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Master Yi Build Guide by jjhalodude

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jjhalodude


jjhalodude Last updated on February 7, 2012
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So, this guide is going to be fairly brief, im not a very wordy person. But i will try to tell you everything you need to know about this Yi build. It isnt very ordinary, but if you get good with it you can massacre the enemy team, i have pulled scores like 26/2/10, 17/1/13, 15/1/5, 21/0/12 before the enemy team lost or surrendered!

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Play Style: Early Game

For this build i utilize Yi's natural ability to hit fast and hard. I pick up a vampiric scepter and start laning, while i lane i use Alpha Strike to poke the enemy and get lots of last hits on minions. once i reach level 6 i usually have 1-3 kills and 0-2 deaths. this is normal, the build is weak early game, dont worry! Place some Wriggles Lattern totes so you can see enemy ganks comming ect, use as needed. When you get Highlander at level 6 you are ready to own. Use Alpha Strike to initiate, then immediately use Wuju Style and Highlander at the same time for maximum damage output, Exhaust and flash as needed for chases, if you do this right you should be able to kill the enemy before your ult wears out, this will refresh all Cooldowns and make you ready for whatever comes next!

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Mid Game

Get jungle kills when you are unable to do much in the lane due to whatever reason, this will help you with experiance and gold. Kill dragon as much as possible for extra exp and to get your whole team gold, this should be possible at level 11 without using your ult. Yi's only limitation is his survivability (how much health he can regen via Life Steal) so make sure you dont take on too much at a time! When in a a fight your goal is to kill your opponet as soon as possible so that you can refresh your ult cooldown and be ready to take on the next champion. Never enter a fight unless your ult is ready to use.

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Endgame Goal

Once you get your 2nd Bloodthirster, you should have more LifeSteal than you know what to do with, you can take on alot at a time. When getting Warmog's, it is a personal choice to replace Wriggle's or Berserker's.... if you dont use the totems then replace Wriggles, if you do then replace Berserkers's. Enemies should go down fast. You move fast, hit fast, hit hard, and regen like a *****, you are winning! To be honest i go most games without ever using Meditate, i dont find it at all useful to this build, if you need regen then kill a monster or minion or Recall.

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Other Notes

I just experianced a very long game and the enemy team had a very well built and played Tryndamere. I have never had tryndamere be a problem to me before, but this one was good, i eventually had to get a Guardian Angel AND Warmogs (replacing my Wriggle's Lantern and Berserker's Greaves). This allowed me to drain his HP until he used his ult then try to run, but running didnt usually work so i would die, respawn after his ult was gone and kill him.
I usually use this build for Twisted Treeline, i havent had much experiance with it on Summoner's Rift.

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Parting Words

This concludes my epicly short guide, if you think anything should be added then comment back! I would love to hear Feedback about how the build worked for you! Goodluck and have a blast making the enemy surrender!