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Nasus Build Guide by Soul Stalking

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soul Stalking

Nasus In Depth Guide

Soul Stalking Last updated on October 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Nasus guide, this guide can help you be on your way to farming like the other gods around you. Nasus is a great farming champ with his Q ability,Siphoning Strike, as killing a minion with it grants you 3 stacks, and 6 stacks for killing a champion,big minion,or the big Monsters in the jungle. Stacks increase your Siphoning Strikes damage, as your siphoning strike does 100% of your Attack Damage as well as 100% of your stacks. Try to kill as much things as you can with your Q since it will help in the late game. Nasus is one of the best late gamers since he can stack the whole game, but you may ask yourself why not just build damage if Q does 100% of it all? Well since getting stacks makes your Q gain more damage and late game your Q can half health the ADC's and APC's if you can farm correctly, so you will wanna get tanky so that you can survive and let your Q do all the damage. Your Q makes the next "basic attack" do the bonus damage, so items with on-hit effects are great such as the Tri-Force or Iceborn Gauntlet. The Tri-Force is the only damage item Nasus needs to do damage if he can farm correctly. So when playing Nasus the key is to really farm most of the game and get uber tanky with a Tri-Force, as it will doo 200% of your Attack Damage as bonus damage with your Q making the sheen perfect for nasus.

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You will always max your Q, UNLESS its someone like Teemo top that will deny you farm all game, so you may ask yourself how could I beat Teemo if I rely on farming? Well fear not Riot made Nasus so that he can do something about annoying little Teemo's. So if you are laning against someone (Teemo) simply take Q at lvl 1 like normal as Teemo will most likely take his E first, then take your E and he will probably take his Q to deny you farm, but instead of maxing Q against Teemo your going to max your E and pick up a Doran's Ring or two. Thats right AP, Nasus's E scales with AP so if you max your E and grab a lil bit of AP and hit Teemo with it you'll do MAJOR DAMAGE to that lil squirt. Ap Nasus is a thing even, it's been known to half health squishes as well, but its not nearly as good.

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Now this has been my Nasus guide, i've used this build since i've started playing Nasus and it's only failed me one time and thats when I was newer to the game, not even level 30 yet, but i've always liked this build and since it has literally been my go-to build when playing I thought i'd share this with others.

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