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Talon Build Guide by Razorfur

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Razorfur

Needs more damage..

Razorfur Last updated on April 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone at Mobafire, this is my first build and only build that I plan on posting so here you go. After playing Talon both pre and post nerf I find this build maximizes his abilities and damage output as a bursty assassin.

This build ONLY works well if they have some squishy people on their team although you can still burst down tanks quite a bit.

I will get some screencaps of my end game stats with this build sometime soon.

(This guide is horribly written and I will try to edit it sometime sorry ahead of time.)

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Pros / Cons


    Can easily down any squishy in one use of skills
    Ultimate is almost always up and people don't expect it
    Very high damage output

    Needs blue buff to use abilities more often due to nerf
    Sometimes easily shut down
    Needs squishy people on enemy team for this build to be fully viable

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Due to his high mana usage his farming is quite bad early game since you should be saving your skills to harass the enemy champions in your lane else you will be out of mana just trying to farm creeps. This is why I suggest trying to get blue buff at some point in time around level six and whenever possible so you can farm a bit more easily.

Rake is your best way of clearing waves and harass so if you're going to use an ability use .

Late game DON'T be afraid to use his ultimate to clear waves since the cooldown on it is quite low.

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During lane phase you're going to eventually need to poke at the enemy people in your lane. Slowly taking out chunks of their health with W while farming early game is great. However eventually his isn't going to be enough and you'll want to put out more damage. When you are for sure you will be able to kill them Cutthroat in and exhaust them then finish them off with the skill order below.

Harass - E-Q-W-R-Q
(Use his as often during a fight as you can)

The reasoning for using his E first is because it applies a silence prior and increases your damages to them by a percentage for 3 seconds.

Teamfights will be basically the same concept but you should ALWAYS wait to go in. Just because his ult gives you stealth doesn't mean it will save you as they will most likely target you.

Ganking - Talon has amazing ganks depending on who he is ganking. Ganking mid is quite easy since his Cutthroat has a pretty large range on it and applies a silence for you to be able to at least get one hit in on them.

Another thing about harassment/ganks. When you use his ultimate it will keep you stealthed for a certain period of time until you attack something. As soon as you activate it reactivate it so it finishes it before they have time to get outside of the AOE damage.

Let's say you're being ganked and have no chance at killing them all. This is where your ultimate comes into play. His ultimate is not only great for doing damage but it is also a great escape mechanism because it gives you both movement speed and a stealth for a duration of time. So when in doubt ult and run.

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Now after first viewing this guide you might question why it suggests you build 4 bloodthirsters and an infinity edge. The reasoning behind this is Talon is a burst assassin and he doesn't exactly need health or attack speed since he should be in to get kills then out almost instantly. The 4 's have his attack damage high so you can basically people for a good chunk of health and the lifesteal on gives you great sustainability. The gives bonus damage and also the chance to crit, albeit not very high crit chance late game it is still pretty nice to have.