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Nidalee Build Guide by Vukip

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vukip


Vukip Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all!!!

Sorry for the ****py English I speak better than write xDDD in this guide you will see MY opinion about how to play Nidalee not how you should play it!!!

Don't expect to be able to play Nidalee like a pro with this build in your 1st match you need to practice alot and be focus on the match so you can own with this build!

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How is Nidalee?

Nidalee is one of the easyest champs to play in all League of Legends (I'm not saying she is an OP Champ) she can dominate ALMOST any champ in 1vs1 lanes and with a good champion by her side she turns in to a massive damage dealer after level 6 in caugar form IF BUILT THIS WAY!

Many people think and say "She has a heal she is a suport champ" guess again...I wouldn't count on a 10sec heal to press a lane constantly and get droped really low with creeps and atack from enemy champs............

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells as you may see on top I chose Flash and Ghost because more mobility has never been a bad thing!

- Flash allows you to simply get the doble of the distance from your enemys with 2 clicks Flash and W and bye bye enemy dude xD

- Ghost it looks like a stupid thing to do but its a great get away skill to help you survive when you have slows (allways combined with W like there is no tomorrow!) and can help you travel from a bot lane to a top lane in about 15sec maybe less in caugar form and going by the bushes perfect to help you reach a team battle that is on the other side of the map (noob thing to do but you never have the perfect team so sometimes it does work)

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- Nidalee (after level 6) is a very mobile (sorry) the most mobile champion in League of Legends!

- Nidalee can hold a solo lane till level 10 with out havong to B for energy our life

- Nidalee can go in about 5 seconds (with Mercury's Treads passing by all the bushes and in caugar form pressing W like there is no tomorrow) from top lane to mid lane making her a great gank helper!

- Nidalee excelent burst damage in caugar form (in 1vs1 can ALMOST reach the potencial of Anivia Wukong Kassadin Xin Zhao and I say ALMOST because all this champs have some CC with their combo while Nidalee only has a great burst and follow combo)

- Nidalee is one of the best creep farmers I ever played after level 6 just using W followed by E allowing you to win your lane (in creep kills) in 90% of the games


- Nidalee needs the all creeps she can get and can't get! Wining the lane in creep kills is fundamental our Nidalee will fail in some point of the game

- Nidalee is a extremelly mobile but if you get cought hard by stuns you are dead in 4sec

- Nidalee needs lots of mana in late game to be playable in late game depends 2 much on her caugar form playing more an assassin/suport in late game IF not over farmed our feeded with lots of kills

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How to play Nidalee?

It's simple but as its art!

If you are solo top 1vs1 agains't a no ranged champ the lane must be yours! You just hit and hit and hit and heal and hit more to make them have half their HP bar allways and wait for level 6 to drop 1 combo and kill him our drop 2 combos and kill him!

Killing the minions is FUNDAMENTAL kill every single one that moves even kill the flys in the bushes if needed! You must have at least Doran's Ring Mercury's Treads and the Pickaxe in the first 15min if you don't have them you are gona be in a hell of a trouble!

When you push your lane to the enemy turret fall back a bit and go kill the Wolfs our the Golems in the jungle (depending on the side you are playing) it's free gold and XP whille the enemy tower is stealing some farm to your oponent (unless he can farm them all like a pro T.T)

After the Ginsoo's Rageblade start killing even more! In my opinion every Nidalee should play agressive but never 2 much fighting only a bit more to the end of the top bushes so she can escape very quickly with her passive and W spam only go further for free kills and don't die above all!