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League of Legends Build Guide Author DivineIntervention

old Ezreal is cool Ezreal

DivineIntervention Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Old School is cool school.

Its the return of the Ezreal you want forgotten, thats right! He's back, in a somewhat frosted black skin!

Basicly i found myself going back to the old school AD Ezreal build, and with great results, which i didn't take a screen shot of beacuse i was having a blast rofl.

But im not going into detail on this guide, if you'll want a slightly more detailed Ezreal look up check out my old guide where i wrote all the spif and spaf you wont be reading in this guide.

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Running with Armor penetration runes is standard for AD ezreal since your Mystic shot is a bullet projectile. Meaning you'll be penetration all their armor and the early levels basicly doing "true" damage to them until they raise their armor.

Mana regen Zeals and Glyphs.
Basicly Ezreal is somewhat of a hybrid, like Corki. He'll need mana to spam his stuff, but due to his Mystic shot is rather cheap you wont need more mana than a Mana mune, but the regen you'll get is godlike.

"But you said as Corki, why not ATK speed runes then?" Simply beacuse of Ezreals Passive that increases his atk speed about 15% per time and stacks 5 times. Alternatively you could replace zeals with hp, crit or something else.

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Why utilery Ezreal? Your not building him AP!

Well, simply beacuse the utilery tree is so damn good. It'll give you mana regen, movement speed, CDR, longer buffs, and heck even gold! (1 extra per 10 sec)
Ofc you miss the extra armor penetration you get in the offence tree but thats about it for me really, rest is just pure dmg while Utilery gives you better survival.

I mean Ezreal moves at 305. Thats slow early, at least with the extra movement will let him kite, escape, chase, and/or gank.

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Starting Dorans blade. Lifesteal, HP, DMG. Your best buddy to start with really, nuff said.

Tears of the goddess. Well, you'll need mana like it or not, and this will furfill all your needs.

CDR Boots. Just as an example i'd roll with if there isn't any hard CC on the other team, if there is take Mercucary threads. And take it if your against Kartus. Trust me you'll need it!

Manamune. Yay for mana regen + the AD is near godlike. Your butter knife basicly

Brutaliser. Armor pen, ATK dmg, CDR. A early game killer, and perfect for Ezreal.
Alternatively if you are doing good early game purchase this before the tears, it can wreck ****.

Sheen. It doubles your next auto attack after a spell has been fired, works great with ezreals mystic shot, an example to how it also works would be Corki's ultimate bombs which are similar to Mystic shot.

Trinity Force. At this point you'll wreck almost everything. It gives you everything AD ezreal really needs, and the movement speed is perfect for a slow champion. Granting your next auto attack after a spell 2.5 times your AD as extra dmg will wreck.

Youmuus ghost blade. A great active for more movement speed, atk speed. It gives you more crit, AD, Armor penetration, and even CDR! The thing why i build CDR on Ezreal is other will likely have the blue buff over you.

Defensive item!. Just using force a nature as an example, here you should either build a Force of Nature, banshee's Veil, Guardian angel (my favourite choice due to it gives both armor and MR + Revive) or a Warmog's.
If you build a warmogs your last item needs to be an Atma's impaler to max the use of it.

Black Cleaver. A little late, but great AD, some atk speed, and armor ripping effect. you can remove 45 armor with this baby in 3 auto attacks, provided with your allready high armor pen and enemy carrys haven't build armor its back to dealing "true" damage.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite does the trick.

Exhaust can either save you, let you chase him down, help someone else and so on, so on.

Alternatively you can take Flash instead, which is allways my 3rd choice.

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The End

Short basic build that will wreck most. Please do leave a comment down below if you choose to vote.