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Nocturne Build Guide by Dykalons Inc

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dykalons Inc

Nocturne Nightmare Build

Dykalons Inc Last updated on August 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Nocturne The Eternal Nightmare

Nocturne Nocturne is a melee damager , ***asian who makes squisy and even tanks very worthless in battle when reaching the The Bloodthirster . Hes job is too sneak up behind champs and deal heavy damage. He do very well with attack speed and damage so playing him with that can make and really good teammember. Nocturne is kind of low defensive so getting defensive items like Banshee's Veil and Aegis Of Legion can be very helpful.

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Passive Skill Umbra Blades

Umbra Blades is a really nice move who maked every 10 second nocturne will deal 120% damage
insteed of 100 % and he hit multiplie targets. And for each target hit he heal himself for 15 health this is very good for farming. In combo with Duskbringer Duskbringer (Skill 1) It will deal good damage.

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Skill 1 Duskbringer

This is a skill who will come very help full in the game. For the first its like a skillshot on the ground you shot in a line. Second this skill deal damage to enemys hit by it.
Third If a champion is hit it leave a trail of this darkshadow after him.
Fourth When on Duskbringers area on the ground Nocturne Deal extra damage and moves faster
a really helpfull skill.

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Skill 2 Shroud Of Darkness

This Skill is like sivirs spell shield he activate a shield for 2 seconds and if hes hit by a bility when this shield on him it will block the ability. After blocking the ability he gains a attack speed buff for few seconds. I just love this skill cause everytime i play vs veigar or nunu i block their ultimates XD. It also gives a passive who gives bonus attack speed in %.

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Skill 3 Unspeakable horror

Most usefulest of them all is amny who says at least. This skill is MADNESS cause you make 2 beams on a enemy who will make damage and after a while FEAR them. But if the target get to long away it will broke and he wont get feared. But seroisly omg i hate Battling Nocturne
who know how to use it only fun when i do it ^^ XD Thats why i love Unspeakable Horror

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Ultimate Skill Paranoia

Yes 95% of all champions have a ultimate skill and this is not a childish noob skill this is serious. Ok it starts like this he turn on the ulitmate and everything for the enemys gets Dark on their minimap. Then he may dash to nearby enemy and deal serious damage to them.
This skill is really helpful when its to catch up to an enemy :3 Yay Paranoia

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Wriggles Lanturn

This the first maiture item for Nocturne that i use its perfect when jungling and farming and u can also put out a free sight ward so you can light up someplace and u get armor, damage and lifesteal like i say very helpful item.
But if u prefer phantom dnacers and OP damage USE it this is only my build.

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Mercury treads OR Berserker Greaves

For me i like to use Mercury treads for defend me from stuns and stuff and use them for move kinda fast but if u wnat go more physical damage u can use Berserker Greaves for attack speed and same speed as mercury its your choose want u want.

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The Brutalizer -> Youmuus Ghostblade

The Brutalizer is a good physical item for damage, Cooldowns and Armor pen. It also turn into one of my favorite items Youmuus Ghostblade. This Item make you gain a lot of damge but as i go i have The Brutalizer whole game anbd get [[Youmuus ghostblade last. I never come that far but some time i get it and then im very heavy damaging.

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The Bloodthirster

This item make really big damage and good for survive Because u get Life steal and heavy attack damage u also gets its passive who gives you damage and more lifesteal when u kill something so this is far the best damaging item he get but don't get it to ealy i get it after The Brutalizer

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The Infinity Edge

Wow long time ago best damage item but um not anymore its like on 4 place but **** that. This item is recommened on the most melee champs like yorick and garen but on Nocturne its awesome like gods Try get this after The Bloodthirster.

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Banshee┬┤s Veil

The only defensive item i use but if make good help i defend skills who give my second skill bonus um not more to tell i give Magic resist, Health And Mana.

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Ok My Runes is
Greater Mark of Attack Speed
Greater Seal of Critical Damage
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
Greater Quintessence of Health Or Greater Quintessence Of Desolation
I wnat as much damage i can get so i try get this health is most usest so i like that runes the most so try have health insteed Armor Pen but amror pen is really good too

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The Spells

(Heres The Spells i Recommend)

Ghost A Good Escape and u get a lot faster also when running on Duskbringer so ge this if u need Speed.

Exhaust The Really best as spell for Nocturne as i think cause the damage lowering and Slow makes good to chase and escape a enemy.

Ignite Really Helpful too Finish of enemys but can be a waste.

Flash Best Escaping tool but i dont us eit often but its really helpful.

Smite The Best jungling tool ever And cause Nocturne is a Jungling Chmapion is very helpful.

(Can Be Useful)

Heal Um dont use it cause he dont need Health healing.

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Skill Sequence

Ok for my going i like to max out Duskbringer first wanna know why OK.
Duskbrinegr is not so mega strong but when standing on it u will be really strong so i try make it max for high damage bonus when standing on it
I max unspeakable horror second cause its very good fear but i focus on he fear not damage.
I Max shroud of darkness last becasue i just use when i try block a ability

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Nocturne is really simple farmer but as said befor u can use a combo with Duskbringer and Umbra blades
for maximal damage and u have the wriggles lanturn so jungling and farming ins really easy ^^
You can also last hit miniins thx for attack speed form Shroud Of Darkness

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Creeping / Jungling

Ok Nocturnes Jungling is quite good it starts easy and get eaiser later ive even seen Nocturnes solo Baron Nashor but ****o that.
Start at The Acient golem who will give u a buff and also start with Shroud Of Darkness for Attack speed Oh i forgot forget exuast and get smite when you jungle.
Then kill the Wolfs,Wraiths And The Lizard elder and you can start gank enemys easy as hell.
You can take the simple golems after Lizard Elder if you want too but i go like this way
If a freind is nice he maybe back you up in the start of blue buff.

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Unique Skills

He is very unique in Team battles with his Duskbringer And Unspeakable Horror So when u play in a team battle u should at least have a point in both of them and u will totally dominate there. And never ever think Nocturne is immortal he isnt just very good champion xD