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Nocturne General Guide by BaalNocturno

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaalNocturno

No Nocturne I'm not tired! A Nocturne Jungle Guide

BaalNocturno Last updated on August 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my second guide for Nocturne but this time its a Jungle build.

Like in the first guide i keep it short and simple so dont expect fancy stuff

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Why Noc

Although he was nerfed Noc is still a damn good Jungler and his ganking power is really strong!

- Fast in Jungle clearing
- Awesome Ganks
- Good in split pushing/ picking out champions

- Only one single target CC
- Mana intense in early game
- No escape or gap closer ability

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Summoner Spells, Masteries and Runes

Summoner Spells:

Smite is necassary and cant be switched out if you dont want it dont go jungling^^
Flash can be switched out with Exhaust for a stronger gank but only do this if you have faith in your abilties, you have no source of real escape!

Masteries are explained in the notes

Runes: I mainly go for AS runes since they help for clearing the jungle and your passive procs more often. Armor seals are standard such as Armor pen Quints. you can exchange the scaling MR runes for more AS or flat MR runes

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Spells and Spell order

Your passive is a good source for sustain in the Jungle. Use your Q before you attack and proc it for more damage.

Duskbringer is very importent as seen in the Skill Sequence. As its consindered as a physical attack it does more damage the more attack you have. If the enemy is hit he leaves a Dusktrail which makes it easier to chase him. You can use this trail as a way to escape too!

Here you get dual awesomeness: Passiv you get more Attack Speed up to 40% at lvl 5 Active you have a Spellshield which is handy all the time. Karthus is annoying with his Ulti? Just get the timing right and you wont be hurt

Awesome skill! First rush in with Duskbringer and then trigger Unspeakable Horror. Due to the Dusktrail you can follow the enemy easyily until the fearing effect hits in. Now you have enough time to deal with the enemy. It is also a good idea, if you are chased, to fear the enemy to get away safe

Awesome ulti :D At lvl 3 the range is riddicolously big. It's great for ganking or helping others out in a fight. There are 3 options:
1. Use Paranoia to initiate and spam Unspeakable Horror and Duskringer on the enemy or
2. After a fight if the enemy tries to run just rush to him and get the kill.
Either way is good but be carefull when initiating: dont be stupid chasing the enemy behind the tower with Paranoia or into a full of 5 party!
3. You can use it to distract the enemie team. They lose global sight and often fear you incoming which can help a teammate in need even though you dont come for a gank

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Champs that counter Noc

Jax counters you very hard. Since all your attacks are Auto-Attack based he negates nearly all of your damage output. Try to avoid him if you are not sure that you can take him down. If you face him use Unspeakable Horror wait until he is feared, flash away and use Duskbringer to move away quicker

Malphite is another champ you should avoid. Nocturne profits from AS so Malphite halfes Nocturne 1v1 power. Malphite also has too many Abilities you need to/should block to minimize the enemies damage ooutput.

Lee Sin is basically the same as Malphite. He also can easily follow your Paranoia if he lands Sonic Wave and kick you out of combat.

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Jungle route

Blue Route: For Blue there are 2 variants:
[*] Wolves Start: Let your team help you with Wolves and then with Blue. After that you should use the first Healpot and head over to Wraiths finish that camp and do Wolves again. If you can gank do so if not continue with Red, Wraiths and Golems

[*] Blue Start: Get some help with Blue and go kill the Wolves after. Take a Healpot and do Wraiths and Golems. Pop another Healpot and finish off Red.

Red Route: This route is good if you plan on ganking early. Start with Wraiths and then asap Red. You should gank the nearest possible Lane (synchronizes good with an allied Blitzcrank since he can use his grab). After that head to your Blue and farm the rest of the Jungle.

The Red route is really aggressive and I don't really recomend it if you are playing Solo or Duo but it can be great with the right team!

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Since the Jungle was buffed and is harder now it is highly recomended to start with the Hunters Machete and 5 Pots. You could start with a Cloth Armor but I have never done that since season 3 started.

The first time you go back buy Berserker's Greaves I know that many players go for Mercuries but they are more expensive and are only an option to me if the enemy team is AP heavy.
The boots give you the AS needed to clear the jungle faster and to gank good.

Wriggle's Lantern is the next essential item you need. Spirit of the Elder Lizard is nice but the ward and the bonus magic damage is simply better and more worth it, also you save some gold.

The Brutalizer and later The Black Cleaver are essential in my eyes. The Armor Pen and stacking Armor Pen are really usefull and strong in team fights with your Passive, it also gives a bit of Health. This really helps for assassinating single target enemies. An early The Brutalizer helps to push your damage output especially on mid champs

Frozen Mallet although its gotten more expensive is still one of the best items on Nocturne. Granting a huge healthpool gives you the sutain needed and the on-hit slow is perfect for assassinating enemy champions. In combination with Duskbringer it is easy to chase a champ, just back off if he flashes away.

Randuin's Omen gives you another health boost which combined with the other 2 itmes above give you a total of 3.6k life at lvl 18. The armor makes you tankier and the active is a blessing in team fights. If your team is winning the fight ult or flash into the enemy mass and activate it. It gives you and your team more time to deal damage. On the other hand it can be a handy escape! Use the Active and your Duskbringer to get away if needed.

Maw of Malmortius at last for a bit of MR. The passive allows you to survive AP nukes or even Garens Ult! And the more health you are missing the more AD you get. You may build an early Hexdrinker for more sustain in ganking the mid lane.

Situational Items

Banshee's Veil You could buy it instead of Randuin's Omen or Frozen Mallet. I would recommend exchange Frozen Mallet with it when the enemies have at least 3 AP heavy chaamps. The health loss isn't that big from the mallet and you get a second spellshield. But Remember!: Veil' spellshield and your own proc at the same time when both are active!

Guardian Angel I recomend switching the Lantern with Guardian Angel at the end for more Armor and MR. This can save the game if your team is aced in the enemy or your base, helping defending or helping to finish of the Nexus.

Blade of the Ruined King This is a good option in case you are up against some healthy tanks. Combined with The Black Cleaver you will do huge amounts of damage.

Wit's End Instead of buying Maw of Malmortius you could buy it, giving you more AS and scaling MR, very good against a AP heavy team

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In game

If your team is good enough try consider invading the enemy blue buff!

Starting: Let your mates help you with wolves and then take on the blue buff. Head over to wraiths and if wolves have spwaned again kill them after. Take red buff and look around if you can risk a gank. If you cant gank anywhere kill the golems and then the Wraiths again. Just farm until you can go ganking or have 900 gold to buy Berserker's Greaves

Early Game: By some wards before you have Wriggles Lantern to help out top and mid lane and maybe try risking to ward the enemy jungle a bit! Gank wherever you can and remember that you dont have to get kills, sometimes damaging and scaring an enemy away is more than enough PLAY SAFE!

Mid Game: You should have The Black Cleaver and maybe Phage by now. Give your mid the blue buff whenever its ready (unless its an Energy Champ like Akali) Go and help top to push down the turret so that he can roam around like you. Keep the enemy busy so that bot lane can do Drake for the team. Take away some work from your support and ward your jungle and other important spots, he needs money for good items too.

Late Game: By now you shouldnt have room for wards now so use your Lantern as often as possible! In team fights (if you know you can survive) dive into the enemy AP or AD carry fear and kill him at the same time active Randuins Omen to help your team to kill the enemy. If you see your team is fighting and winning the fight dont rush into it with your Ult, consinder pushing a lane that needs to be pushed but back off in time a tower isnt worth a death.

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Be a team player, help your mates out, dont ks; a feed team is better than an overfed single champ!

Give me some comments and tell me what can be improved :)
Here the result of my guide :)


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