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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skazmat

Now you see him, now you dont

Skazmat Last updated on March 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my guide to playing AD shaco. AD is not the only way to play Shaco but in my opinion this is the best way to play him. This set up I use may not be the best but it has rarely failed me and i have found myself getting a lot of kills with little deaths.

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Again nothing you havent seen before 21/0/9. the 21 points in offense will help your damage output, along with giving you some attack speed and CD reduction. The 9 points in utility will give you health and mana regen, improved ghost, more exp and increased neutral buff duration.

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Pretty standard runes for most melee, the armor pen is good for taking down anyone and everyone, the crit runes will help you land those big crits when using deceive, and the CD reduction is great the more you can use your abilities the more damage you can put out.

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Summoner Spells

Good summoner spells for Shaco

Ghost - Good for esccaping and chasing down enemies taking advantage of your passive by hitting them in the back

Exhaust - Helps to escape and slow enemies down when they run, again taking advantage of your passive

Ignite - To finish them off when they use ghost,exhaust or you just cant land the last hit

Alright summoner spells for Shaco

Smite - Only if you plan on jungling

Teleport - Helps to travel across and map and defend towers

Just NO summoner spells for Shaco

Flash - I dont really see the points deceive (Q) is basically flash

Fortifiy - Your not the tank, nuff saif

All the rest

The rest of the summoner spells are all about how you play, if you like to spam every ability every chance you get then use Clarity, if your new and feel like you need to run around with heal use it, paranoid and think the other team is always trying to gank you use Clairvoyance

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Skills my way

Ok, this is were a lot of people will disagree with the way I select my skills, I do not findjax in the box usefull at all so it is the last skill i max,

DECEIVE (Q) - I like the max Q first because it is a good escaping and chasing ability that will also give you 120% bonus physical damage when you max it, which i why i max it first

TWO-SHIV POISON (E) - The second ability I max is your E, this is great for last hitting minions in a lane where getting close to the minions wave is suicide. E can also put out decent damage but along with its damage it will slow them giving you a chance to catch up and land your passive which is 20% bonus damage when striking from behind

HALLUCINATE (R) - this is a great ability put points in it when you get a chance lvl 6,11,16 this ability dublicats Shaco making you twice as deadly and when you clone dies it will explode dealing a large amount of damage. When you activate your R ability and buffs you have say from starks will stack giving you 2x the bonus of starks. This is also very usefull for baiting because you can controll it buy using "ALT and RIGHT CLICK" also helps with tower diving you clone goes in first and takes the damage while you kill the enemy champ

JACK IN THE BOX (W) - Ok my least favourite of his abilities, your W will place down a jack in the box or a "Jitb" and it will be invisible for 1 minute and 30 seconds, if an enemy minion or champions walks close to it, it will pop up and fear them and begin shooting at them. The reason I max this last is because the boxes are often set off by minions and if the enemies dont go into the bush you have just wasted time. mana, and skill points.

* Side note * the only time I will put a point in JitB or W is if i am going to get the blue buff at the start of the game. if you plan on doing that you will want to place about 5 Jitb's behind were the golem spawns just melee it and it will drop qucik and by doing this you will reach lvl 2, if you take smite as a summoner ability you will only need 3 JitB's to take down golem.

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Sheen - This will help your early game damage a lot along with your late game damage and will also give you enough mana to sustain spaming abilities. this can later be turned into a lich bane or a trinity force *Honestly have never gotten far enough into a game to buy either*

Ionian's botts of lucidity - boots are pretty much a personal choice because all boots are good, I just find the CD reduction on these to make a big difference and not waste a slot in your inventory.

Madreds Bloodrazer - this will give you a little bit of everything, damage, attack speed, and armour, buying this will also help you shred through high health enemies because of its passive it will deal 4% of the targets maximum health as magic damage. may not seem like a lot but it will help a ton.

Infinity edge - Increases your critical strike from 200% to 250% which after you deceive you are guaranteed to crit for 120% physical damage given deceive is lvl 5, also the 75 damage is great

Phantom Dancer - Great on Shaco gives you a lot of attack speed, along with crit chance, and a little extra speed

Whats last you ask, this is your choice I have never gotten past this part of my build so what to get i have no clue, you could get Bloodthirster since I have no life steal, Starks unless someone on your team has bought one already, Defense magic or physical depending on who they have, BECAUSE THEY WILL FOCUS YOU WHEN THEY SEE THEIR TEAM DROPPING LIKE FLIES TO THE MIGHTY SHACO.

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Thank You

This has been my guide to AD Shaco.

*feel free to comment whether your trolling or giving advice*

*If you have questions or concerns with why or what im doing just ask*

*Sorry for spelling mistakes and punctuation feel free to correct that those of you who are grammar police*

*Sorry for the lack of pictures and fun colours first guide wasnt to sure how to add picture im sure it was right infront of me"