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Olaf Build Guide by Kredier

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kredier

Olaf - The Dominion Guide against the Odds

Kredier Last updated on February 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Olaf - The Dominion Nightmare Guide

Hello everyone. So far I've been playing Dominion for a little bit with the Open Beta. So far I've been playing only with Olaf since he is my favorite Champion after Morde's Nerfs.

Olaf has been a hard pick for most of the time while in Summoners Rift he can jungle effectively, other new junglers with a Gasp Closer abilities have made him less played. However, with the introduction of Dominion, Olaf has come back to the surface as an intimidating opponent, as he used to be.

Since there are no guides so far regarding to this Champion in the new fast peaced mode of League of Legends, Dominion, I came up with the idea of sharing my experience with you.

Yet this guide will be updated with the full release of Dominion, this is just a starting guide to the Crazy Viking to cause havoc in your enemies.

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Pros / Cons


True Damage Ability
Good Synergy between Passive, Attack Damage and Life Steal
Excellent 1 v 1
Champion against the odds
Short CC Invulnerability


Hard to aim his Skill Shot
Slow movement speed
Risky Champion

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The Arsenal

When it comes to Olaf, we think of the skill set he has which is pretty unique. In this section I will explain each ability to its fully extends.

I find this passive a great baiting skill. The common perception in League of Legends is, the lower HP the Champion has, the easy to kill him it is. Well, to Olaf its the contrary. The lower HP he has, the more dangerous he become. The Ratio of this Skill is incredible amazing, 1% attack speed for each 1% of HP missing. This passive has an amazing Synergy with Damage Items along with Life Steal and Attack Speed. It is common to see an enemy full HP rush to the Mighty Viking with half HP, and leave nothing but a corpse in the ground.
With this Passive I was able to beat a full HP Irelia without moving below 25% HP.

His Q is pretty good, however it is hard to aim some times. This skill has a favorable advantage when playing Dominion as a way to interrupt an enemy player from taking a Torret. It has good damage that goes along with Mark of Desolation and it slows the enemy it hits. But that is not all. Many Skill Shots have a base CD, however the Mighty Axe of the Viking reduces 6 seconds the CD when picking it up. An all purpose Axe for your Arsenal is all you need to chase and kill your enemies, interrupt them or simple harass them.

This skill has a good Synergy with your Passive, HP, Attack Speed and Life Steal items. It is the card to the Victory against the unbelievable odds.
The amount of damage it adds with this build isn't Great, but it adds a little. The most important factor is the additional Life Steal it gives you. The only drawback is the actual Cooldown. It is 12 Seconds, but for 6 Seconds you are a smashing machine with 2 axes. My suggestion is not to use this skill unless it is completely necessary. And it is necessary when you are around 30-35% of your HP. At full HP, your Attack Speed isn't good enough for the 6 seconds buff, however at lower HP, this skill becomes a true nightmare to the enemy, not only because you will be dropping them, but because you are going to not lose HP at all with this current build. And because of this, it is considered the Victory Card against the odds.

An underrated skill, however a very damaging one. It has only a 4 seconds cooldown and delivers to the enemy TRUE DAMAGE, yes, true damage is the Flavor of Victory, it ignores all resistances the enemy has, and deals the entire damage no matter what. Because of this skill is why we are picking up Trinity Force, not only because of the Fast Cooldown, not only for the True Damage, but because as a low CD ability, TF can be triggered and the amount of damage we deal will sky rocket. Many people disagree because of the true damage Olaf gets in return, but I will tell you this, over and over again, the less HP you have, the more threatening you become. So use this skill every chance you have.

Synergy and more Synergy. Not the best Ultimate, does not provide help to your team. But what happens when the other team has heavy CC or fast CD CC's. Ragnarok will make them useless. Are you Dealing with Jax, ignore his stun and bring havoc upon him. Are you dealing with Irelia, ignore her skills and bring havoc upon her. Are you dealing with Akali, make her suffer through your Armor Penetration from this Skill.

It is enough said that all of his abilities have synergy with each other. And that is what makes Olaf a true Champion, many others lack this, take advantage of your skill set, and bring the pain upon your enemies.

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The Armory

When it comes to Items, we think about the Synergy between each other and the Synergy between Items and Champions. Olaf is one of the best suited champions to Synergy with damaging and HP Items. However, I do consider HP will grant you time, it is not the Way of the Mighty Viking.

At the beginning I like to start with Prospector's Blade. The 20 Damage, 5% Life Steal and 200 HP creates a Synergy between your Skills. The Damage will affect Undertow and attack damage, the Life Steal will affect your HP regen and Vicious Strikes and the 200 HP will grant you 2 more DPS while using Vicious Strikes and allows you some more Reckless Swing attacks. I think all that Synergy it is good enough to start with.

Secondly we need an important thing in Dominion, we need Boots of Speed to move a little bit faster. After that, our first trip we should buy the final pair of boots. Honestly, Berserker's Greaves the most useful boots for Olaf since it has synergy with his Passive.

At the same time, we are looking for some HP at the beginning to last a little longer and help the team mates. That is why I use to pick Phage, secondly we want to build Zeal for increased attack speed, critical chance and movement speed. After this usually I rush for Targon's Brace which gives me more Life Steal and small HP Regen, and it work as an aura so not only you benefit from it, but also do your team mates. After that I pick Sheen or directly go with Trinity Force for the added damage. After that it is up to you how you want to finish your build. You can either complete Zeke's Harbinger or rush directly to Sanguine Blade. It really depends on your team comp how you want to do it. If you are usually with the moving team, and they are mostly melee, I would go for the Zeke's Harbinger, if anything else I go with Sanguine Blade

So far you have 5 Items, which is the normal gold you usually get in a match. You either can go for more damage, or more HP or defense, the best suits you.

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The Valhala's End

I hope reading this guide helps you to build and play Olaf in Dominion.

I do not consider HP Stacking for Olaf a necessary must, it is good but not at the end.

Do not call other champions OP. The truth is, if they are killing you, no matter what Champion you play, you are doing something wrong.

Know when and where to pick your fights.

If you fight 1 v 3... Make sure to bring one of them with you...

So far I will keep updating this as much as I can.

Thanks for your time.