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Brand Build Guide by Aveniess

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aveniess

Now you're ready to set the world on fire

Aveniess Last updated on March 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome, to my Brand guide. This guide helps with both mid lane and side lane, so enjoy!

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I get 9 magic penetration marks to increase my damage on enemies, 9 health seals, because Brand is very squishy and could use health. 9 Cooldown reduction Glyphs, so my burst combo will be easier to obtain. Getting mana glphs is also a good choice. Finally, 3 Hp % Quintessences, making my health runes more effective. This also makes getting 'Rylai's Crystal Scepter' and 'Rod Of Ages', worth wild.

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I take 21/9/0. Taking as much spell damage as possible in offense, and getting more health from Defense. The extra heath also increases my Quintessences' effect.

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Taking Doran's Ring at level one, boots and then Rylai's Crystal Scepter afterwards if Side laning. If you're going mid, take Doran's ring at level one. Save up gold without buying any items (Besides potions) to get Rabadon's Deathcap as soon as possible. Afterwards, boots, then Rylai's. OPTIONAL ITEMS: To replace items like 'Will of the Ancients', buy a Deathfire Grasp, increasing your burst damage by ALOT.

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Item Explanation

Taking Doran's ring at level one, granting me some AP, some needed mana regen for laning and 100 extra health. Also increasing my Quintessences' effect. Rabadons to massively increase damage dealt, allowing you to kill them no matter what with one proper burst early game. Rylai's Crystal Scpeter to make sure that they can't escape you thanks to your burst, granting you additional damage for your burst and health. Again, also increasing my Quintessences' effect. Zhonya's Hourglass; granting armor for less damage from melees, allowing you to sustain more damage from the majority of the enemy team. It also grants major AP. Increasing Rabadon's effect. And best of all, when used, freezes you in place for two seconds. This is key to a burst mage's burst combo. Especially against tanks. Bursting a tank won't kill them, but being able to do it twice without taking any damage will surly do something. As for the last item; Will of the ancients. This is probably the least usefull item most of the time unless on low Hp. It's great for gaining it back while dealing massive damage to the enemy.

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Skill sequence

Taking 'Pillar of Flame' at level one because it does the most damage out of all abilities and can hit multiple targets. It also has the longest range. Taking 'Sear' at level one would be useless, because the stun wouldn't work unless hitting the enemy with another one of your spells. Pick up 'Sear' at level two, allowing you to stun the enemy, good for dealing more damage, catching up and escaping if having good aim. At level 3, pick up 'Conflagration'. This ability is good for farming, but only after using 'Pillar of Flame', or 'Sear' because of it's effect from Brand's passive. This ability doesn't do much damage, but it can hit multiple enemies if Ablazed and is best for starting your burst combo. Upgrade 'Pillar of Flame' most because of it's poking capability, it's an AoE, does most damage and again, has the farthest range. Upgrade 'Conflagration' second most, because it has no chance to miss an enemy, unlike 'Sear' Which until late game, is just for it's stun.

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Burst combo

To a single target, use 'Conflagration', 'Sear', 'Pillar Of flame' and finally Ult. If attacking multiple enemies use 'Sear', 'Pillar Of flame', 'Conflagration' and finally ult. If wanting to save an ally or catch a running enemy, or you're being bursted down by 1-2 targets. Use this--
'Conflagration', 'Sear', 'Pillar of Flame' and finally, Ult. (If having Deathfire Grasp, always use it after these abilities, maxing it's damage).

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Summoner spells

For going mid, You should probably get two of these; Heal, Clarity, ignite, Ghost. Since you're in mid, Flash isn't so usefull. But it is a good choice none the less. Teleport is also a good option, but I don't recommend using it.

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To farm, use Pillar of Flame on the back minions, then hit one with Conflagration to hit all of them. Most of the time (Level 4+), It will kill them. To max the damage from this combo, use sear on one back minion, hit them with Pillar of Flame (Activating it's 15% more damage effect) and finally hitting them with Conflagration. This does deal the most damage and almost surly grants the kills, but wastes the most mana.

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If choosing to gank, Use Conflagration when in range, Pillar of Flame in the direction they're running towards, hit them with Sear as they get Pillared, then ult. By this time you and your ally should have killed the enemy depending on what items he has, also what damage your ally did.

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Team work

Team work is key with Brand, as saving your allies and helping them out is easy with proper aim. If an ally is running, hit the enemy with Conflagration, Sear and Pillar infront of them. This will stun them, allowing your ally 2 seconds of movement and most of the time get that enemy to low Hp, if this is the case; then Ult and finish him.

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If you want a high damage dealing/sustaining guide, then you've found it. Thank you for checking it out, hope you enjoyed!