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Nunu General Guide by harrydebanaan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author harrydebanaan

Nunu - The op yeti

harrydebanaan Last updated on May 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, let's start off introducing myself. I am HarryDeBanaan. I've been palying league for about 2-3 years now, and i am currently in the gold division (but im climbing due to this build).

This is a guide on how to Nunu. A lot of people say he is troll, but i actually really like his kit. He has great jungle sustain, great peal, great objective controll and a nice steroid for the adc.

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Pros / Cons

-Anoying for the other team
-Awesome steroid for the adc
-Great jungle sustain
-Huge slows in his kit
-Attackspeed debuf for the enemy

-Slowish clears
-Mèh ganks
-Does no damage early on

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Why these runes?

Attackspeed reds - I really like attackspeed reds on Nunu, due to his passive. His passive allows him to cast a spell without the mana cost after 5 basic attacks. This means you wont be spending as much mana in the jungle, so you are able to pull off better and more ganks. The attackspeed also helps with the cleartime.

Scaling health yellows - I have chosen for these runes because Nunu doesnt really skills with anything. So just becomming the meatshield and giving your adc a steroid is the best way to go. These runes are also awesome because of cinderhulk, 25% more hp, so basicly when you are lvl 18, you have got 250 free hp (which is better that 10 armor imo).

Cooldown blues - Since Nunu relies purely on his spells, i think cd blues are awesome. You are able to consume more for more sustain int the jungle. You can w your adc more often in fights. You can slow and lower the attackspeed of enemies with your e more frequent. And ofcourse, your bread and butter in teamfights, your ultimate, can be cast a few times more.

Cooldown quin - same as above
2 Movementspeed quins - You're Nunu, you want to get everywhere really fast for objectives and counter jungling.

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(9) - I really like these particular offensive masteries since you get more attackspeed for your passive, more ad for better clears and a little bit more sustain when you kill units.

(18) - Just your regular defensive masteries, minus three. Why minus three?

(3) - Movementspeed, yes! Since a jungler is basicly a Ethiopian marathon runner who helps everybody, the movementspeed is nice. More movementspeed = more mappressence = better team = gg wp

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You start of with a hunters machete, two pots and a trinket. It seems like you are just like the others.

Stalkers blade - Hmm, more cc, i like it! It results in better ganks, which Nunu really needs. If you feel like your clears are too slow, you can switch this one out for a trailblazer, but then you will be more farm oriented, instead of objective oriented.

Cinderhulk upgrade - If you dont know yet, this is op. Stack hp and you will get 25% more hp out of it. Oh, have i told yet that it burns your enemies when they are near?

Merc treads - More tenacity, more mr, more movementspeed. Quite nice, this allows you to not be rooted for forever and protect you carries better. also the early mr helps since you have got almost none due to your runes and masteries.

Iceborn gauntlet - Why you ask? Let me tell you. The iceborn gauntlet gives you armor, which is nice since cinderhulk doesnt gives any resistances. But now the fun part, every ability you cast, now gives your next auto attack a aoi slow and does a ****load of damage (in terms for Nunu). You can finally 1v1 the other jungler, awesome! But wait, there's more, in teamfights, your role is to protect and buff the carries. With the gauntlet, you have got extra cc, which can occure every other second. Combine that with your e and ultimate, and they will never get to your carry! Excelent item, 10/10 would buy again.

Warmogs - One of the reasons cinderhulk is op. This green vest gives you 800 hp, but combine that with the extra 25% hp you get from cinderhulk, and suddenly this is one of the best items for the money you pay for it.

Frozen heart - They got a Vayne? -Frozen heart. They got a Jax? -Frozen heart. They got any other carry that relies on 100% on auto attacks? -Frozen heart. (You also get 400 mana for your pescy mana costs)

Randuins omen - This is one of those items that is huge! It gives a **** load of armor and hp (which scales nice with cinderhulk remember). Also, if they attack you, they will get 15% less attackspeed for 1 second, take that vayne! And uhm, if you thought you had enough cc, you're wrong. Click on this item and you will slow all surrounding enemies for 35% movementspeed for atleast 2 seconds. (If you get a ****load of armor and mr, it will slow them longer.)

Thornmail - If their ad's are actually dumb enough to focus you, you should buy this. Why you ask? Because it returns 30% of the damage! Combine that with 100 armor, and you will be asking the enemy caitlyn why she is hitting herself.

Locket of the iron solari - This is one underrated item. You are like oprah; YOU GET SOME MR, YOU GET SOME MR, EVERYBODY GETS SOME MR! (and healthregen, but nobody cares). Some other stats are cd, which is awesome, hp, which is evenmore awesome (cinderhulk baby) and ofcourse more mr for yourself. All things put together, this is a little like the Frozen heart for ap.

Spirite vissage - You get this item when their ap's are fed and when they are the reason you died the last time. It gives quite nice stats if you're in that situation, it gives mr so those ap's wont be doing as much damage. It gives a nice passive and 10% cdr, that allows you to heal more from your consume and cast your spells more often. And last but not least, a nice amount of hp (i think you get the cinderhulk passive, right?)

Banshee's Veil - The one time you get this item is when they burst you down with ap... wich is almost never. But for that one time it does happen, you will be prepared!

And last but not least, please upgrade your trinket! 250 gold for infinite wards, why dont you guys see that this is op??

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Passive - pretty straight forward. Every 5th auto attack, your next skill will become free of charge.

Q - Consume, this one gives you nice sustain in the jungle since it heals you, gives you a buff depending on which jungle camp you are eating and it deals massive damage to any unit except for champions.

W - Blood boil, this ability gets your blood going, you will run faster, you will attack faster. But that is not all! You can give it to your adc (or any other champion) aswell! At max lvl, you will give them and yourself almost double attackspeed. This is what godmode means for adc's/.

E - Ice ice, baby! You slow your enemies, lower their attackspeed and you chunk them for a reasonable amount. It costs a lot of mana tho, only use it on camps when your passive is ready. Champions on the other hand, may take a snowball to the face at every opportunity.
In teamfights it's key to use this ability on their adc (since it lowers their attackspeed) or on anone who wants to get to your carries (as it slows them for a massive amount)

R - Absolute zero, this is the ability where you create a massive area around you, which slows enemies and when done casting or interupted, it deals a ton of damage (depending on how much you have channeled). This ability is awesome in teamfights as this is the only time you will get a full channel off and just chunk everybody so hard you will win the fight.

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Skill Sequence

Max e first - your e is very important, it slows the enemy, it gives them lower attackspeed and it does nice damage as it progresses through the lvls.

What you max after that is your choice, if you feel like your adc can is good, max w for him to get into godmode. But if you feel like he is doing fine, that just go for your q, it makes your clears a lot faster, so you can have more map pressence.

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Nunu is one awesome champion if played correctly. He is one hell of a anoying champion to play against and his objective control is huge! Want a turret? -W you and the laner for a quick takedown. Want dragon or baron? -Just q+smite for 2000 damage (at lvl 18). And even with this build, you can do some damage to champions.

If you want to be the king of the jungle, play Nunu.

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The end

Thanks a lot for reading this guide on how i play Nunu! If you see any grammar errors or some false information, contact me :)

Have a nice day!


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