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Nocturne Build Guide by Narmata

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Narmata

Nocturne Terror Incarnate

Narmata Last updated on December 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Explanation of Nocturne

This is a quick build i threw together it outputs a lot of damage and has the attack speed that is essential for nocturne. This is a basic AD build that will work on most AD carries (the order might get switched around but it will work.)

Nocturne is really an attack speed based champion because of his passive's cooldown reduction ability, the more attack speed you have the more often you will be getting the bonus damage/aoe and life steal. Most of the time when building items I build the attack speed first.

I will continue work on this guide at a later date

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Duskbringer - Q
This move has a substantially long range for a melee character and as such is a great harass move, also should always be used as an initiator due to the bonus attack damage from the trail.
The bonus movement speed of the trail can be used to catch up to enemies that are running away or during initiation to get there faster. I try to cast this on Cooldown every time i can while i am trying to kill someone because when they finally decide it is time to get out there will be a nice trail to follow when they leave.

Shroud of Darkness - W

essentially an activated banshees veil also with an attack speed buff, I use this when i decide it is time to kill someone after I land my first autoattack (early game) or after I get into a team fight (late game). usually people will react to an attack when they realize it isn't just harassment, this is when they usually pop a spell and this ability will take effect

Unspeakable Horror - E

this ability is good for a little bonus damage and a nice fear after a few seconds, the target has to remain in range for the fear so I usually pop this as I am closing the gap on people, after I hit them with Duskbringer(Q), The AP ratio on this is 100% so if you like hybrid items they wouldn't be horrible on him. I think a Guinsoo's Rageblade would work great on him actually. but in that case you would usually delay using this skill until you had 8 stacks for the bonus damage on it (which in my opinion is too much to watch during a fight).

Paranoia - R
this ability allows nocturne to catch up to people, initiate a fight, and gank people very effectively, not only does it allow a HUGE jump to the target (on second "cast") but it darkens out the enemy map so that unless their team is communicating quickly no one knows who is going to get hit. Also don't underestimate the fear you can put into people with this skill even when not around them, the mapwide blackout can be used on its own to scare people into thinking you are somewhere your not (like if you are back at base and there is a team fight going on don't be afraid to use it if you know you wont get in range before the fight is over). Another point of advice in using paranoia is that you still have to have sight on the target whether it be yours or an allied champions. so you can use the jump from the middle of the jungle to an ally in a lane.
Also use caution, if your jumping to an enemy you barely have sight of be wary that they may have friends just out of your sight range I have seen a few nocturnes that have gotten too greedy on a champion at low health jumped to them and instantly got stomped on by 2 enemies who came to help their teammate.

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some closing comments

This build is by no means perfect and the nature of the game is that everything is situational, you may see it necessary during a game to rush madreds because of someone on the other team building health early , or need to throw in a hexdrinker for early game defense against a mage thats killing you. or you might want to go a little hybrid and use a guinsoo's. remember the game is based on situation, I suggest that all LoL players read through the list of items and read all of their abilities at least once so they know their options

pertaining to this build it lacks defense but to me the lifesteal and using his W efficiently provides all I need.