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Anivia Build Guide by xmoebeex

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xmoebeex

OP walls!!!

xmoebeex Last updated on December 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to one of the best casters!

So i am not a pro player and i will never claim to be one, i love LOL and my love for this game is what really pushed me to make this guide. this is my first guide on MOBA i <3 this site and think this community is amazing no matter what anyone says. Enough of that lets start with the main reason you folks are here!! lets talk about a lovely bird so amazing in all her spells and in my opinion one of the best solo mid casters in the game!!!

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    -amazing burst damage.
    -OP walls (if placed just right)
    -a built in guardian angel.
    -AOE slow
    -VERY slow.
    -focused and ganked a lot.
    -rebirth in the wrong hands is useless.
    -Very low health if not built right.

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    -Magic pen for red is very straight forward you are a caster all ur damage is magic....
    -mana regen for yellow is my personal preference i like to harass early with Q and E so i need the constant mana flow.
    -the reason i take per level CD and 3 straight CD is to reach the CD cap when u get blue MID and Late game but still have decent CD from mastries and 3 straight CD.
    -remember my cons list? yea health is a big issue with anivia very low starting health, i also recommend straight AP ones as well if ur a vet anivia player (but not many are)

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I im still not very sold one going 21/0/9 with casters like how riot wants casters to be played this season.. i tried going the offense caster route and trust me anivia is not an in your face caster she is very fragile and needs the CD on the summoner spells and i will go into why i choose defensive summoner spells later.

So yea back to the main topic 9/0/21 is how i like to build anivia she benefits from the 10% starting CD the reduced time on summoner spells the spell vamp that goes hand in hand with will of the ancients!! if you are solo mid and you have the increased XP gain is a great advantage. its really the best route for an amazing caster such as anivia.

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skill sequence/ explanation of her skills

starting off the game with a stun is always a good route no questions asked there, Frost bite is 2,3 its your main damage and harass early game stun players with flashfrost and then frostbite amazing damage even when u have no AP to back it up. getting an early level in crystallize is a personal favorite for me ill tell you why, say the other mid hero pushes very well and is trying to get tower shots but a wall behind them to set up a great stun and frostbite combo. another case if u get ganked by jungler simply put a wall between u and flash away. your main skill that you want to get first is frostbite i like getting another point in crystallize before maxing flash frost because the wall is very small at lvl 1 and you need a bigger wall to make a huge difference in the game. anivias ulti is amazing but also drains mana like a mofo lol its great to lay the storm down and then frostbite for double damage then turn it off right away!!! u need to understand that it will drain ur mana in a matter of seconds early game.

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summoner spells

-flash: its an amazing spell and no one can argue if you are a squichy or non squichy this spell will make or break you. flash over walls, shoot flash over ur own walls if u miss place them at times.

-ghost: anivia is very squichy caster she has a built in revive with rebirth but still she will die fast even in rebirth. this is a must ppl she doesnt need more damage trust me u will be able to kill ppl with out ignite or exhaust.

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okay so i know this guide sucks i dont know how to put pictures and stuff i dont really know know what im doing. the only reason i wrote it is so that u can see how amazing this under looked caster is she is amazing! i used to think she was the worst and i would always rage when i saw ppl playing her cuz i thought she sucked donkey balls, but i am a believer i have never had this much fun playing a caster. SHE REQUIRES SKILL DONT BE FOOLED srsly i cant say this enough Riot did a great job when they set her difficulty lvl to 10 she isnt easy ppl but she is so so so rewarding to play with.