all the pokes and spells the enemy is still alive and almost dying for example (because you have long cooldowns anyway) or if you don't land your Q correctly, otherwise you may not need it because you have plenty of slows and movement speed bufs.

Heal will be the solution I give you if you don't take Exhaust, it can be a life saver if your adc has been stun, poisoned, ignited, etc...and your W is on cooldown.

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For masteries I run 0/9/21, since this season brought us some nice changes along with it. You can also try to put more on defense and less on utility but utility is the most important part because YOU are the support, so you need to bring something for your team and with 21 in utility you'll be able to keep up with them without farming or killing.
I focus especially in reducing cooldown (it is a big problem in Nami) get some movement speed and improve gold and the wards (which is practically what keeps you alive).
I didn't go for mana regen with Meditation because I use the runes for it and with that i can substitute with other things.

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Her passive Surging Tides helps a lot with running or catching up with enemies and that is pretty much it.
Her Q Aqua Prison basically stuns the target for a short duration and damages him.

Try to take control of those blind spots like grass and behind rocks (jungle is really important) because you can go to those spots and use your "invisibility" to your advantage, which means land your Q because them can't see you so they won't expect it.
If they are running try to hit where you think they will pass through, you know calculate a little bit the speed they are going and the time it takes for landing Q (if you land it on the right champion you can make your team win the teamfight).
Her W Ebb and Flow Sends a stream of water that bounces back and forth between allied and enemy champions damaging enemies and healling allies.

Don't spent your W if you don't have at least 1 allie and 1 enemy in range, because the cooldown is a little long and there is no use in spaming it for nothing (unless your allie is runing and you're not sure if an ignite or something like that will kill him). Be careful when choosing who you hit first with W if you hit allie or enemy (if you hit first enemies you'll hit 2 but if you hit an allie you'll heal 2 and maybe yourself). And if your allie is chasing the enemy and you stay behind use W on allie so you'll speed him up and slow the enemy afterwards (if bounces effectively).
Her E Tidecaller's Blessing empowers an allied champion until they have attacked 3 times (or 6 seconds). During this time their basic attacks deals bonus magic damage and slows the target hit.

This is basically an exhaust that keeps being used. Use it to help your adc with extra damage or warn him that he has a "pass" for going forward or even take a turret down faster. Don't forget of the speed boost because it can save you or an allie as well.
Her R Tidal Wave Summons a BIG wave outward from Nami's position, briefly knocking up enemies that it comes in contact with and slowing them.

You can use this as the perfect engage especially if you use it from somewhere they(enemies) can't see because they won't expect it. This can even hit them from a nice distance so you don't need to be on top of them.

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I normally start with this items:
The biscuit is free thanks to the masteries and the Warding Totem is free as well because it came with the new season AND you have one proper space for it!.
Faerie Charm will help a bit with mana regen especially because I dont have that in my masteries. And the Vision Ward is just important so you can help your teammate to survive and destroy others' wards with it to allow ganks from your jungler.

Or I start with this as an alternitive:

The Greater Lens will come in hand if you actually now for sure there will be a ward in the place, as for the potions is up to you the quantity you take, because it depends on who you're facing in the lane. With help of Alchemist from the masteries potions are more helpfull now and allows you to take more wards which means you'll stay longer in lane.

With all this said we will proceed to Core Items and Ending Items:

Gives you the limit number of wards you can post so it you take this you'll spend a LOT LESS money in wards and you can only put up to 3 in the actual game (besides this refreshes when you go to the base, so you carry wards throught all the game).

boots of licidity or Boots of Mobility You can only have one so choose wisely. There is no point in having more than 40% Cooldown Reduction so if you get eventually items that provide you that you should go with the mobility boots, if you see that you can escape well and have items with mobility as passive (or active whatever) go for the CD boots.

This will end your problems with mana regin and will give you some nice amount of money (and if you have a really good adc or farm in your team you'll be pretty much rich. You can add CDR if you get after (and probably avoid to have to buy the CD boots).

There is another alternitive to this item which is this gives less mana regen (but still a nice amount) more gold and instead of the CDr you'll have AP. This may be better if you want to get more agressive or buy faster but it's up to you and how you play.

Although you will have more than enough in mana regen with the last item, this may be pretty usefull to help, even SAVE, someone, since it gives HP based on % and removes all stuns or debuffs.

The item gives some nive amount of magic resist and mobility so can be helpfull. (+slows the enemies after finding them - walkingn ward)

Normally I leave one free space so I can buy pinks or elixir and put or use when I want but if your team has been warding the map as well you may buy another usefull item not only for yourself but also for the team (gives armor).

You can choose to go more agressive by taking more AP for example with or and you may encounter some problems like having too much AD champions in your team and the enemy team builds way more armor in this case you can go for . You may face item changes because it will always depend in who is part of your team and who you're facing.

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Team Work + Warding

As for warding you will also face diferent situations and it depens how many turrets you have or they have and what part of the jungle is already done (you won't ward the baron if it was done already bacause it takes ages before he comes again).
For now i'll leave you with just some images i found (and agreed) of places to put wards BUT i'll make a video explaining how to ward depending on the situation! (and post here of course).

For the bottom lane:
For entire Map:
(If you're coming from purple side you just need to reverse the process).

As for pairs and team work

Good lane partners are those who can follow up well with your Aqua Prison with either a large burst of damage or some CC.

For really good burst:

For really good CC chains:

Nami can be played both agressive or passive is up to the partner you have as well if he's agressive and passive as well.
You can also think some champions that could really benefict from your Tidecaller's Blessing like:

Nami will be a great support especially if she is landing with an adc that has slows or stuns or debuffs themselves.

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Facing other Supports

Coming Soon!

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I've playing Nami for quite a while now and I do enjoy to play with her a LOT. She's a really good support but usually she doesn't receive the attention she deserves. I've seen people saying that Nami is useless just because they had someone that supported them (as Nami) and was terrible or because they played her once and was a disaster. I leave you a video also made by me, it's Nami's Guide (especially if you dont want to read all that's written back there) and remember even if you read you should see the video it has some tactis used by me (helping, warding, etc). Enjoy!

P.S there is an overall support guide I've made if you want to check it...also did with Nami althought I will remake it.