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Nocturne Build Guide by UnlikeAssassin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnlikeAssassin

nocturne clean up build

UnlikeAssassin Last updated on February 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this build is very good for clean ups in team fights once you see an opining for a squishy kill ult in passive them usually are daed at that point then you can clean up the rest and flash out if Ur teams bad at team fights then again you wouldn't of gotten that far if they where so clean up ult squishy target kill then clean the rest up I've soloed a yasuo with this build and cleaned house in team fights over again so thought it would be useful for anyone else not playing jungle with nocturne and of course after burn to help burst down hard to kill or very dangerous targets

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1v1 yasuo

when you get into a fight with yasuo charge him pop him with after burn to break his shield and then flash this is key he will think you'r a noob and try and ult you so flash into him passing his tornado denying his ult then pop ur e then you'r w the e must come first for end game reason yasuo will most likely dash into hitting you'r shield causing a double passive boost for yourself or if hes a noob like most yasuos he will a mediately q you and not dealing dmg to u his shiv may deal some dmg but ether way if he dashes you he will be feared away from turret and end up where u want him ether way he not escapes or does no dmg win when you'r e goes off this is end game he will go into fear run away and be slower and u get a movement speed buff then pop ur q and sho no mercy iff in between fight he flashes out or you'r getting you'r *** beat somehow ult him he cant see you as you wait you'r cool downs then burst him again or just strait up kill em or run away if you'r losing and this is assuming you'r didn't get one crit off the hole fight so with crits he should be dead right after you'r e goes off no flash no heal sins hes got fear and try to ceep watch with what he has for summoning spells most yasuos will have after burn or flash or both but ceep watch so you know what he may do if he is winning or losing the fight and listin for his q he will let out a shout like speech and when he is done his tornado will be finished being use so if he flashes alway this is why burn then flash is key cause if you pull it off over his tornado you pretty much won the fight cause yasuo's ult is his bread and butter for taking down adc and other assassins like rengar or draven and it has a low cool down probably lowest in the game so assume he has his ult at all fights u get into and if he does ult you burn him and burst him down then flash away ult him let cool downs finish then start rotation you can finish with ult or initiate with ult after he ultsyou and you flash away so he cant see you if you'r too close he can see you and ceep a beat on you with his dash and q combo and u have life steal so if u crit thats alot of life gain in one hit especially if its the first hit with the shive cause the shive does crite but not have life steal but the dmg output it good enough but yea this is the guide I use for 1v1 yasuo with nocturne