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Orianna Build Guide by Kaeaddaar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaeaddaar

On Hit Ori - The right way

Kaeaddaar Last updated on July 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Quick Intro: DANGER!!! Don't stop building AP, if you do Ori will suck at life.

Intro: Consistent damage output, and the ability to mix it up a little makes this build fun. The idea is to constantly build AP, but not go glass cannon. Look at the CDR, movement speed and attack speed of this build. WARNING, do not add more attack speed items. I think it is fun, and cool and love to see my passive hitting 3 targets at the same time, or applying 42 extra magic damage, but don't do it. The truth is, builds that revolve around attack speed as the main element suck. You need Ori to do huge damage with her ult, and be able to harass with her W. The key to this build is that you get to contribute so much more in the fights when not laying down a combo with your ult.

Quick Facts: So much CDR (33.75%*), so much movement speed (1.5% + 6% and +65 from boots), and so much attack speed (+25% to start then + 50% later plus her base attack speed scales well.)

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Utility tree?

So what is with the utility tree so deep? Should we not be going for damage? Not unless it is effective is my answer, so for this build we need some other attributes to make it work right. There is a fundamental problem I ran across in all of my builds I came across when testing. I didn't have low enough cooldowns, high enough mana regen, and could not survive. By using the utility tree I get an extra pot at the start of the game, more mana, more life steal & spell vamp, more speed, more blue buff, and more ways to get my HP back up. I really like building the attack tree down so I get 5% of my AP into auto attacks. This helps with last hitting a lot combined with butcher. I really wanted to get stats here that help with that sustain like feast, and get some damage as well without sacrificing my extra health pot. I picked up several small stats that were key to problems previous builds were having and it adds up being such a solid build for me.

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Tale of the extra health pot

With the extra 40 gold I get at the start of the game, I really get to sustain in lane. 3 pots mean that my lane opponent almost always has to back first and I get to buy a really early catalyst the protector and continue to get more xp, have more sustain, and generally have the traits I need in an Ori that is doing auto attack harass.

The backup plan to an early catalyst is to get a second Doran's Ring and the Ruby Crystal. The doran's ring is the key to your ability to harass with spells. With one Doran's Ring you average up to 26 mana reclaimed per wave, with two Doran's Rings you average up to 52 mana reclaimed per wave. Being an attack speed ori, even if your lane opponent pushes hard you will have to use very few spells to keep up as you auto attack for so much damage. This way you kill the wave to get some mana then use that mana to harass with Q, or QW combo's.

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Skilling order notes

You may notice that I am upgrading Q and W at the same rate, leveling W soon after each Q. The reason for this is that the slow is so important for slowing down the opponent to get you auto attacks, and letting you live the jungle gank. Be smart about how you use your W. A good jungle will often initiate their gank as soon as you W. I like to get my 2nd point of shield after both Q and W are at level 3. Occasionally I need to level the shield to 2 earlier, but I try not to. If I can get a level advantage from that extra pot I buy at the start, I have more than the shield would give me anyway.