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Shyvana Build Guide by mink1996

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mink1996

OMG why u steal my jungle?

mink1996 Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Hey guys this is my third build i have made but i think its my best. This is all about how to play Shyvana jungle right and get soo many kills with few deaths. so i'm just going to dive right in and show you how to play Shyvana jungle.

what do you get when a dragon sneezes? out of the way-Shyvana

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Pros / Cons


    great jungler
    good movespeed from her [W]
    can take lots of punishment
    easily fed

    against cc very weak
    jungle can be difficult sometimes
    mainly melee abilities
    gets targeted alot late game

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okay so this is pretty simple stuff

i get flat armor pen marks to take down those pesky tanks that just won't die otherwise.

i get flat armor seals as she already has heaps of magic resist from her passive and tends to die alot from those ad carries or just from minions in the jungle early game.

i get flat attack speed glyphs and quints so her cooldown on her twin bite is lower and her burnout lasts longer. also it helps when u beat the **** out of a turret really fast.

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ok so this is basically normal jungling masteries getting smite for extra gold and reduced cooldown, lots of damage and attack speed stuff in offensive, some good hands so u don't stay dead and neutral monsters buff mastery cause u want that buff for longer.

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Creeping / Jungling

ok so this is the main part you can go 2 ways with this. you can go to your wraiths smite the blue one, then golems (make sure to use a health pot on the way to them) after you kill one golem you should be a level up so get your [Q] as fast as you can and spam it to kill the last one. then go to wolves and smite if you have it up or just use all your abilities on it. when doing this you want to watch lanes for enemies over extending but wait until level 4 until you gank a lane.

the second way is the same as the first but instead of going to your wolves take the enemies wolves and steal their jungle this gives perfect ganking opportunities as well as leaving the with none of their jungle. also once you get to level 12 or so you should stop jungling and start laning with your partner only going to jungle for health or gold.

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so i get the wriggles latern purely because of the ward it gives you and you have a chance to do an additional 500 damage to a minion. later in the game i sell this to get a bloodthirster.

i get mercs treads to reduce cc and give me even more magic resistance (this could be swapped with serkers greaves or boots of swiftness for attack speed or movespeed)

the wits end is great for the additional magic damage and attack speed it gives you (this could be swapped for a sword of the divine or a black cleaver)

i find that the frozen mallet is a great choice and without it your basically screwed it gives you damage, health, and a chance to slow the enemy with every auto attack its a good item for any off-tank

i get the infinity edge next as it gives me lots of crit strike and lots of damage as well( if you are going more tanky you could swap this with a warmogs or raduins)

i finally get a phantom dancer as it is a great help with attack speed, move speed and crit chance (if you are dying alot and need some extra armor or magic resist you can get a thornmail or force of nature but then trade your wits end for this item as it is a must!)

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Skill Sequence

okay so i get burn out first because it deals decent damage it swirling around you and gives you movement speed for chasing or escaping. it's really good for farming or jungling but remember to auto-attack to keep it going for longer using your twinbite increases this for a bit longer as well

i then get my twin bite as it deals soo much damage mid and late game, its good for taking out champs taking turrets or insta-killing minions.

i then get the flame breath as it only reduces their magic resist and does petty damage the only upside is it's longer ranged.

i get my ultimate whenever i can as it deals a decent amount of damage and make all my abilities do damage to multiple targets.

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Summoner Spells

okay so i obviously get smite as it's a must for any jungler but if you don't really want to jungle then you could trade it for exhaust or ignite you would then change the mastery in smite to exhaust or ability power mastery only one point though.

i also get flash for escape or chase but this could be substituted for ghost, fortify or heal

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overall Shyvana is pretty chilled to play and she can tear up any foe someone puts against her, she jungles well and once fed well it's like a shark in a fish tank....that smells blood. :D

please comment and vote on my build and i would love any and all feedback.

They are nothing before me-Shyvana