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League of Legends Build Guide Author Su!zz0r


Su!zz0r Last updated on January 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings Summoner!
Welcome to my personal Katarina Rage Build.
My Build is focussing on AP (except the last Item), I tried out many ways (AD,Hybrid, etc.) and AP is my favorite way because it does tons of more damage, has a good survivability, and is even cheaper then most Hybrid builds!

Please always remember while reading this Guide, I use Katarina as an extreme Nuker!
Also this is my first Build, please post improvement idea's in comments and give Feedback!

The build goes with huge AP and Magic Penetration runes to max out your nuke damage.
The reason why I go 21-9-0 and not 21-0-9 is that dodge + some armor is better then tiny health regen.

Let's Start with some Basic Information about Katarina

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Pros and Cons

Katarina in Summary


  • Awesome Nuker (Kill multiple squishies in less then 5 Seconds)
  • Good Survivability (almost 2.9K Life @ Lvl 18, awesome for a Nuke Champion)
  • Best Nuker Ultimate ingame (Slap down 3 Enemys simultaneously)
  • Good Harrasser


  • Bad Farming Potential (You need very much Equipment to 1-Hit Minions with Bouncing Blades)
  • Ultimate can be Disabled (If you're good in positioning, you won't get disabled)

I'll go on with Summoner Spells

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Summoner Spells

Perfect Spells

Perfect Chase/Escape booster
MUNDO NOT LIKES FIRE. Also great for Firstblood/Chase/Escape
In combination with your Ultimate... unstoppable

Optional Spells

Having trouble with CC/Stun?

I personally never use Cleanse or other Spells then Ghost,Ignite,Exhaust. Katarina is a nuker and with these tools you make your nuke excellent. Every other Spells aren't Katarina friendly. Flash is just Overkill (Shunpo with ~5cd IS enough) The rest isnt good for nuking.

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Early Game

Pick your Starting items and go for your Lane. and 3x
But why? Most people buy Doran's Shield first to lane longer. WRONG I say! Doran's Shield is much more expensive, 3 Potions will keep you longer on the lane. Just think about this case: You run with your Doran's Shield let's say Mundo is standing in front of you and hits you and hits you. You activate your Potion, you get another hit and one more. You're outta HP you need to go to the base really fast. Now think about having a bit more Movement Speed and 3 Potions (~600 Heal in Total). The Goal is to reach Level 6 on the first Run! Keep that in mind.

Always remember to keep Harrassing, using Bushes to get in Range. Usually I first test my opponents. I Shunpo to him and fast run behind your minions. That's the test, you'll see if he has good reactions and instant Attack you or not. If not you can harrass quite more using Shunpo sometimes after Bouncing Blade, if the situation is good. Try not to get many hits (from minions aswell) and try to spare your Potions.

If you Dominate the Lane

  • Keep Farming/Killing, get some quick cash without recieving much damage, if you have 1000 Gold and you have atleast 1 Potion left and you think you can get a lote more then keep on farming up to 2000 Gold. Go back to buy if you miss some Gold get atleast Boots +
If not
  • Try to atleast get 750 Gold for the Magic Penetration helps you a lot

Reach Level 6 and start to get your some kills. Harrassing first is always a good method.
Then start with repeat or (check Cooldown's, also check Summoner Spells)

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Mid Game

Start helping out on other lanes (if your's isn't in danger). Try to fill your
You have to be always in move, you have nothing to farm/kill/gank try to jungle a little (All your skills are "No Cost" use it to your advantage). You can go for blue buff, if you haven't someone in your team who is extremely mana consuming and not having enough items to provide himself.

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Late Game

If you reached Level 18 including the full Item build go for this additional Items.

(Oracle only if enemy Team has )

Why? You're still earning money and cant use it, so buy all Elixir's possible.
Don't worry if your Inventory is full, bought Potions will activate automatically.

(Note: 1x gives about 84,5 AP with )

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The Perfect Escape

If you ever get in danger, always remember that works with ally champions, minions and wards. Your team needs good team work to use that skill efficiently. Before you even play tell your mates how works. I recommend TeamSpeak 3, best communication to make quick and efficient moves with your lovely W-Skill. Also keep in mind that your Shunpo teleports Katarina behind her target! Important if you want to save a mate from any *not-penetrating-skillshot* such as

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Killer Instincts

This skill has a few ways of rage. You can either use it to make your hitting harder or use the Damage Redcution after combining it with

If you are farming (Lane or Jungle) always check the minimap, if no enemy is in sight be very carefull!! (Your Stacks are important!) When you see almost everyone being busy with sometheing you can use the bonus damage of to farm minions. In team fights always use it for Damage Reduction!