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Nautilus Build Guide by AhsMagicMan

Support Nautilus the aggresive support tank

Support Nautilus the aggresive support tank

Updated on May 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AhsMagicMan Build Guide By AhsMagicMan 2 9 12,058 Views 5 Comments
2 9 12,058 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AhsMagicMan Nautilus Build Guide By AhsMagicMan Updated on May 22, 2013
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So Nautilus is a champ i feel is a bit underrated. All his built in crowd control makes him a amazing support as he can slow and stun the enemy team in laning phase to help the carry secure plenty of kills as well as be tanky enough to zone the enemy to allow your carry to farm. And in late game team fights hes a amazing initiator and can wreck havoc with all his crowd control.
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I go with full health runes to maximize your overall tankiness and sustain as well as fully benefit titans wrath.
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The defensive masteries allow for higher sustain as well has improving your titans wrath. The Summoners wrath improves your exhaust and ghost and improved recall because i find it overalll quite useful.
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The items I use for Nautilus are to help complement his natural tankiness and built in crowd control. I Start with 3 health pots and boots of speed because naut is just so slow and the pots are to help early game lane sustain. I usually upgrade these to boots of mobility for the movement speed witch can help you run down a carry and cc them to death or escape. Ninja tabi or Ionain Boots are also good options for the armor and or cool down reduction. I usually get the alacrity enchantment if i have the gold and desire for increased movement speed. The frozen mallet is usually my first item for the health and also its slowing passive witch along with nauts passive makes your basics a rooting slowing death sentence. Liandrys Torment also is a amazing item on naut because it gives health and you can take full advantage of its passive since all your abilities have of form of cc including your basics with the passive and frozen mallet. The sunfire cape is the last health item get for the health and armor and the passive is nice too (its actualy has gotten me a few kills since you can get so upcose and personal with dredgeline.) The rest of the items are sitional depending if your against a ad or ap team.
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Skill Sequence

So dredgeline is always the first skill you get but the last one to max out. The use of the skill is not the damage it does but the pull and suppressing effect it has on enemies. It has secured many a pre-creep first blood for me and my carry. Unlock riptide next as this is your main damage dealig ability and it also slows enemies. It can also be used in the middle of a creep wave to allow your carry to one shot all the creeps for a easy farm. Next get titans wrath for your shied plus additional damage over time effect when the shield is active. Unlock your ult as you can. Max out riptide first, followed by titans wrath and dredge line last since like earlier stated you just want the pull. A good combo is a dredge line suppresing the enemy titans wrath so your attacks do bonus damage hit with a basic to root them and put in some damage and riptide so they take damage and are slowed as they try t escape hitting all rings of the explosion also allowing you and the carry to pump damage into them a exhaust will slow them further if they somehow survived that and the popup from your ult will undoubdtly ensure the kill.
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I usually go with exhaust/ghost on naut because the exhaust can help secure some kills and ghost over flash because of nauts slow nature can help you escape or run someone down to cc them to death.
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Unique Skills

Its nice to know that naut is a tank with nothing but crowd control. From the pull and suppression of the dredge line to the stacking slow from riptide and pop up and stun from the ult. (Witch btw is inescapable if you target someone with the ult it will follow them down event through terrain.) Even your basics have a root ability. The shield from titans wrath protects a flat amount plus a percentage of your health it allows youto harass enemys without taking much damage and tank towers if needed. also can help when towerdiving for a kill.
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Team Work

Naut is a amazing support and with a carry with lots of cc can be a death sentence in bottom lane. Ashe and Anivia are my two personal favorite carrys to support. The slows and cc ensure that no one can play aggressively against you and make it out of a conflict. his natural tankiness allows him to meat shield your squishy carrys the slows from riptide can hep insure a gank from the river isn't successful. In late game team fights his tankiness allows him to draw heat from the squishies and the cc can ensure escapes for your allies or yourself and keep enemys from doing the same. You can force a initiation when they are not quite ready for one with dredgeline and use it to keep enemys in your teams moshpit of death.
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Naut is my favorite champion now and i feel he is a rarely mention but game changing support. My personal best game with him witch I unfortunately no longer have photo proof so you'll have to take my word for it is 11/3/33. I guess this about sums up my guide its my first one and id like to be able to thank anyone who took the time to read it my summoner name is AhsMagicMan and feel free to message me if there's anything you feel i should have covered or any suggestions. I have just recently begun ranked play and at this time am still being positioned in my provisional matches and in normal games i have 167 wins to 144 losses.
League of Legends Build Guide Author AhsMagicMan
AhsMagicMan Nautilus Guide
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Nautilus the aggresive support tank

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