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Twitch Build Guide by Moonedge

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Moonedge

Nervous? I can see the Twitch in your eyes.

Moonedge Last updated on September 1, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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Pre Intro

Twitch, the second most underpowered character in the game. The first being Evelynn. This particular guide is meant to show you the unique qualities that Twitch has. invisibility is fine, but knowing how to use it, now that's key. I prefer using Twitch in mid, until level 9 (11 if you're not confident) and then begin to roam. Very generic set-up, but what you do, is very far from what your enemies want you to do.

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MARKS: Armor penetration marks, for the sheer damage throughout the game.

SEALS: As a roamer, you're gonna get focused alot, might as well make sure you don't die right away.

GLYPHS: Once more, to not die. Except magic resist.

QUINTESSENCES: Flat attack speed, this makes you down right unholy, while roaming, you have a fairly unfair advantage against the enemies.

FYI: My Wukong runes.

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Very simple dps page. More damage output from this, Good hands, because you're a roamer, NOT jungler. Havoc, dear lord, nerf him now. These particular runes, make you near unstoppable right off the bat. I'm not even kidding. Damage, through the roof, likely hood of dying? None. Legitimately running around murdering people. THAT is real fun.

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Doran's Blade: The only item you need until 15 minutes, really. The damage it gives is nice, along with the small bit of lifesteal and health.

Boots of Mobility: Truely and utterly amazing for roamers. "Twitch mia, care. Wait he already ganked me?" You get the point.

Phantom Dancer: Movement speed, crit chance, and attack speed, all are key on Twitch. Also applies to Zeal.

Frozen Mallet: This combined with Debilitating Poison (the reason it's maxed second, and why you have exhaust) gives you a nasty slow, almost 100% I believe. I don't think that Ashe is gonna run anytime soon.

The Black Cleaver: You're second most important item, and the second largest damage item you have. Lowers armor, along with the added slow of Frozen Mallet no one, and I mean NO ONE will live through a gank from you.

The Bloodthirster: This is key on Twitch, the lifesteal keeps you alive, while the bonus damage shred the enemies health bars. If you can't get one, you're doing it wrong.

Infinity Edge: If you don't know what this is, get out now.

Oracle's Elixir: Also a crucial item, lets you see those nasty wards, and then you can take them out for a little snag of gold, very useful Don't buy one every time you die, just grab one every 4-6 minutes depending on your income. (NOT REQUIRED, but very helpful)

The three colored elixirs are also nice to use.

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Skill Sequence

Ambush: Allows you to stealth for 10 seconds per level, maxing out at 50 seconds. During/after the cloak, if you decide to attack, you will enjoy bonus attack speed varying on how long you stayed cloaked. Maxing this out first is very important, it gives you the edge in lane, forcing the enemies to back and buy a ward wasting gold, very important in early game.

Venom Cask: HUGE AoE slow, maxing this out second is very helpful, due to the length increases per level up to a max of 4.4 seconds, always slows for a flat 30% but for each Poison stack on them, maxing out at 6, increases the slow amount by 6% each.

Expunge: Cleans all enemies of the Poison stacks in an area, however deals massive damage the more stacks they have, preferably I max it last, because I focus on attacking them, using the poison to weaken them then popping it at level 1 with 6 stacks does 150 damage in an instant. The base damage increases and I'm not sure if the per stack damage increases though.

Spray and Pray: Still an overpowered ability, gives you bonus attack damage for 12 seconds (or 5/6/7 auto attacks) and makes them penetrating ie, goes through everything and it increases the range by alot, HOWEVER, it's now classified as a skillshot, meaning it can be dodged, but the best part, it applies on hit effects, such as Black Cleaver, Bloodthirster, and Frozen Mallet, making it truly, a weapon of mass destruction.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Simply for setting up kills early game, and escape late game. Good combo: Flasg behind enemy while cloaked, scan for wards, use Venom Cask and Exhaust, activate your ultimate, and watch them cry like a little girl.

Exhaust: Read the above.

Ignite: Also works too, but not as important as Flash or Exhaust.

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Overall, this guide was meant to open your eyes to the wonderfulness of Twitch, and if it didn't, than I don't love you. Twitch is meant to be played hybrid aggressively, with a small bit of defensiveness built in. You can build him that way, and at a later date I will be updating this with a more defensive setup, that is still around the same level of devastation.

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Pros / Cons

Very heavy damage
Useful in teamfights
Amazing backdooring capabilities
Stronger than he was before the nerfs if used right.

Squishy as hell
Focused ALOT
Can be countered by wards/oracle's
No escape tool, unless you count Ambush and Venom Cask.

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Unique Skills

Well duh, invisibility, is one. The damage he puts out is another. But in all actuality, he's Cassiopeia + Ashe. Damage over time poison, ranged, DPS, all abilities synergize well with eachother. But he's such a different concept, which is hard to explain, but if you've played him you can understand.

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Right click. Maybe press R. Twitch farms minions almost instantly.

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Ranked Play

Play him in ranked the same way you play him in regular, except get your whole team to gank mid at the start, giving you a HUGE boost in exp and gold.

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1. Don't stealth attack people near a tower

2. Don't enter a fight from the back. Trust me.

3. Before engaging make sure the enemies have used all their CC's already.

4. Don't fight Fiddlesticks. Ever.

5. Always poison the weakest, and focus the strongest.

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Q: Why do you max W over E?
A: Slow.

Q: Why didn't you focus the support? She had the lowest health.
A: Poison deals enough as it is for my team to finish her, and still get an assist.

Q: Why don't you gank Fiddlesticks?
A: He can fear me, then drain me, the silence me, then fear again, then drain again. I can't escape, and if I do, he can ulti me.

Q: Why no Madred's?
A: Situational, and only if they have a tank is it even remotely useful, except against Galio.

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Inorder to backdoor properly, you have to backdoor bot. Always. And it's even easier if you're Blue Team, you go to the middle of bot, hide in the bush, and farm a bit, wait for the enemies to come, and tell your team to push top forcing them back. Once they left, rinse and repeat, except hit the towers too.

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Whilst you roam the map, always gank the solo lane (not mid) first, to give the solo person a little edge, and then go support the duo lane, then mid. Repeat the process over 4 times or so. then reverse it. Do that twice then gank lanes with low hp, or go solo low towers. It's all the same. Remember, towers are worth dying for.