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League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS

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JEFFY40HANDS Last updated on February 8, 2011
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Over the past few weeks I have grown familiar with the champion known as Caitlyn. At first playing very defensively with her I found myself not accomplishing much. This all changed when I decided to use my ArP quints in place of the Crit Chance onces I had. The difference in my early (and late) game was astounding. Tanks stood no chance and if tanks can't stand a chance neither would the DPS or healers. With this guide I hope to give you insight on what allowed me to accomplish multiple games now with K/D/A of 15+kills fewer than 10 deaths and plenty of assists. Shall we begin?

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Amazing passive
Solid laning and with this build not too item dependant.
Between 90 Caliber net and Yordle Snap Trap your provide great team fight support in between your damage.
Ultimate will end lives when used at the right time.

Super squishie
Low mana pool with a high mana cost ultimate
Prone to CC
Auto attacks have quite short range in comparison to her abiltiies.
Very cool down reliant champion.

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Masteries/Summoner Spells/Runes

Standard offesenive mastery with points in utility for better experience gains and bonus to monster buff duration.

Summoner Spells:
As an amazing ranged champ though very low survivability I decided to go with Ghost and Teleport. Teleport will benefit you for ganks/ deturing pushers in multiple lanes during mid game. Ghost will allow you to escape an enemy champ trying to end your life not to mention coupled with your net can probably give you the time needed to get range and possibly retaliate with Ace in The Hole.

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Champion Abilities

Piltover Peacemaker: Your primary skill. Does damage through targets and effects a wide enough area that you can clip an enemy. It's range is substantial which means you may even snipe a kill when an enemy is in the Fog Of War. This ability late game becomes your primary harass ability. Low mana cost and super range and damage will help make your enemies descision for them on weather to stay and fight or run and hide.

Yordle Snap Trap: A minimal ability that has many uses. It's damage is weak BUT it can illuminate your targets as they escape into the fog of war. A side note it does snare them for a moment, placing this in fron of you while you bait a target can lead to an easy gank. Great for stopping someone in a team fight or keeping tabs on your enemies preventing ganks.

90 Caliber Net: Great slowing ability as well launches you in the opposite direction that you've fired it. Can be used to jump through walls and escape or chase. Depends on your imagination and if you think you can get the kill you were hopping for.

Ace in The Hole: AMAZING ultimate. Great to use after a team fight (never or almost never during one because it will get interupted). Once you get 3 points in this ability people will be foolish to try and escape you. The range and cooldown are amazing. Someone may feel like playing the hero when they see a teammate target by you with this ability. Hopefully you've been building ArP and their choice will be a foolish one. This ability has the potential to 1 shot most squishies and even against tanks with enough Arp them diving in fron of it will be a bad choice. I never lead with this ability only time I would is if you're in a ganking mood and have your targets escape route(s) sealed off.

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Caitlyn is not a fighter, she is a sniper. If you are in the middle of a team fight you are doing your job wrong. Your cool downs are too long to let you stay and fight and as a seconday harass you auto shot. Timing your auto shots so you get your passive stacked is a great way to get a suprise kill on a squishie (With my full build when the passive is stacked Ive had over 1200 damage on a non crit with so much ArP you negate any non gear armor stat which means you're hitting for true damage.)

Your job is to go after the opposing teams carries from afar. The more distance and time between you and your target the better. Attack from the outsjirts or flank the enemy from behind. Yes putting your self on the opposite side of your team with the enemy in between seems like a losing situation. But your job is to pressure the enemy team. If they are low on HP and attempt to retreat you're there to clean up what is left. If they win the teamfight they are likely to push rather than chase you down.

Caitlyn is great for ganks. Gorilla warfare is her style. With her ultimate you can pick people off that weren't even expecting it. The jungle is your friend and working it to your advantage (trapping routes/bushes) can give you and your team the advantage. Just keep in mind that if a fight looks like it is going to take place, you shouldnt stick around too long. Let your tank and fighters get the heat of battle going, you simply harass and play security from afar and then reurn to the jungle or a different lane. Hit and run, get in push hard, get out. 1v1 you have an advantage, 2v1 you can out run them and harass but the odds aren't in your favor nor is it in theirs unless they get the drop on you. 3v1 you can try to run but you'll probably end up dead. Hit and run, hit and run. Can't stress this enough, primarily because this build puts survivability at the end of the build.

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Item Build

ArP, ArP, ArP. This stat is superb for Cait. It buffs her early game damage (With that amazing passive) and sustains itself through to end game. Damage is of course an important stat but the benefit from essentially attacking all non tanks for true damage is remarkable. It is what this build centers around and primarily what makes it so potent for early-late game.

Initally you need a Doran's Blade. The HP and bit of damage+Life steal will let you lane for quite awhile. Next on the list is some attack speed. The faster you build up your passive the better so some Beserker Greeves will fit you well. Next I always choose to rush Last Whisper. AD+ArP? Can you say win win? Your Piltover Peacemaker benefits from ArP and now has a lot more bite to it when you hit a champ head on with it. Now that we have some solid ArP lets bust out a bit more damage. Nothing says damage like a blood thirster right? You can grab the vampiric scepter first but if you've been getting fed and can get the BF sword do it. After Blood Thirster we want to build on our ArP and AS with: You guessed it black cleaver. This item rounds out the ArP fest. Grab the Speed dagger first if available (even more so over the BF sword). Lastly get some more survivability with a late game Frozen mallet. Not to mention the ability to perma slow your target.

I understand that people will yell and cry and say "Frozen Mallet should be one of the first items you build" for most other champs they'd be correct....Cait however (Or her player rather) shouldn't be putting themselves in situations where that HP is gonna be required. (Not till late game). The item build is my suggestion if you feel more comfortable putting together a Phage over a Last Whisper be my guest.

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Alternative Items

Instead of Beserker Greaves you could get Merc Treads. The passive reduction on CC affects is quite nice not to mention the MR.

The Ioninian Boots of Lucidity for CDR is also not a bad choice.

It is possible to even sub in Guinsoo's Rage Blade for the Bloodthirster. Primarily because of Caitlyn's Passive the ability to have your AD/AP/AS build up (Due to the Rageblade) and when you hit 8 stacks on the Rageblade you hit 8 stacks with your passive and get a greatly improved bonus in damage for the attack. Not to mention the continuing onslaught of auto attacks until the stacks dissapate while out of combat.

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Laning Mid

Last hit minions, farm farm farm. It is very important for you to simply let your enemy push, last hitting allows for this. Do they like to harass a lot? That is fine just last hit targets to get some HP back because of your Doran's blade. Cait is not as good a pusher as other champs until late game and even then her pushing ability is limited. You need to play tactically with her. Over extending yourself early game will lead to your death. The longer you lane the better, don't be afraid to harass your enemy with auto attacks or Piltover Peacemaker. Just pay attention. Cait does a superb job mid. It requires you to be patient and play smart. I'm a level 30 summoner and I still play games where people mindlessly auto attack minions, they over extend and often that will lead to a gank at mid or me doing the right amount of damage to use my ulti and kill them myself.

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Bot or Top Laning.

Pair with non carries. A range caster like Annie or a tankier champ like Olaf. You'll have solid harass and when push comes to shove a slow or a stun to help you escape in a tight situation is always welcome. When laning bot or top I suggest you get the "Yordle Snap Trap" ability at level 5. Right around there the mid champs will be at 6 or 7 even and will obviously be in a ganking mind set. Place 2 of them in the bushes that correspond to your appropriate bottom or top lane.

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It's been awhile since I wrote a guide. I hope this one is simple enough to get my ideas across and even perhaps give you an idea of how to play this champ. All comments are welcome and I appreciate feed back. I know this guide isn't as pretty as the others but it's meant to be short and simple and give you a crash course in Caitlyn's role as a champion.