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Teemo Build Guide by ANGRyYb0b

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ANGRyYb0b

OP Mushrooms -- A fun guide to Teemo

ANGRyYb0b Last updated on April 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, I tried this glass cannon build with Teemo for the lulz and did not expect it to work. I anticipated going 0 and 10. Much to my surprise I have found success using this build. Recently I have gotten scores like (29 5 and 10) and (22 3 and 19). Now i'm not saying to expect these scores every time, or scores anywhere close to these. Those scores involved me getting fed early on. However, I rarely go negative unless our team just gets completely outplayed by the other team. With this build, you can get over 1000 AP and just about one shot people with a mushroom. I occasionally make some substitutions and get a rod of ages early on or maybe even rylai's (although I prefer not to). If I have full build and I am doing really well I sell my boots and get another archangels staff for added fun. All of this will be touched upon later in the guide

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Summoner Spells

If you plan on soloing as Teemo you can't be going back to your base every three seconds to heal or buy items. Also, this build also puts no focus on health or defense. It is all about attack. Hence the title "glass cannon". These are reasons why I choose to use summoner heal. People might often call you "summoner heal noob" but it is most likely just because they are raging because you survived and they didn't. You will be able to stay in your lane longer so you can farm, level, and protect your turret very well during the laning phase.

For my second summoner spell I prefer to use ghost. I like that extra speed boost combined with Teemo's "move quick". You will be able to get away or run down an enemy with low hp.

What summoner spells you use are really up to use. It is all a matter of personal preference. You could substitute ghost for flash or you could even use teleport to help you quickly get back to lane.

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Core Items

I always start with boots and 3 health pots. The reasoning is kind of self explanatory. If I stay in lane long enough to begin with I like to rush rabadon's death cap before my second boots. At the very least I like to get a needlessly large rod. If I am unable to do that I will just go straight to sorcerer's boots for the magic penetration. Next we move on to the the central focus of the build. The Archangel Staff. I choose to stack them in order to get the most amount of AP that I possibly can. At level 18 you will get well over 1000 AP. If you manage to get all of this, your mushrooms will be OP. While losing (and full build) I once filled our team's entire base with mushrooms and when the opponents rushed in to finish us off, I got a quadrakill solely from mushrooms. We ended up winning because of that. This build might make you squishy but you don't really need to get that close to enemies to kill them. If you do manage to get close, just blind them and rapidly shoot poison darts. Or blind and run if you need to.

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An Alternative

If going glass cannon is not your favorite thing to do there are still a bunch of other options for AP Teemo. Sorcerer's Boots and Rabadon's Death Cap are still really important for him. There are however, many other options for him rather than stacking Archangel Staff's. You could get a Mejai's Soulstealer if you are getting a bunch of kills. You could also try out, Rylai's, Malady, Lich Bane, Will of the Ancients, and Zhonya's Hourglass(not necessarily all at once). AP Teemo is really all about experimenting and knowing who you are up against. One of the more popular AP Teemo build's involve attack speed and AP for your poison. I've tried it many times while using items such as Nashor's Tooth and Malady. It is often very effective but I have found more success (and lulz) with glass cannon Teemo. You need to be a little more aggressive if you decide to go AP attack speed.

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Laning Phase.

Teemo really can go anywhere but I prefer to solo top. Don't expect to be taking turrets and getting a bunch of kills early on. Don't even expect that your turret is going to survive till the end of the laning phase. In one v two's top just camp turret and farm for a while. You should be able to survive for a while with your summoner heal and 3 health pots. Once you get mushrooms you should place them in front of the turret (with proper spacing) and protect them from being destroyed by enemy minions. It should help to persuade the enemies to back off. Either that or you might just get a kill or two from turret divers our just people who try to tank turret. You can be a little more aggressive if you have mushrooms to fall back too. If you get an opportunity, I recommend lighting up the river and jungle with mushrooms to protect from ganks and provide vision.

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Post Laning

In a team fight you will be focused. There is no avoiding it. You are squishy. Prepare for this by filling mid lane and the surrounding jungle with mushrooms. Sooner or later it seems like all games end up with a bunch of team fight's mid. Make it your duty to protect these mushrooms by killing all of the minions. They will really come in handy in team fights. Try to bait them into the mushroom trail and have your team pile them while they are slowed and rapidly taking damage from mushrooms. Even if they don't go after you, your lane will still be safe from pushes.

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Final Notes

I know that most people prefer AD Teemo or Hybrid Teemo and that this build is most likely not viable for competitive play. This guide isn't meant for that. Its aim is for the Teemo user to have fun.