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League of Legends Build Guide Author Danzay

Nocturne (Jungle Edition)

Danzay Last updated on May 31, 2011
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Okay, i've seen alot of Nocturne guides, i am not going to say anything like "you should use this guide" or anything like that. this is how i like to play Nocturne, it gives me a great sense of survivability, and my damage output goes through the roof.
for those who likes this guide, Thank you very much
For those who don't, please leave a comment down below telling me why :-)

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The order should go like this:
Golem - Wolf - Wraiths - Lizard - Golem Camp. use blue pill and repeat the order. go for the enemy blue buff, before yours runs out and by now you should be level 6 and ready to gank.
Okay, i'm gonna try to explain WHY i jungle with Nocturne.
His racial Umbra Blades gives a great assist when going for minions.
I always go for the blue buff first, but you can only do so if you have an assist, if you can get one of your team mates to help you on the blue buff then this is what you should you do.
Get your teammate to go first on the Golem buff, you should immediately use smite and start hitting as fast as you can. this is why you go for Shroud of Darknessto begin with. your teammate should only hit the golem once and then flee, ensuring you the kill and all of the XP. use a health potion the second you loose HP.

if you don't have a mate to help you with the golem, go for the lesser golem camps, wolfs and then golem buff.

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Okay, First up is the normal Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion, later build up to Wriggle's Lantern. i think these are necesitys for jungling as Nocturne. Next up is Mercury's Treads for that little extra speed, reduced CC and magic resist. you can use Berserker's Greaves, but i think the extra magic resist, gives you that little extra survivability.
Okay this item is highly underrated! many Nocturnes, that i see, are going for Zeal or some extra damage at this point. but the extra damage you get out of a [[Youmuu's Ghostblade] is just insane. the second you activate it, you will start ripping everybody, including tanks, but ill go into detail later.
Then go for a The Black Clever. "Why?" you say. I'll tell you why. the extra attack speed and the armor reduction does it all worth it. with this baby, you can kill any hard armor tank. this is also why you buy Youmuu's Ghostbladeso early, with that baby activated. tanks will be toast.

The last 3 items are Situational items. Pick them in any order you want to.
Getting alot of kills ? The Bloodthirster will help you rip them even harder
Dieng to the AP users on the enemy team ? Banshee's Veil's got yah back
Simply Unstoppable? Guardian Angelthere to make sure you NEVER go down.
at the end you should have all 3, cuz with these 3 you can rip anything.
if you seem to lack Attackspeed, go for a Phantom Dancer, even tho it's not a strong option in this build.

When you Finaly go for your The Bloodthirster you can safely expose of your Wriggle's Lantern

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My Playstyle

Okay, as the headline says, This is MY playstyle. use it or don't

I will always go for the squishies in a team fight, not because its the logical thing to do, but because Nocturne excells at it so much. with Paranoiaand a quick Unspeakable Horror none will flee from you. I always find the target with the most CC's, and engage 'em head on. sure this may seem like a bad idea at first, but try to keep up.
First i go in, at this point in time i hope to have a Banshee's Veil. if i don't, ill pop my Shroud of Darkness the second i engage them. CC users, are often very fast to try and stun or immobilize you.

If i enter a teamfight, i always try to aim my Duskbringer to hit as many targets as possible, to get the highest amount of movement speed out of my chase, if they decide to run at this point that is, if not, the damage increase will give you a higher chance to rip your enemies to pieces. i also activate Youmuu's Ghostbladeright after i used Duskbringer

Use this playstyle or don't. i believe Nocturne is a champ you just have to figure out on that point, for yourself.

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Summoner Spells

Okay, I choose the standard ones

Smite for jungling
Ghost for chasing.

But really, anything of your liking can be used (just don't replace smite)

Here are my personal opinions of the summoner spells, you should and shouldn't use

Clairvoyance Okay, clairvoyance can be a great contribute to you. It can help you scout out and enemy player, who goes on the run, just so you can hunt him down with your ultimate. it can also be used, to make sure you will not be counter jungled. i personally don't like it, since i feel like Ghostis much better for Nocturne. You can use this if you feel like your team will need the extra map control

Cleanse Good for escaping, but if everything goes well, you won't really need it that much.

Fortify I don't even want to go into detail. this is purely a summoner spell for champions with the ability to push your opponent, like Alistar

Heal Okay! this is one i'm having a serious problem with. first of all, this is just BAD for this kind of Nocturne. heal may save your *** in an early team fight, or against the blue buff. but late game, i believe that Heal is the ****piest summoner spell of 'em all

Revive If you need this, your doing it wrong

Clarity again,this can MAYBE be used for another build. but with a blue buff its just... bah..

Rally This is just bad for ANYONE

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The ganking ability of Nocturne has been greatly diminished since these last couple of patches. his range on paranoia has been greatly reduced, but can still be used for a gank.

i still believe Nocturne is one of the best ganking champions in the game. If you want to turn the tides in a teamfight, you should let your tank, or heavy dps, engage in combat, use your paranoia. here comes the tricky part, here you can either choose to attack one of the enemies standing away from their team mates, while they aren't able to see eachother. you can also go for their squishies, and diminish their forces.

Ganking is a great factor for Nocturne, and if everything goes well, you should be able to do so, without to many casualties on your part

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Pros / Cons

Strong Jungler
Crazy Ganker
Lots of fun
Can easily be nuked down, so be cautios of just jumping into enemy team
needs help to take the golem buff
Easy to deal with, if your the only feeded member of your team