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League of Legends Build Guide Author KywPT

Nocturne Jungler/Destroyer

KywPT Last updated on March 21, 2011
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Hello everyone. This is my first guide here.
I will start my guiding life with a nocturne guide.
Sorry if my english isnt the best, any doupt or correction feel free to post.

Nocturne is a new champion. So this build dosent have much experience behind it. I played him since the day he went out. At first i hated his jungling. Actualy is not of the best. But i will explain it later on.

This build is Armor Penetration focused. hitting the 116 total pene after third hit... And 4% hp damage as magic damage. it usualy drops armor of non thanks to negative values making skishies extra skishier and tanks not that tanky. Some people can consider this anti-anti-melee build. but if you try you will see that is a lot more.

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Runes are focused on 3 things. Desolation marks and quints for max armor pene.

Cooldown blues are all arround the best for melee champions... And in this build will let you get the 40% cdr mark for 60 sec cooldown ulti.

Truth being told, nocturne is a low survivability champion. so i think hp runes fit in just fine. you can trade them for mana regen if you are feeling you are draining your mana fast or any other defensive runes. but i prefer hp ones cause i never know what i will be up against.

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Masteries is one of the tricks of my build. as a jungler i always pick extra time on buffs and i really think that buffs on nocturne is the diference between a everyday champ and making him a fearsome killing machine that put fear in your enemies whenever they dont know where you are. Later on i will explain the why's and the major advantage's that buffs have to offer to this build.

I pick improved flash for lower cd...

Mana regen is great too.

And of course +6 armor pen.

the rest is kinda self-explained.

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Items are focused on 4 things. Atack, Atack speed, Armor pene/reduction and Cooldown reduction.

With this items build you will get 2.0+++ base atack speed. when you turn your Shroud of Darkness you will be near 2.5 or even when you turn Yumuus later on.

You wont have the biggest Atack DAmage in the world. but combined with your atack speed. Passive of madreds and all your armor pene.. you will be dealing a ton of damage.

In the end of the build you will have 40% CDR for 60 sec cd on ulti and Duskbring people all the time.

you will have 2.8 k hp. very nice for a AD carry

And slow on hit + duskbringer speed. you will be one of the best chasers out there.

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Skill sequence

First pick for Shroud of darkness gives you 20% atack speed right on... it is great for strating your jungling and no mana consuption...

After that i main focus on Duskbringer the Nocturne special friend :). Pick fear at level 4 and you are a ganking machine. after that dont put more point on fear. AS from shroud is very nice to increase your dps early game while you dont have much atack speed items. last pick fear again. Ofcourse pick ulti everytime you can.

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Summoner spells

Smite is good for all jungler... even those who think it isnt for jungler like WW and Fiddle. it is. Buff steal extra gold and quicker exp is more then enough for you to pick it.

Flash is my second pick... Flash is the ganking master piece. and the best friend of all jungler that actualy lose life in the jungle. If you are low health in jungle and pick come to grab you. just flash over the wall and you are safe. Great isnt it? Now for ganking. Just pick the nearest bush from your target and use flash to jump right on him... fear instantly then duskbringer. he wont be able do much. just grab the easy kills and you will be fed as a monster in no time. Also good for tower diving with ulti. Ulti in dusbringer and Umbra blades to kill and flash out of tower range.. quick and safe.

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Game Play

Early game:

At the beggining pick cloth armor and 5 hp pots.

Start at wolfs... Nocturne needs almost no mana for jungling. so there is no point on rushing blue golem buff. Kill wolfs then go for wraiths. Smite on the big one and pling level 2 put duskbringer.Use one duskbringer on small wratihs kill them and proceed. Go for small golems. Kill them. use duskbringer whenever you can. and pling level 3. Now you will go for wolfs again. but they wont be up again. so you think "hey freaking nocturne is freaking waiting for freaking wolfs to freaking respawn, that is a freaking waste of freaking time NOOB." wrong....

After first round look at the map... by this time people are getting low health. what you do in downtime? You go gank people. Grabing FB with nocturne = fed fed fed and major advantage.
mid is usualy the best option because fights are more intense and usualy you can grab easy kill and if your team mate is down of health you can even grab his lane for a few time granting you some extra exp and levels.

if you dont kill no one dont stress. You will have time.

Ok by now wolfs have respwaned and you go for them. Kill them exactly the same way you kiled them before... smite on big wraith all that... small golems... the same round basicly. even if you havent kiled no one by now.. you will have arround 680-690 G and pling level 4... just press be and by the time you get base and leave you have 700 g. buy your madreds razor. and 1-2 hp pots if you can..

Now its blue golem time.. you have your madreds so killing him will be so easy. after killing him jungle good and hard... go for wolfs wraiths and red lizard... after red lizard pling level 5... prepare to gank. this time it will be so easy grabing a low level player that it will not even be funny... just gank hard and get your kill. after this you should be focusing on making 1 vampiric septer and your CDR boots.

Mid game:

Now is all about the gank... You should be level 6 by now... vampiric septer will keep you full healthed whille jungling. Focus on helping solo lane or ganking the other too.. Be very map aware. It will take you far... You should now be doing your madreds blood razor. Start with pickaxe then Recurve Bow after that items are made by this order Black Cleaver > Starks Fervor > Frozen Mallet > Yomuuus Ghostblade.

Buff importance in mid game:

This is a very important chapter you may notice that red lizard can work as a substitute for Frozen Mallets slow and blue golem as a substitute for Yomuus Ghostblade's Cooldown reduction and lack of mana you will have while leveling. This is great meaning that you can grab some of the atributes of your final build even before you can actualy aford them. and with the masterie pick i earlier spoke of you will be having this buffs for long... Just play smart and try not to pick impossible fights with them on.

Late game / team figths:

Nocturne is a extra squishy champ... and before you get Frozen mallet you will be easy to kill on a team fight.

What you will do is wait on the bush arround the fight... let your team engage. "importante note: DONT ENGAGE WITH NOCTURNE" let them lock targets then pop ulti and go in. pick theyr carry first or fed target... pop the shroud's active so you dont get instantly feared or stunned... fear him and drop him quick... if you see the fight going bad for you... dont be afraid to flash out. the fact that you werent there in the beggining of the fight will make them confused... and you will be focused by 2 or 3 enemies tops... you will drop one right away so that makes 1 focusing you... or none because they will try to retreat now.
finish off the fleeing enemies that are low and dont over extend... do the tower dive flash out thing i talked ealier if you really think you can get that kill... Overextending with nocturne = buff loss.. and we dont want that do we?

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Other usefull information

Dont be afraid to go 1 vs 1 with nocturne... Nocturne is a 1 vs 1 champ.

Dont be afraid to use ulti to finish off dying enemies. Even if you eventualy die you are a carry. being fed is always good.

Play agressive when you are without buffs, defensive when with them.

When a low enemy is porting near tower . Dropp in with ulti and press Shroud right away duskbring and hit as quick as you can so turret kills you without taking damage from the player making it into a execute not a kill for theyr team.

When you are playing againt disabler chars like ashe, malz, Sion. be aware of theyr combos... For example you know that malz will put the aoe on the floor dot you and then ulti... when you see dot coming off press shroud to avoid utli... the same works with nidallees spear.. and better Veigars wall.

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This is a high damage build for a jungler... Possible ajustments can be made to turn him into a laner and possible a good mid.

Hope you all enjoyed the guide
leave your comments, ideas and impressions

Thanks and GL everyone who trys it.