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Nunu Build Guide by Frogendogs

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frogendogs

NUNU getting carried in 5.12

Frogendogs Last updated on July 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Nunu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Rengar Rengar could be hard or could be easy. You need to shut down the rengar early through counter jungling to win. this shouldn't be to hard. If it gets to the point where he can two shot your carry, you will useless because you have no one to effectively blood boil. However if the renagar is not fed and doing mediocre damage than you can easily peel as rengar rely s on sticking to his enemies.
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Hi guys i am a North American player currently in gold. I main Shaco and of course Nunu. I typically play nunu when duo queuing or don't feel like carrying. Nunu is great because he can peel for his adc while giving him a attack and movement speed steroid. Unlike other solo queue champions like Shaco where you play to carry, Nunu is different because you sit back and let your adc do their job

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Nunu's passive help with his mana problems in the jungle. Running attack speed runes on him is viable so can proc this passive more frequently. Make sure you use this passive on his ice blast as it uses the most mana, avoid using it for consume as it uses least mana

Consume makes him annoying for other jungle in the game. With consume nunu can easily steal buffs, dragons and baron. He can counter jungle fast as he has an extra smite on hand with a heal.

Blood boil is the secret to winning games. Blood boil give him and a teammate an attack and movement speed steroid. The extra stats give your adc the leg up on the other carry, giving you the advantage in a fight.

ice blast works well in conjunction with your blood boil. Nunu cannot only buff his adc but peel effectively with the consume slow.

This is what makes Nunu known in the league community. With this Nunu build his ult wont be used as damage but more so for the cc slow. However in the early game his ult does substantial damage so take advantage of that before the enemy starts getting tanky.

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Absolute Zero

Nunu's ultimate when used right can deal tons of damage and and slow the enemy for a long time. When used incorrectly is can literally do nothing. Knowing this his ultimate is very game changing so use it wisely. Nunu's ultimate can be cancelled by silences, knock up, stuns or any other cc's except slows. Because of this it is crucial to be aware of cool downs when playing Nunu to avoid getting your ult cancelled.

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Tips and Tricks

    When getting a leash make sure you don't consume until you take some damage, this prevent and wasted heal from your consume
    When stealing or securing scuttles, barons dragons and buffs, Consume first and half way through the animation use your smite. When done right this will give the enemy absolutely zero chance of stealing.
    If a teammates running away in the jungle quickly hide in a bush and start your ult. Right when the enemy steps in range your ult with do tons of damage to all of them. Don't do this late game however because your ult does no damage and only used for cc
    You don't always have to blood boil your adc, you can blood boil your top lane tryndamere also. us your discretion.

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Nunu is a pretty straight forward jungler however I have two trips to increase efficiency

1.Use consume or iceblast right after you auto attack for more dps.

2.Use your passive visionary on your iceblast to conserve the most mana.

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Around 7-15 minutes it is a good idea to gank bottoms lane to get the tower or dragon. Nunu is great at getting tower because he can blood boil his team. He's also good at taking dragon and baron because of his consume smite combo so easily secure them. It is a good idea to take scuttle before dragons or barons for the movement speed in case of a fight.

If it comes to it and you gank bottom or make a play to easily get dragon or towers. You can always solo the dragon. When doing so make sure you have a vision ward and keep your eyes on mid and bot. Nunu can solo dragon around level 6 after you get your cinderhulk item. Keep in mind the consume smite come, you dont want your hard work to go to waste with a smite steal.