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Shyvana Build Guide by Kiyomitsu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kiyomitsu

[Not Troll] Ap Shyvana - Or How to burn squishy ap babies.

Kiyomitsu Last updated on October 21, 2012
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Offensive (a bit squishy)



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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, my name's Kiyomitsu it's my first guide on Mobafire.
And today I would show you one of my new pleasure in League of legends : AP SHYVANA
Before the start reading, know that i'm not english, so i don't talk quite good english, (i'll do my best ;))

Let's start :

Shyvana is usually a solotop or a jungler, I often play her like this, but I got bored of that, so I decided to play her as an ap mid (I'll see later for the Ap top x))
She's a great jungler due to her W (Burnout) what give her a great mobility, it's the same mobility what will be really usefull versus a ranged ap mid.

Shyvana has 2 ap ratios

- On her E (: Fire breath)

- On her Ultimate skill (R : Dragon's descent)

The E will be perfect to harassing the enemy Ap mid, then, at level 6 you'll can do an easy kill at mid.

You'll understand better all here abilities thanks to Ciderhelm :

Then, i'll show you some game with shyvana :

Ad Shyvana (we were 4v5, it was hard)

Then Ap shyv (that was my first try on Dominion mode) :

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Rp / history

There are those few dragons in Runeterra who have mastered the intense magical energies that course through their unique anatomies, evolving into an elusive Celestial Dragon. These powerful and enigmatic creatures spend most of their time hidden away from the lands of men. However, there are those who find themselves drawn to civilization and who take on human forms to immerse themselves in the world of humans. Occasionally, one finds itself drawn to the spirit of a human and they have relations. Sometimes, in the slimmest of odds, the union will bear fruit and that offspring will be one of the few half-dragons to have graced Runeterra. Shyvana is one such creature, born to a simple Demacian farm-girl and her Celestial Dragon father. Left to be raised by her mother, her oddities were something that couldn't be hidden from her community, though she was protected by her family. Once her family had perished in disaster, she was left alone for the first time - truly alone. Shyvana quickly became an outsider and it wasn't long before the community's fear began to put her in danger. Facing mortal danger at the business end of an angry mob, she was rescued by the traveling noble, Jarvan Lightshield. The noble was a man who strangely knew exactly what she was and took her under his wing. It wasn't long before she was offered a chance to use her natural skills in the service of Demacia, as Jarvan initiated her as one of the elite guard. Following Jarvan into the League of Legends was only natural.

Shyvana is a fierce warrior, with the blood of one of the most powerful magical predators in all creation flowing through her veins. Unlike some of her fellows, she is a subdued personality - somber, cool, and collected. However, when the moment strikes, her draconian heritage manifests and there are few that can stare her in the eyes and not feel the primal urge to flee.

''By the blood of my father, I will end you!''
- Shyvana

Ps : If u like rp join my chat channel + take a Sunfire cape ;)

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Pros / Cons


- Really mobile, great escape if ganked at mid
- Nice harass if ap (aimiming)
- Aoe damages with ult + E when Ap
- Counter lot of mids, (no mana btw)
- Can gank fast at top or bot when mid
- She's A ****ING DRAGON


- Not a real ap mid, so not ranged
- Need Dfg + Lichbane to make tons of damages
- Vayne and Jarvan are Dragon hunters :(
- I think u don't read this, so I'm writing what I want

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For items :

Defensive build

- Boots, 3 health potions (not mana potions, u don't need ! ;))

- Kage's lucky pick, catalsyte protector

- Ionia lucidity boots

- Deathfire gasp

- Rod of ages

- Lich bane

- Rylaï cristal scepter

- Guardian angel


- Amplifying tome + 2 health potions

- Boots of speed + Kage's lucky pick

- Ionia lucidity boots - Sheen

- Deathfire gasp

- Lichbane

- Void staff

- Hextech Gunblade

- Guardian Angel

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I take usually :


Beacause as u know if u have seen Ciderhelm video, attack speed is really interesting on Shyvana.

And Ignite, beacause it's still a super summoner spell, and sometimes it can be usefull vs vladimir or any mid with will of ancients.


To increase her mobility, i take a ghost.

For more mobility


If you're dominated.

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Updates :

Rod of ages is changed by Banshee's veil.