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League of Legends Build Guide Author immortalj

OpenBackpack's Guide to Solo Ranked 5's!

immortalj Last updated on May 18, 2011
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Hello and thank you for reading my guide. This is my first guide so please don't be too harsh :) This is my build that i use to rape in Solo Que ranked 5's. Please read and do the build before you rate!

By following this guide you will make a GOD!

I have 70% games won on him with an average kill/death ratio averaging at about 2 or 3

If you have any tips or Recomendations for this build please message me on Mobafire or on LoL at OpenBackpack

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Play Style

Play very defensive until you have a good mushroom spread. Have mushrooms to cover your escape route is critical if you want to get in and get out unharmed. Ill have a section on shrooms later. Once you get your boots and 2 Daggers your can start to be the little annoying boy scout you are! Make sure there is no one in near bushes luring you in. With your boots and Move Quick you should not be touchable! Once you get you'r Madred's and Frozen Mallet you will be doing ridiculous amounts of damage.

Some Recommended Champions to lane with:

Fiddlesticks - Although squishy lane, the FEAR with shrooms and blinds you should be shutting down any AD Champion

Sion - Stun is AMAZING if you can plant a shroom under neath them just as he stuns.

Alistar - Amazing CC with a heal.

Dr.Mundo - Very tanky with a very nice SLOW.

Evelynn - although a squishy lane, then STUN is amazing.

Mordekaiser - Although Morde is lacking in CC, he provides some AMAZING harass and will keep minions off of you.

Rammus - TAUNT... Enough said.

SINGED - This is one of the best champions your could lane with and i recommend him. With his knock back and mega adhesive you will DOMINATE this lane.

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WARNING: ALWAYS ONE SHROOM ON BACK UP READY TO BE PUT DOWN.(see more in Skillz that Kill section)

One of Teemo's most reliable abilities is Noxious Traps. These mushrooms will be watching your back as well as doing some crazy damage. Always think of where you going to need to run before engaging in your lane or before setting up a team fight. For example, if i'm laning on top i will have 2-3 mushrooms next to baron coming back to the middle bush. I'll also have 4-5 mushrooms on the top row of bushes. Following this build will make you pretty beefy but always have mushrooms in front and behind you before engaging.

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Start of with 2 before my .
After the blades you will have quite a bit of heath and decent life-steal, sometimes if i have the money i will pick up 3 blades before my boots.

Once you get your start on your , get two , don't worry about the .

After your have you'r you have a choice, if your feeling confident and doing well you can start on your or on . Most of the time i will get but is very nice as well.

For Madred's get > Madred's Razor > Pick Axe

After you'r / you have another choice!


Pretty simple just like /
if you are in trouble get the and if you are owning it up grab the .

Situational Items

- I sometimes get this if i feel i don't need the survivability items such as Banshee's Veil

- Gives you two lives!

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Skillz that Kill

Some people have been asking the skill sequence I use in ranked matches its pretty straight forward.

If it is a close quarters champion start by and putting a right under their feet. Stand there until it blows up.

If you are winning the fight you can just keep up your auto attack. However if you are losing you need to listen up.

You need to pop just as the pops. Because of the mushrooms slow you should be able to out run them even if . Keep running to your that are covering your back. Also, keep them as soon as it comes off CD, at level 18 your blind will last for 3 seconds.

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Thank you for reading my guide and please try it out. If you have any questions please message me on Mobafire on this account or in game, my summoner name is OpenBackpack