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Nocturne Build Guide by Relapzed

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Relapzed

Nocturne The Blazed Legend (4.20)

Relapzed Last updated on November 21, 2014
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Nocturne Well this isn't going to happen in ranked so you have nothing to worry about. :D
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Update in progress, currently looking for best feral flare replacement.

I will be updating and providing a detailed description of how nocturne works in the jungle with the new changes to Summoners Rift.

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The Build

~The Idea behind the build~

4.20 has brought some significant changes to the jungle and speed farming is no longer what it used to be. Without the feral flare for +30% extra gold early, and with the jungle camps taking considerable longer times to respawn the jungle just doesn't have as much farming potential as before. Currently it looks like the best jungle approach is grinding out the early levels as quickly as possible (or you will get left behind quickly) and to start putting out map pressure. With that being said, trinity force used to be a huge go to item for my previous build, with the sheen proc and phage passive it was a very useful item. Though a lot of people argued against it with having 40% cdr it was extremely viable. Unfortunately I feel that trinity force will no longer be viable, only because there isn't enough gold farming potential in the jungle and to start building into trinity force (phage) would leave the more difficult jungle even more difficult.

TL;DR My suggested build is going to have a complete make over, to better reflect nocturnes strengths in the current patch. I welcome feedback.

New jungle item:

The rangers trailblazer with devourer seems to be a good alternative to feral flare.

The noticeable change here is that you aren't adding any additional damage to nocturne until the item with enchantment is completed. Switching away from attack speed to flat AD damage should balance my previous build. The item essentially gives a boost in attack speed with a completed feral flare effect as soon as the item (plus devourer) is completed, so in a way this is actually extremely helpful. Stacking it seems just as powerful as the flare (if not more so).

With the jungle item completed we will have a pretty efficient attack speed at this point, now we need to work on getting our damage where we need it to be. Like my previous build the majority of our was coming from the Blade of the ruined king further buffed by our attack speed. It's going to be the same story here so we are going to want to finish a botrk right after the jungle item.(of course you don't have complete the item without buying other things first ie: boots, armor, mr)

Assuming we are around mid game right now sitting on completed boots, enchanted jungle item and botrk I'd say we are pretty formidable damage wise, our jungle clearing will be highly efficient as well. Next we need to start getting tanky.

This is where Randuins and spirit visage come into play.
I'm going to go ahead and say these will be our new staple tank items for respective armor and magic resist. I previously had frozen heart to satisfy meeting our CDR cap, but this just won't be necessary without having a build supported by a trinity force. Another small drawback to the frozen heart was that while you gain a good amount of armor the item didn't offer any health. From my experience while armor is most definitely important health is crucial when trying to survive worst case scenarios. So randuins is back in.
Spirit visage should be the obvious choice here for magic resist, I personally don't care for banshee's veil I would rather have increased life-steal and cdr over a easily popped spell shield (besides we already have spell shield).

~This could be subject to change~

6th item pick discussion:

Bloodthirster: This will spike our damage and give us a massive amount of lifesteal in conjuncture with botrk. The shield is also extremely helpful. If we are snowballing in a game, leading the pack this would be the clear choice. If there are people to worry about on the enemy team iceborn or frozen mallet might be more viable.

Iceborn Gauntlet: CDR, armor, sheen proc with aoe slow, mana. These stats just simply arent bad on nocturne, I would go this route if randuins just wasn't offering me as much armor as I need.

Frozen Mallet: Health, small portion of attack damage and slow on auto attack. This item would be the clear choice if the enemy team is scary. The health gained from this item as well as randuins and spirit visage should keep you alive regardless of what over fed champion is coming to handle you. In reality we just need more health and this is the obvious health attack damage item.

Keep in mind:
If you are going against a fed talon or fizz mid you are going to want the most health possible to survive their full rotation.

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Currently it looks like 3 camps total is about as good as it gets for a start. I buy back after the third (cringe) and get the first jungle upgrade and pots. The early jungling is pretty rough, i feel like this was to nerf how quickly some junglers can snowball early in the jungle. With smite having a longer cooldown and camps taking longer to respawn, speed farming is going to have a major facelift. The 750 jungle items are too ****ty to not finish the jungle item first.

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I choose flash over ghost. The reason being is I already have enough movement speed to keep me by the target. If they flash, I can flash to secure. Nocturne is a flash burner. Ghost simply isnt needed, nor any other summoners. Flash makes plays, case closed.

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Nocturne's Itemization and damage output explained:


Simply put, I Effing love nocturne. I've tried many many builds with him and have a good feel for whats optimal. I wanted to build something near perfect, accentuating all of his strengths.

With Feral flare, Trinity Force and Blade of the Ruined King finished you will have a whopping +170% Attack speed. At lvl 18 that should be 1.65 attacks per second and 2.05 attacks per second with spell shield proc'd.

This build is about kit synergy.
Nocturne heavily relies on being faster than his target and so we will do just that.

Movement speed synergy:
Duskbringer: 15-35% movement speed while on the trail towards target
Phage/Trinity Force's Rage: 20% movement speed for basic attacks for 2 seconds, 60% for kills for 2 seconds
Unspeakable Horror: If the spell finishes needless to say the enemy isn't going anywhere.

This along with regular boots is enough to keep up with MOST champions, even udyr, yi and mundo will be stressed out while trying to break away.

Attack speed with botrk synergy:

So we have accomplished the first task, making sure that we are able to continue attacking the enemy. Next we need to make sure we are pumping out enough damage.
Instinctually you may think decking out nocturne with tons of AD items is the way to get his damage rolling. Not necessary.

Botrk's passive hp% per auto attack, along with trinity force is pretty much all you need along with a landed Duskbringer.
With his early/mid and even late game attack speed being stacked, you quite literately shred enemies.

Consider his mid/late game damage in this way:
~Engagement with passive off cooldown~
You initiate with a successful Q(Duskbringer). We will ballpark this at 300-400 damage.
(while on the approach to the enemy we are going to start up our unspeakable horror, which adds some additional AP damage)
Next the first auto attack with Nocturne's passive as well as trinity forces proc.
Thats 120% of his attack damage + 200% of his attack damage. Not to mention botrk's 8% current health damage. Blam
1-2 Auto attacks (plus botrk damage)
Did I mention the 25-100 AP damage per autoattack from the flare as well. (It is extremely common to have a minimum of 50 stacks by the end of the game)
Assuming they have flash up, they have likely flashed at this point (after you gank them once they will be terrified of you and will be quick to flash any time you come near).
Assuming they don't have flash up they're screwed unless they have some form of cc, in which case they are only delaying the inevitable.
With no flash or cc we are going to get another few free auto's (with botrk just causing mayhem regardless of how tanky they are).
They are dead at this point if not sooner. Not mentioning spell shielding the enemies most useful ability or using Nocturne's ultimate.

Tips for nocturne ult:
This is like free money. Seriously. Long range kill securing of enemies with low hp. Using as a gap closer to enemies that start giving you the slip. Singling out high priority targets and removing them quickly. $$$Free money$$$.
Note: On route to the enemy you need to be prepared to Duskbringer the enemy IMMEDIATELY, IMMEDIATELY followed by unspeakable horror(fear). If you do this quick enough the enemy will simply not have enough time to react before they are already almost dead.

Minimal discussion about tank items: You may be thinking "Where is the early randuins? Where is the sunfire cape?" Tanking items simply aren't needed until later in the game. By going tank early you are limiting your burst damage and speed farming abilities. This is a build of sure confidence, anybody who is trying to step to nocturne is going to get obliterated. Enemy champions are nothing more than a small detour from your jungle to get more money. Season 4 jungling is all about speed farming. We want to be the highest level champion in the game and we want to have more items than anyone in the game. Nocturnes sheer strength carries him through early/mid game.

Late game tanking: We have been dominating the early/mid game but we are approaching the time where even a person who has been set back can come up with a large amount of burst. So we don't want to be vulnerable to that.

Continuing the synergy with 40% cdr (10% from runes/masteries):
Grabbing Armor,MR and 30% cdr with 2 items is amazing. It just makes a godly nocturne that much more godly. With 40% cooldown reduction you will be casting Nocturne's abilties that much more often which is extremely helpful for Trinity force procs, not to mention being able Ult more often. It's win win.
Frozen heart and spirit visage round out Nocturnes stats (the aforementioned armor,magic resist and 30% cdr) while building on his already insanely good kit. We want to be just big enough to be able to 1v2/1v3 people (thats right I said it) and not get wrecked by turrets.