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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jhin Build Guide by Notorious LUX

Notorious L.U.X.'s Guide to Jhin (8.19)

Notorious L.U.X.'s Guide to Jhin (8.19)

Updated on October 2, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Notorious LUX Build Guide By Notorious LUX 8,431 Views 0 Comments
8,431 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Notorious LUX Jhin Build Guide By Notorious LUX Updated on October 2, 2018
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Okay so everyone who has played Jhin knows that he isn't the easiest ADC to pick up. That being said, with my experience playing Jhin for the last few weeks(today is 10/2/18) i have noticed improvements in all aspects of my performance in the ADC role. Not just with Jhin, but with all the ADC champs that i play.

Everyone also knows that Jhin does insane ammounts of damage due to his passive, "Whisper." He scales very well into the late game even if you didn't do so hot early on. I believe he was made this way for a few reasons:
- He is classified as a Marksman/Assassin
- His passive doesn't let him build any attack speed with items, which for ADC's is a stat that is favored and also important
- RIOT wanted to make an ADC marksman that could one shot you. In retrospect, this is why he was made to be somewhat challenging to learn and play

Overall, i can see why his pick/win rate is always at the top of list. Personally, he is on the top of my list(and will stay there) of ADC's i like to play.
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- As a first item it allows Jhin to do a decent ammount of damage. Also, SR's passive scales with his kit fairly well.

Statikk Shiv, Infinity Edge, Rapid Firecannon:

Why Statikk before RFC?
- Statikk Shiv helps with wave clear for better farming

Why two zeal items?
- Through his passive, he not only gains extra damage from attack speed, but also critical strike chance, which is why having 100% crit is deadly.

Why these zeal items?
- Both items have an energized passive that gives you bones damage on hit, you do the math ;)

Bloodthirster: As a last item, that 80 AD gives you a solid power spike.

Boots of Swiftness: Didn't i already say Jhin is slow?
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Hail of Blades
- Does more damage, rather than give you a burst of attack speed through his passive.

Cheap Shot
- Most people choose to take Taste of Blood in this slot. However, I make most use of his W ability, which stuns enemies that recently taken damage from you or a teammate. That means more damage.

Eyeball Collection
- More damage

Ravenous Hunter
- Only because his Ultimate is not needed to be used any more often that you already do or don't.


- Ya boy Jhin is slow LOL.

Gathering Storm
- More damage? YES PLEASE!
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Early game:

Farming with Jhin in the early laning phase can be irritating or even somewhat difficult. Here are a few tips:

- Be patient
- Wait until minion is low enough on health to last hit, rather than auto attacking to wear down its health
- Try your best not to let any CS go to waste
- Do not worry if the enemy ADC is ahead in CS, catching up will be easier down the road
- Your support might tell you to stop, but Jhin's Q strikes multiple targets, and is very helpful when farming. use it primarily when a group of 2 or more minions(next to or close to each other) that are low enough on health to die from this ability

Mid-Late Game:

- Come mid to late game farming becomes easier with the ammount of damage you do plus statikk shiv
- Try to be the guy that clears pushes waves in lanes that you don't have momentum in to continue farming, but don't make it a priority over being there in team fights when they need you
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Notorious LUX
Notorious LUX Jhin Guide
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Notorious L.U.X.'s Guide to Jhin (8.19)

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