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Tristana Build Guide by V3rsion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author V3rsion


V3rsion Last updated on November 1, 2015
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I am about to suggest something that right away will make you believe I am a complete idiot...but hear me out.

As the meta has shifted I started getting SHIV as a first item and it really helps her get ahead.(update Oct/25) -
Trist isn't anything without attack speed, she's pumps and dumps.
ADC's aren't really getting into much until they have a couple items.
SHIV will allow you to get there faster, shove the lane so hard other ADC will miss CS.
You can always escape, just focus farm and I most ALWAYS get ahead.
SHIV is OP early, I SWEAR.

TRY it before you laugh me off the face of the earth.
Most cases this frees up my support to roam early if they want.
Trist with ult can most always escape death and why I love her.

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There are enough guides.... but why are you taking flash?

NOTE: I get FLAMED constantly for not taking flash. I most ALWAYS win lane.
People say to me "well then I guess pro players are wrong?" the answer is YES!
This is soloQ
NOBODY has come up with a reason as to what disadvantage I have VS any others ADC not taking flash.

What I do hear from the ZOMBIES is "you're gonna get caught"??????

I ONLY jump in to ignite finish them, then I get a reset.
You can't FLASH out of CC anymore like you used to.
I ALSO save my ULT to disengage or if I can get kill without risk.

The range of FLASH is only 400 with 300 second CD
Tristana's W range is 800 with base CD 22 seconds that is reset if you get a kill
Why are you treating Trist like every other ADC and not realizing this advantage you have?

Sub PLAT players, count how many times you use flash and die anyways.
We are in this TANK META and having ignite is huge bonus.
There is no disadvantage to not running FLASH on Trist.
I am aware this isn't ground breaking but if you are a Tristana player and taking FLASH/HEAL you are holding yourself back.

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WHY Trist is perfect for SOLO Q

Tristana, in my opinion is the best ADC pick for solo Q.
The only real threat you have is Jinx mixed with someone like Leona.
In solo Q things don't always go well but with Trist if you need to go farm up, go do it.
Trist is the ONLY ADC who can pretty much farm solo safely behind or without fear of getting killed.
You have a DOUBLE disengage if you need it ULT+Jump
With heal+ignite and the power of her E you are the ****ing Kevin McCallister of League of Legends.

Lets talk about that E....tower killer, split pusher just like Jinx but mobility.

Also now that Ashe is back as a top pick Trist is even better.
You get right to a low Ashe with Jump to her face/E+ignite+ULT and it's LATA

When I am in lane as soon as I see their ADC or Support low, I've won

Take towers, don't try to fight to fight...Take towers.
Keep pressure at all times, this is your strength.

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With these champs stacking health you can ABSOLUTELY build BOTRK as a first item right into SHIV on Trist.
Focus objectives, farming and putting pressure with your support freed up to help the team.
Attack speed is VERY important to Trist

But in general get IE then BOTRK or SHIV.
I don't care much for PD, it cost more and you can start that gold investment on your next item.

actual, I'm going to not make this guide. I'll keep this **** TIER 3 as she is listed.....clearly near trash-like.