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Shyvana Build Guide by Rederth

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rederth

Offtank Charmander

Rederth Last updated on November 7, 2011
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Hey there, this is my first build on MOBAFIRE so please bear with me as I add and improve with time. This build is for Shyvana and how I believe she should be played most effectively. Many builds I have seen so far have focused on her with attack speed or attack damage. I don't think that is the correct way to build her seeing as she can be focused down really easily and with no CC if they survive your burst you cannot do too much. Lets get talking about my specific choices.

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Pros / Cons

- You can get in close and stay there
- You have access to 2 flashes
- You are very difficult to kill but remain deadly
- You can type CHARMANDER in allcaps essentially all game.

- CS is pretty important so you dont want to lane with carries.
- No CC without buff or phage
- You can't 1v5 them very often. Remember to keep teammates nearby
- You can be very position reliant. Most damage comes from in front so scattered enemies cause your damage to be reduced.

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AS Marks

Typically this is a terrible choice as armor pen is superior almost all of the time. The reason I have attack speed is because it gives you a flat bonus to help synergize with your passive. This prevents the need for any early game AS items while still being able to last hit fairly effectively. We don't use armor pen because our full damage potential isn't from auto attacks but a combination of our abilities plus hard hitting combos with our Dragons Bite.

Armor Seals

Armor is a typical choice for anyone who doesn't use mana. On Shyvana it is particularity strong because it helps you survive as you push into melee range. Combined with your items and your Ultimates passive, you will be one very hard champion to take down with flat attacks.

MR/lvl Glyphs

I choose MR/lvl because it also improves upon Shyvana's ultimate and gives you much needed Magic Resistance to help you survive burst damage from mages. I opt for per level because in the early game spells wont hit you that hard whereas late game the bonus points help scale down the opposing teams magic penetration.

Health Quints

Easily my favourite Quint and should be used on most heroes. Gives you an early game boost, extra damage from Atma's and generally makes you tankier without opting for tank only items.

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The mastery selection is easily up for debate. You can go a multitude of routes but I opt for an offense and utility hybrid build. The offensive tree gives you magic penetration for your burnout while providing additional attack speed and crucial cooldown reduction. I spec far into utility however to give you both flash and quickness, as well as two points into Utility Mastery to help keep golem buffs on you for longer. There is also argument for going into the defense tree however I believe we are tanky enough as it is. Additional damage with chase is the best suited for my play style.

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I start with a Regrowth Pendant and a Health potion as a starter because it gives you a few bucks into your fast Warmogs Armor while giving you a ton of sustain in the early game. If you lose a bunch of life early on become very passive and only try to last hit with your passive until you regenerate enough health to participate more in the lane.

Boots is an obvious second item because they are crucial on any hero. The only time I don't get this item second is if I can get a good enough farm without returning that I can purchase Atma's as my second item (before the 10 minute mark).

Chainvest is the first half of an early Atma's that I purchase because the critical strike wont help you as much as the additional armor early game. Either is acceptable but I vastly prefer the sustainability over the bonus possible damage.

Atma's Impailer is my first major purchase. It may seem questionable to purchase this item at all, let alone so early. The best way to think of Atma's is it is 20 damage per 1000 health you have. At the end of your build you are going to be hovering around 4000 health so it gives you a whopping 80 attack damage for only 2300 cash. By the time you can afford this, you should be around 1000-1500 health with no other bonus items meaning you gain 45 armor, 18 critical strike and 20 damage that scales as the game goes on. It is the most crucial damage item in this build because it allows you to get frozen mallet while still providing decent damage from it.

I complete Mercury Treads now because the bonus movespeed coupled with the MR and Tenacity are just too good to pass up. Crucial for any fighter who isnt a glass cannon.

Next item I purchase is a Giants Belt because it both drastically pushes you out of harassment health and gives you a big bonus for your Atma's. It is the most crucial part of your Warmogs.

Next Item Is Warmogs Armor. This combined with Atmas make you a force to be reckoned with. You can now ult into fights and not get focused to death if your team is around while still providing enough damage to secure kills, do AOE damage to their team or just escape fights with ease. You don't truly understand Shyvana's Power until you can realistically fight everyone at this stage of the game and get away unscathed. After this point you can diverge the build as you see fit but the remainder of the build is what works for me.

Phage is a cheap item to purchase at this point and finally gives you a form of CC outside of Red Buff. The health is also good both for offtanks and your Atmas. Overall a great item.

Since the difference between Frozen Mallet and Phage aren't extreme enough, want you want here is an attack speed item. I was experimenting with Guinsoo's Rageblade but the damage bonus was negligible and it doesn't stack up to a Phantom Dancer. Between the movespeed, increased critical and large bonus to attackspeed, it takes you from tank to threat. Now you aren't just poking with Atmas damage, you are mulching through their lifetotals.

At this point you Finish your Frozen Mallet to decrease your need for Red Buff. The large health boost also benefits your Atmas as well as giving all of your bonus armor and MR time to shine.

I finalize with a Black Cleaver for both armor pen, gaining multiple stacks at once with dragons bite and the damage + attack speed. Other items such as Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster or Tiamat can go here but Cleavers cost + Effect is enough to attract me. Anything that makes your beefy hits beefier is alright by me.

I will note I avoid the use of Trinity Force. I don't take it for multiple reasons.

1) You cannot fully take advantage of the item. The mana bonuses from Sheen are wasted entirely and even though the effect is strong, you are still only using part of the item making it overall more "expensive" for you for no reason.

2. The phage half is made irrelevant by Frozen Mallet. You can always forgo Frozen Mallet but it's multitude of effects while giving a constant form of CC is too good to pass up.

3. It's damn expensive. I only really get it if I have hit late game, finished my build and am drowning in cash.

4. It helps burst damage. However you are not a burst damage hero, you are a damage over time fighter. You hit hard and constantly without going away. Making you hit a little harder faster doesn't really matter since you aren't trying to drop people instantly like assassins.

I also forgo the use of Sunfire Cape.

The problem with many tanks is they are only good for a skill rotation and then after that you can completely ignore them. Sunfire gives you both health and additional DOT but I don't find it's significant enough to replace an item in our build. It isn't as good as warmogs for health, doesn't provide CC or any form of crucial damge and doesn't increase move speed or attack speed. I think it is better suited for Leona's or Amumu's.

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Skill Sequence

I max burnout first because it is your bread and butter skill. You will be pushing it all game to move faster, to farm, to chase and to deal extra damage. It has a semi-high cooldown so you can't mash it whenever you want without grabbing a Blue Buff however it is mitigated by your attacks and can last up to 9 seconds as long as you are connecting. If you enjoy having over 500 movespeed and a built in Sunfire Cape, max this first.

I put a point into Flame Breath at level 2 and leave it until the end. This is mostly just a farming/debuff tool. The effect powers up the damage on all of your skills so marking someone then smacking them with dragons bite or burnout hurt more. The armor shred is also percentage based so with it and black cleaver you can kill opposing tanks. It also lets you last hit minions which is important early game because CS is crucial to your build.

Dragons bite is a peculiar skill because it's cooldown is too high to be spammable like Nassus or Poppy. In return it still animation cancels so you can use it right after an auto attack to get a 3x burst of damage. Also additional autoattacks reduce it's cooldown so remaining in combat helps out. You max it second solely for the reason that it reduces the cooldown. Bonus damage is nice but not why you want more points into it.

Dragons Descent is a very complex move that requires a lot of setting up in order to be used correctly. Effectively it gives you a second flash that knocks people back. It does not help in team fights if you are chasing someone because more often than not you end up pushing heroes away to safety. You want to use burnout to catch up then dragons for slightly backwards to push people into your teammates. It is also a great way to peel carries and assassins away from your carries. The transforming of your skills makes you an AOE beast so if you have an opportunity to push into battle when the opposing team is clumped up then go for it. Try to mark them with breath, cancel into a Bite then use burnout to chase anyone relevant. This set up should help you burn down most heroes that aren't stacking health. Another use of this ability is savage tower diving. When you get double the armor you can tank tower shots like no tomorrow. It helps you backdoor lanes and dive through multiple towers killing more than one person on the way. On a bonus side you become Cho'Gath huge therefore its hard not to focus you while you are attacking them away. Proper use of this skill wins or loses games.

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Summoner Spells

For now Flash and Ignite are the best. Exhaust or Ghost can be worthwhile however until season 2, you should be using flash on almost every hero.

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Your CS is very important. Try and play as a Solo Top or in the case of no Jungler, play with a support. Your DPS will be fine enough during the early game but the faster you can get Atma's and Warmogs the better. If your farm is going well you should have this around the 20 minute mark. Do not be agressive in your lane unless they are being very sloppy. Play passively concentrating on CS and not pushing the lane with burnout unless necessary.

Mid game you should be non-stop jungling and lane pushing. You aren't the best for ganks until you get red buff or phage so keep farming and only really engage if a teamfight is about to happen. You can help get kills but you aren't like one of the other common roamers. You need to get fed in order to shine. Not to mention after warmogs you want to kill both the wraith and the wolf camp with burnout often to max it very quickly.

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If you want a deadly fighter who is near impossible to kill you have come to the right place. Please don't downvote my guide for lack of flare or before you try it. I will continue to improve the guide as I go along and I hope people can have some success with my build. Thanks for taking the time to read :).