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Teemo Build Guide by Burning Eyed Hunter

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Burning Eyed Hunter

New Effective Teemo Tank

Burning Eyed Hunter Last updated on June 16, 2011
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Brute Force
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Hey ho Intro

I must say I am very impressed with how this build is doing, contrasting to my previous build. Anyhow, don't minus one this build until you see the glory of this build. If you haven't noticed yet, this build is basically the same for Shen. It works too well. You stand in the middle of everything, shrooming and randuins omen. Plus, you get to escape with your W if you are low on hp. I will post a video of this build soon. RANKED.

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Pretty self explained. HP, Armor, Magic Resist. Sometimes I replace armor with evasion runes just cause i have them. They really help on top of ninja tabi for fun

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Masteries in my opinion dont really matter as long as you put them in what you plan to build. Sometimes I max out dodge and the lil speed buff since i have some 9 dodge runes in spare.
Reason for the 1 cripple is because... .5 seconds makes a difference. it really does. Plus, minus 10 armor and magic resist, perfect for early game kill.

Why not Evasion and get Ardor? Because any dodge chance is better than having some extra atk speed that wont matter because your a tank.

Make sure to get perseverance in utility, it helps to have regen at all times.

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Doran's Shield
For suvival and tankish

Mercury Treads
Magic Resist shoes

Aegis of the Legion
Aura + Overall armor/magic resist

Randuin's Omen
Great Tank item considering your in the middle of a huge team fight late game.

Sunfire Cape
More Magic Resistance and Hitpoints

Force of Nature
This is for Magic Resist and Hp regen, since before this point, you should have 55 hp regen.

-Sell Doran's Shield-

Guardian Angel(what I prefer)
Not only do you get really rounded off as a tank, you even get to revive!

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Skill Sequence

Always get Poison Dart first. Good harassing early game and great for farming. With this up your backpack, you can get FB with a good partner. They will try to kill you in vain for the most part, then you kill them. Then get 1 Q for harassing. Now get W at lvl 3. I say get poison dart maxed asap, but without some escape mechanism/Chasing you are truly ****ed.

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Early game
Harass a lot. You can get FB if they try to target you.
Shroom the map. You are your team's vision wards.

Mid Game
You should still be shrooming, and participating in creating some gank oppurtunities by luring them.

Late Game
You can sit in the middle of a ****ing mob and tank all the damage. Its ridiculous. Be sure to shroom and randuin's omen while in the mob. Help out by attacking the squishy while your at it. Be sure to escape cause you can when really low on hp.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust allows you to usually get 1.) Firstblood 2.) Early Kill or Gank

Gank Example:
1. Hide in bush, and let them over extend.
2. Flash over, exhaust and plant shrooms about 1.5 seconds in front of them.
3. You just nailed a shroom attack. You usually only get 1 or 2 down on ganks, but they are slowed and dealing with your DOT.

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Quite easy to farm, last hit and harass the enemies.

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Pros on why its such a


1. Teemo Tank? Troll'd
2. Teemo barely ever dies, what a Troll.
3. Teemo can solo a lane, even against the Xin Zhao. Make him learn that you never tower dive tanks. Trololol
4. When you solo mid and you have no other DPS carry because at Character Queue, they didn't take you seriously about becoming a tank. -Welcome Summoners, You have been Troll'd-
5. Teemo can 1v1 players with his Shrooms. Lawls.
6. Easy to farm actually, I like to use his shrooms if any are left over from map controlling.

1. How can there be a con to a troll?
2. If your team are haters on this build, they will call you useless if you guys start to lose. But the thing is, 9/10 times, its not your fault. Since you 1.) Have not fed at all 2.) You have gained map control properly and called MIAs. But this is the path of a troll.
3. Your enemies won't surrender because losing to a Troll


Teemo is just WTF.

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Summoner Spells

The reason I go with Flash and Exhaust is because:

1. Helps really well with FB.
-Exhaust -Autoattack with poison darts- *He Flashes/Ghost* You flash too. FB completed.
2. When your in the mob of everything tanking the damage, chances are... you will be CC'd near death.
-Flash out, W, Get the **** out!
3. Exhaust is a great contribution for the team, as you can exhaust
-Squishy in team fights
-Use to catch someone who is fleeing
-Use to stop a chaser from killing you

*You may also get Ghost as a replacement, I just don't use it as much.
*Ignite can also help with FB, but they just end up escaping.
*Not as good as a thing late game. I mean, unless you plan to stack ignite with shroom. That is painful. Sorta.

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Team Work

Your role in team fights should be quite clear. Use your Summoner Global Taunt and taunt the entire team, because your Teemo and your squishy. Summoner Taunt is passive at all times. Once you are targeted, your team should be smashing their squishy character at the moment. You can tank it. Place shrooms in the mess of people trying to kill you, not only with this slow them, but the 720 dot is quite useful. Once your hp gets ****, use your W, Move Quickly, and sprint the **** out of there. If needed, turned around to blind if hes AD chasing you. Team fight successful. If you want to do damage, I would say you could get a Rabadon or Atma's impaler, but... Atma's wont be as effective because more than likely, you probably only have like 2k hp if even.