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Teemo Build Guide by Alfcam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alfcam

Nice resistances you have there.

Alfcam Last updated on December 16, 2014
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Hey guys!

I'm Alfcam, I play on EUW and am a silver V scrub. This is my Shredder Teemo build, enjoy!

We all know Teemo as the little satanic shroom placing hamster he is, but there is different way to buid our favourite little devil than AP, on-hit, because his E gives him more free damage on his auto-attacks, and his base attack speed is one of the highest in the game

With this build you will see yourself shredding through squishies and tanks alike, because you just don't give a damn.

As with all the guides on Mobafire, don't do this in Ranked untill you have practiced it a bit in Normal and are confident in your ability to not screw up.

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First, you get a Blade of the Ruined King, to get you some AS, AD and Lifesteal, and also because of the great active and passive.

While building Blade of the Ruined King you get t1 boots, and after you finish it you upgrade them to Berserker's Greaves.

Then you get Frozen Mallet, which gives you a ton of survivability, some more AD and the great kiting potential.

After that you get Wit's End to give you some magic damage and MR shred, or you get The Black Cleaver, dependant on if they build armour of MR. If they built both equally, or built neither of them, get Wit's End first.

And to top it all off, get Runaan's Hurricane, for the huge AS boost bringing you up to 2.4 AS, and giving you AoE on your auto attacks!

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As you can see, this is a hybrid page, and not an AD page. That is because you still have abilities, and you shouldn't be ignoring them, your Q is a strong opener in a fight, your E scales with AP and you still should be placing your shrooms all over the damn place, and if all of those deal a bit more damage, in the long run that adds up to quite a nasty chunk of free damage.

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Hybr. Pen Marks because your damage will be both magic and physical, Armour seals because most top laners are AD and taking less damage is always good, Scaling MR glyphs because when the laning phase ends you don't want to be bursted by mages and MS quints because you will be all over the map when combined with your W.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a good all-round spell and recommended on most champs.

As on-hit Teemo you should be continously splitpushing and backdooring, and Teleport helps alot with that. You also can use it to get back to lane faster.

You could also pick Ignite over Teleport if you prefer that, it can help you pick up some kills in laning phase.

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As on-hit Teemo you should be auto attacking your opponent in lane as often as you can without losing farm, it will make their life miserable and force them back more quickly.

Your early kill potential, however, is not that high, aside from your relatively short range auto attacks and your Q, you don't actually have anything to kill your lane opponent with if you engage, because he will just take a few steps back into his tower or behind his minion wave. If your opponent engages however, you can start kiting him back to your tower, constantly harrassing him with your auto attacks untill he is almost dead, and when he finally starts running away, you W and Flash, guarantying the kill.

You should place shrooms in all the bushes and everywhere in the river so you can see ganks coming, and slow their jungler if they step in one of them.

In the mid and late game you should be split-pushing like crazy, picking up kills here and there.

In team fights, you should focus the carries, as always, because your shred doesn't only increase your damage, it also increases the damage your teammates deal. When the carries are dead you can move on to kill the tanks with the same speed as with which you just killed the carries.

In the lategame you are deceptively tanky with the health you gain from Frozen Mallet and Black Cleaver, and the MR from Wit's End, so don't be afraid to go in, unless you are obviously outnumbered.

Don't forget to pick up Dragon and Baron buffs, they help tremendously, a Baron and t5 Dragon buff combined will win the game.

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Last words

Thanks for reading my Shredder Teemo build and I hope you guys have alot of fun with it!
More is to be added Soon™

Thanks to HxCAngryBird for not getting angry at(:P) me when I tested this build.
Thanks to no wan knows for not getting angry with me when I tested this build.
Thanks to kipmaster4 for not getting angry with me when I tested this build.
No thanks to PhoenixOfTheFire for getting angry with me when I tested this build. :P

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14/12/14: Creation
15/12/14: Added Summoner Spells chapter, added Changelog chapter, general tweaking on Runes, Playstyle and Items and Last words.
16/12/14: Added those item linky thingies. Technical term.