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Nocturne Build Guide by Flawlessrock

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flawlessrock

Nocturn nerf IDC BUDDIES

Flawlessrock Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello my names is FlawlessRock Im a guy kinda random right here who make a guy about is favorite jungler Nocturne :D.First of all my english is not perfect i know it im french so dont be mean with me :(.I use to still play nocturne because he's still one of the best ganker in that games and is AD steroid make him really deadly on early mid games.

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For rune i use to take:

X3 and X6 Greater Mark of Desolation:Why the 3 atk speed because that stack really well with ur shroud passive,your blue runeand your masteries.the 6 atk pen is obvious deal more damage to minion and people when u gank.

As yellow:X9 / for myself i use to take dodge but it's preferance some people will prefer armor.But dodge will be remove so armor All the way!

As blue:X9 u can clear the jungle faster and when you can a lanes that attack speed + your AD steroid with dusk(Q) is kinda OP.

Quint:X3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation Attack pen early damage ! :D

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With Nocturn i usually go offensive tree (21/9/0)to increase his damage output early and mid games and his jungle is way more faster with that.

Rock?:why do you take 9 in defense tree and not in utility?

Hum that good question nocturne use to be really squishy early on that why i take 9 in defense tree with that i feel more comfortable to gank and play more aggresive :D.

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As a start i use to start with the traditional cloth armor,5pots i mean with that u can do all ur jungle or get blue/wolf/wraith/gank mid or blue/wolf/wraith/golem/gank top

Some people ask me why u dont take scepter start ?

I answers that i dont feel comfortable with it i mean u cannot try early gank i just dont like it!

First trip back i use to take boots/ward/pots boots to increase my movement speed with Q and increase my gank and AFTER your boots focus your lantern.

When your lantern is up u have alot of possibilities in front of you and its all about the other team compo and who got kill on the other team and you if you are fed or not!.

My Core use to be:Lantern,Mercury,Brutalizer.That my core but if i see that we are winning 6-0 i will not take protective right now i will finish my ghostblade and after go atmogs.

but if it's a close games the other team have 5 kill and its a strong burster on that who have 3-4 kill i will stay with my brutalizer take mercury thread asap and go atmogs as soon as possible because i know that nocturne ult scared people but when you ult and you got instantly kill it's not funny at all.

Nocturne use to have a strong Early mid games damage because of his Q so even if you go tanky you will still sucess to put great damage output.

Late games sell your lantern for a blood thirster/IE and i prefer IE i mean u have 3.5 k of life and u can crit for 1000 ? i think that enough to burst down they carry/mage/support :P

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Skill Sequence

--- always ur ultimate in first with that you can gank you can initiate a fight (early games it's a bad idea!)Target their carry/squishy with that !

You're Q because of the movement speed/Attack damage

you're fear for ganks/damage output

and put one point in E at the begining for Attack speed/spellshield ! and PLZ use this spell like a smart guy i mean you gank annie mid and she got tibber Dont waste ur spell shield on his first spell try to keep it up for tibber :D

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Summoner Spells

It's easy SMite is a must for nocturne and the jungle.

i use to take ghost:i mean with ghost ur gank with Red buff are deadly and it's more easy to land a ult if u are to far and something happen so i would take ghost over flash and with redbuff ghost even if the guy flash you can still kill him ! :D

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Ranked Play

Nocturne is one of that heroes with who you can carry you out of the hell ELO.He got good early gank with fear and Dusk and with his ultimate hes even more deadly!if hes build like i build him hes tanky and deal a great damage output he can shut down squishy AD carry with ULT,Q and an auto attack !

you can make your mates win their lanes and his jungle use to be fast but nocturn is squishy that his weakness so in ranked games if im going really good i will brutaliser and warmog but if its not that good go directly tanky cause if u team fight you are going to get one shoot by their mage/toplanes :(!

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Pros / Cons

1.Great damage output early/mid games on.
2.Your ultimate is an auto gank.
3.Even if is ultimate is an auto gank he got Good gank before 6 because of fear and Q.
4.His passive make him even more deadly when you gank!
6.Badass Voice IG!

Can be counter jungled/invade early on.

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Creeping / Jungling

I have alot of route with nocturne as a jungle depending on my team compo!

If we have a lack of CC i will tried to get all my jungle clear this way:

Blue,wolf,wraith,red,golem first trip back get boots and gank

But if i have mid CC i will get blue/wolf/wraith and gank his lanes !

Or if i have a on top i will start golem get level 2 fear and early ganks his lanes to get the First blood.They're alot of path that you can take as nocturne be creative !

Don't Try to counter jungle Heroes Like / / ! they will destroy you !

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Team Work

Nocturne is not one of that protective heroes who will tried to protec the AD carry hes one of those who jump on the other team AD carry and try to kill him/or just get him out of the fight.
his damage output use to be always deadly against squishy heroes and is ultimate even more !

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Match up agains'T who you are good/bad

Ok there a new section about which jungler you can counter jungle or try to kill him and who u should not try :D.

:this guy use to be really easy to invade ! if early games you guy invade and sucess to get his blue his jungle is slow like really slow!If u know that hes going to start his red and want to go can counter him normally top can come help u but in soloqueu people are not that smart!But if u can avoid his stun with ur spellshield land a good Duskbringer amumu is down!.

:depending on where he start early on you can stole his golem/wraith and when he fight red u can try to kill him (hope your support can land good CV).SO yeah go for him.

Gankplank:GP will probably start his route to wolf with a vampiric scepter so you can stole his golem early on and you just **** his first trip back because he cannot get the gear that he need for buff and your damage output is better (if he lucky crit you just run)so invade gankplank is a good idea :D.

:Fiddlestick use to be really squishy and hes blue dependant so if your team can invade and take his blue u just slow his jungle if hes starting golem though that probably mean Fear/drain Early gank top or bot so take care!If you counter jungle him spellshield his fear he will drained you and fear/hit him he will die!:D

:This guy use to be solid Really solide and you use to be squishy so just try to steal/golem/red/blue when hes not close i would not try to kill him but if you have a good CV and your support sucess to spot him at red just go for him ! :D

:just go for him he can do nothing to you !

:He's versatile he got high mobility but before level 6 if you can Sucess to find him figthing one of his buff you can get him and really fast he use to be squishy early on!

:hum this guy is fast in the jungle and he got a great early/damage/CC output so i will not try to fight him but stole his golem can be a good idea !

:dont even try this he got to much escape CC damage output with jack in the box dont try to fight him but u can steal him.if he start at blue tell your mid to get wraith and you golem and you are ok but be carefull because this guy can counter jungle you and make you cry !

:try to steal his golem wraith but hes to solid to fight 1 vs 1 he will dominate you.

:dont even think about this if you are in his jungle and he find you hope you have a flash because hes going to destroy you

:same for him if he find you run because u cannot kill him !

:contaminate/lifesteal/Attack damage steal:this guy will destroy you pre 6 and after 6 even more because of his godly ultimate who stole all your stats so that not a good idea !

:to much lifesteal for you and longer that u fight with him hes getting better and better because of his passive and lifesteal spell so dont try to fight him but you can stole his golem! :D

:Squishy/no hard CC go for him !

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Nocturne use to be a great jungle because of his damage output/movement speed buff/fear and he can really make a differance between winning and losing a games :D!