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Nautilus Build Guide by SarN

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SarN

Nautilus - New Hidden OP Jungle

SarN Last updated on July 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome everyone

This is my version of a Nautilus build.

I've tried a bunch of different ways to build him like: AP, support-ish and pure tank, without amazing results.

With time though I made this build, and he quickly became my favorite champion.

I'll try and explain the thought-process behind the build, but I'll leave out the general jungling advice, as there are plenty of generic jungle guides for that.

I generally tend to skip through the "wall-of-text" guides, so I've made this as much to the point as I can..

I have recently changed the build up abit, see the items section for more :)

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Pros / Cons


Very fast jungle clear - one of the fastest
Godlike ganks
Too tanky to focus
Too damaging and distruptive to ignore


Somewhat easily counter-jungled (Needs his first blue)
Weak dualist (Needs his team)

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Seals (Armor) - Standard for jungling really

Marks (AtS) - Basicly Nautilus does his damage, when his shield is up. So we want as many attacks as possible in that time.

Glyph (CDR) - Helps with those pesky CDs

Quints (Movement) - Allways nice as a jungler. Reduces jungling times. Also, if you get to walk up to a champion and hit them with your passive, it's pretty much a sure kill.


Glyph (MR) - Allways a good choice! - TY poes

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Basicly put, this gives you all the talents you need for Nautilus, without sacrificing much of anything.

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Currently I feel that CC jungles is the way too go. Basicly because the current income of the jungle is very low it is very benificial to run GP/10 items.
However these items generally don't work well with carry jungles.
This is why I changed this up abit.

A usual build usually looks something like this:

How to get there.....-ish:

I start off with Boots and 3 x pots. I don't see any reason to start anything else, as you won't loose much health in jungle after level 3.

Start off by getting for GP/10. Good regen and health. Gotta love it

A quick Giant's belt serves two purposes. Apart from obviously making you more tanky, it also boots your W, and as I said earlier you do great damage with that up.

Next finish your boots and finish your Warmogs. Basicly for the same reasons as above.
At this point you will be VERY tanky, and still do nice damage.

Basicly because your W does alot of on-hit damage, and you have AtS Runes, you can rush Warmog's, leaving you tanky and scary all at once!

But as if they aren't scared of you yet, let's go ahead and build a Wit's end. Basicly this is all the damage you need throughout the game. You will melt healthbars with your W active.

This would be a good time to finish up Shurelya's, as teamfight should be popping left and right

So now we are looking to beef up.

Take a look at their team, and figure out what you need to counter.

ADs fed? Build Randuin's Omen

AP fed? Build Abyssal or Force of Nature

If it's a regular game, it generally works to build your Warden's mail, then Negatron cloak, and then finish them both.

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Staggering Blow

This is a very simple, yet very effictive passive. Does what it says really; makes your first hit hurt, and roots your opponent for 1 second.

Dredge Line

Nautilus trademark abilty. Will throw his giant*** anchor as a skillshot, hooking the first target or terrain it hits, pulling the two together.

Tip: If you are sure to land a Dredge Line, be sure to step back and hit at max range, for the longest pull range. Works well when getting people out from under a tower.

Titan's Wrath

Gotta love this!
This basicly gives you a shield. And while that shield is up, you do AoE damage and hit like a truck. What's not to love?
I want to point out that this DOES stack with AtS, as the DoTs first tick applies instantly every time you attack.

Tip: This resets your swing timer. So use it just after a autoattack for maximum DPS.


Not much to say about this really.
AoE slow, good for ganks, fantastic for keeping bruisers of your carries in a teamfight

Depth Charge

This will give your opponent plenty of "OH ****"-moments.
This is amazing for ganks, and so so distruptive in teamfights.
You can catch and focus a carry easy with this.

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Jungling / Ganking


My usual route is:

Wolves -> Blue Golem -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Red Lizard -> Double Golems -> Wraiths -> Wolves

After doing double Golems, you will be lvl 4 and in a strong position to gank. Look for an opening!

I mostly stick to my own jungle and ganking, since his dueling is pretty weak.
Ofc safe counterjungling is allways encouraged.


A perfect gank is where you are able to walk up to the opponent and tag them with your passive. After that you put on your W, and hit E, slowing the target. When that is about to fade, you hit him with your ult.
All this time you will be saving our Q, in case he flashes.

But this doesn't happen too often.

The usual ganks you will initiate with your ult, then walk up and hit them with your passive. Activate W, and E. And again saving your Q for escapes.

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I wont stay on this too long.

But if you are playing with a friend, you should try a combo with a nuker.

You have ALOT of CC as Nautlitus, letting your DPS explode any opponent.

It won't help any of you, if you just CC without any damage.

Good ADs:

Good Toplaners:

Good Mids:

Basicly anyone with burst... So most mid champions will do VERY well with Naut.

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Feel free to send me your results :)

SarN Nautilus Games

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